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Wife, Husband, Marriage: What Is Behind All This?

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Curtains Are Opening

My hopes for this writing are to open up truth about elements that were put into our matrix that we've simply adapted to without our fullest knowledge.

I think our world was crafted by the law never-ask-questions so you will never see the full truth unless you dig for it. Best way, as I am told is to uphold and defend all that we were taught, or you are rebellious and heretical. I must have heretics in my blood.

For those of you wishing to go on with open minds this may be a read of things to ponder.

Before Act One

Time after time all my life there were certain things that would get under my skin and never leave me alone until I got to the bottom of the itch. The concept of the "marriage" bond is one, then suddenly the words wife and husband.

What were the origins behind the idea to create this entire ensemble?

It's been difficult to discuss this with any married or have-been-married people as they take offense, but that is their choice.

As I researched, what I 'd found left my mouth wide open.



First, let's dive into symbology of the entire marriage arrangement. Veils, rings, white dress, exchange of rings, creeds.

"Pope Gregory 1, in 860AD decreed that as a required statement of nuptial intent, the groom to be had to give his intended an engagement ring. He further decreed the ring be of gold to signify financial sacrifice" The wedding ring originated in Babylon...

From what I am finding the most ancient ring ever found was of a serpent ouroboros crafted and used by a theology cult. Exchange of these and man joins woman in this venture.

Why does the ring goes onto the 4th finger? why on the left hand?

The fourth finger in Chinese palmistry represents Apollo, others the Sun or Saturn, which in my mind quickly translate into black sun worship. the we zero in a bit on Saturn.

The rings of Saturn. Saturn is surrounding by two rings, it's "Lord of the Rings", the malefic planet of discipline, order,

Saturn receives less sunlight than Earth and is the "6th" planet from Earth. Nine times wider than the Earth and 9.5 astronomical units away from the sun, Saturn is the sixth day of the week. Seeing a lot of 6's.

The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn.

So, what happens when the woman puts a Saturn ring on the man, and the man in turn puts the other Saturn ring onto the woman's Saturn finger?

I've also found others that seem to know Saturn better:

"Sat-Ur-Nus means "Divine Intellect (NUS) the Sacred Fire (UR) of the State of Being (SAT). Sat-ya-Yuga was the Golden Age and Saturnus was the god of Being and Time."

"Saturnus was the god of the Golden Age: the Latins spoken of the SATURNIA REGNA (the reigns of Saturn) which were characterized precisely by the gold as symbol of royalty and wisdom. The treasure of Rome was under the temple of Saturn"

Interesting info On Saturn: For the Curious


Wife or Weak One?

Looking at the etymology of the literal word wife this is what I've found:

Veiled Face? Some proposed PIE roots for wife include *weip- "to twist, turn, wrap," perhaps with sense of "veiled person and more recently *ghwibh-, a proposed root meaning "shame."

Middle English sense of "mistress of a household" survives in housewife.

Husband or a Crowned Head?

Should we continue to use this word?

Old English husbonda "male head of a household, master of a house, householder," probably from Old Norse husbondi "master of the house."

© 2021 Jacqueline J Jarvis

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