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Why Is Honesty Important in a Friendship

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Why is honesty important in a friendship:

Why is honesty important in a friendship:

A friend is someone who can be trusted and can be counted on. They should be honest with you in difficult times and they should also tell you the truth.

Honesty is very important in a friendship because it’s the foundation of trust between friends. A friend should always be honest with you, no matter what the situation. Honesty is also important because it helps to build your self-esteem and confidence when a friend tells you something good about yourself or something that they appreciate about you.

Our relationships with friends play a very important role in developing our outer layer of trust and it is precisely for this reason, if there is no honesty between two people, the relationship grows weak and eventually there is no friendship left.

So to ask, what is the importance of honesty in a friendship?

Well it is simple, the importance of friends and friendships goes beyond words . Each and every one of us values friendship because the importance of having a true friend cannot be measured, it can only be felt.

Below are only 8 reasons highlighting the importance of honesty in friendship:

1 – Develop Self-Confidence:

Without honest friends, we may not be able believe in our own decisions and abilities.

The person we make friends with, we tend to always count on them and we can always rely on them being around us during the most stressful moments of our lives and that's because they assure us of that. In addition, they help us develop trust in the decisions we make and build our self-respect by showing us how to do things correctly.

An authentic and honest friend will always stand by your side no matter what stage of life what the situation is.

Hence, if you want to have a long lasting friendship with anybody, then you better be prepared to be honest with them.

2 – Sharing The Good:

Sharing the good stuff together is a way to connect with people and provide them with inspiration. It's also a way to show appreciation for other people's work.

We can make connections with people who we are interested in and we can share our lives, our experiences and thoughts with them. Sharing the good stuff together is a great way to get to know friends better and discover new things that you might not have known before.

To put it simply, sharing the things that matter to you the most with a friend shows them your honesty, and being honest with friends is of paramount importance in order to preserve your friendship. So, the next time there is something good happening in your life, don't forget to tell your friends about that and share your happiness with them.

Sharing a bond: Friendship.

Sharing a bond: Friendship.

3 – Friends Stay Loyal:

Friends stay loyal to one another and they are always there to help each other. Friends are the best people in the world, and they will always be your friends no matter what.

We are separated from our friends by dishonesty and distrust. If we lie to a friend, he or she won't trust us and will treat us in the same manner as one who is dishonest and disloyal. Therefore, honesty entails that you will be surrounded by loyal friends and that you will be able to have a pleasant connection with them.

4 – Friendship has Trust:

Occasionally, you may find yourself in a position where no one believes in you and you want to talk to someone who will just might listen to you and will trust you, and it is exactly that time in your life when friends will come to you and talk to you about your problems, and they will stand by you while everyone else leaves.

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Friendship has trust because one is able to feel safe with the other.

There are many benefits to having a friend. They provide emotional support, Somebody we have fun with, and are there for you when you need them most. But more importantly, friendship has trust because one is able to feel safe with the other.

5 – True Companionship:

True companionship is a type of friendship that is not rooted in the physical world. It is a connection that can be felt without seeing or hearing the other person. It can exist without any physical contact, and it can be felt even when the two people are physically apart.

True companionship:

True companionship:

The concept of true companionship is rooted in the idea that our emotional needs are more important than our physical needs. We may not need to see or hear someone in order to feel connected to them, and we may not need to have physical contact with them in order to feel loved by them.

True companionship is a relationship that is mutually beneficial and supportive. It is rooted in the belief that both parties are able to help each other grow.

6 – Liberating:

Each of us makes mistakes throughout our lives because non of us are perfect and most of us regret those mistakes but, an honest friend is one that lets go of all unhealthy comments and situations.

Friends forgive. They forgive because they want to be friends with you and they know that you're not perfect. Friends forgive because they know that even though we all make mistakes, we are all trying our best to become better people. Friends forgive because they believe in us and see the potential in us. Friends forgive, but only if we ask for forgiveness from them first.

An honest friendship is one that allows for the development of a beautiful and mature friendship.

7 – Inspiration:

It is understandable that we desire to be successful in our careers and are likely to struggle in order to be successful, and that is exactly the reason why we need inspiration and motivation. So, when it comes to challenging situations, we need good friends who are willing to motivate and inspire us to succeed.

Honest friends are like our real life SWAT test. Thus, it is extremely important to keep our true friends who are honest with us close for guidance and inspiration so that we are able to progress in our lives .

8 – Share Secrets:

We can only share all of our secrets with our closest friends. The friends we have in our life know all our secrets such as the our past mistakes, dates, the mishaps, our problems at home, etc.

The only way that this can happen between friends is if there is honesty between them. The problem is, in reality friends have a covered lists for every problem they encounter.

The truth is that someone who has been honest with you knows more about you than anyone else, and because there are things that you can only share with your friends, that makes it imperative for you to know they will give you the best advice.

Is Honest always the Best Route in friendship:

Despite how discouraging, unpleasant or unfortunate the truth may be, it is essential to remember that it is truth helps people to bond and establish loyalties. The essence of friendship between two individuals depends on their honesty, which is why it is so important.

An important thing to keep in mind when you are being fully honest is that you don't omit any facts and that you keep your personal feelings to one side.

Truth should not be sugar coated because at the end of the day if there is dishonesty and hidden agenda among friends, then they will try to find ways to hurt each other by telling lies and keeping personal gain of oneself above the other.

Our advise: Honesty is crucial for friendship.

Our advise: Honesty is crucial for friendship.


In conclusion, honesty should always be the most important quality in a friendship.

Some people say that honesty might sometimes be hurtful, hence it is not always necessary in honest with your friends. But having said that, it is also a fact that without honesty, it's impossible to any relationship, let alone friendship.

Honesty is crucial to both our self-esteem and our relationships and yet it is far more complicated than we might think. Since trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, a friendship without honesty will not last. So, as long as you remove all your feeling, emotions and agenda from the situation and tell your friends thing exactly as facts, it would not hurt them.

It is important to be honest but it is equally important to be able to trust that your friend won't intentionally hurt you. Perhaps that is the key because even when they say things that hurt, as long as there is a sincere intention, true friendship will not be destroyed.

A healthy friendship requires honesty and to be honest with your friend, it is imperative that you first, honest with yourself, because it's only when someone follows the principle of "honesty is the best policy" themselves will make a honest and good friend.

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