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Why Figuring out Your Sexuality Can Be Difficult

This article talks about the struggles of knowing your sexuality.

Why figuring out your sexuality can be hard.

Most of us are taught from kids that society is basely straight and you have to marry someone of the opposite sex. Well, it took me 12 years to realize that was a stereotype and there is a whole spectrum of sexuality's. Now I realize, I'm not fully straight, and maybe I knew when I wasn't a kid. But it's hard to figure out for sure what you like or don't like; or what you do and why.

I figured out 4 years ago that I liked girls, but I was insisting to myself that I liked boys too, and back then I did more than girls. But during quarantine, you have so much free time to figure out things. And I did, whether it was good or bad. Never being in a relationship before, it;s hard to figure out what you want or like. But it's easier than ever to, and maybe I can't call myself fully bisexual again. Realizing that there is so much more than liking a boy or girl, there are trans people and non-binary's too. So, I could be pan, and let's just say I like what I like. But everyone wants a label for your sexuality and I just don't want one.

If you second guess your sexuality more than once, it can be confusing and stressful especially if you come out every time. I would recommend waiting a few months after you figure it out. Stress and confusion is not ideal for you. Now that I'm sure that I'm a lesbian, and guy asked me out which never happens. So now it's making me second guess again. Good luck to anyone who's still trying to figure it out.

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