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Why do some people become arrogant over small wins?

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Some people struggle most of their life, but they become arrogant when they see little wins by themselves or their kids. I sometimes wonder whether to feel sorry for them or to keep away so they will learn their lessons and return to a healthy life before seeing the wins. It is genuine that people become happy and become confident over their small victories, but there is no real reason for the arrogance.

Those people do not realize that anything is specific in life. You might be well off today but do not know what will happen tomorrow. Understandably, a person who did not have a house on their own when they got a property becomes confident. Nevertheless, they should not assume that it is something not achievable in anyone’s life.

Some individuals become arrogant when their children start to do well in life but do not realize the hard work they would have gone in to reach that level.

Suppose you are a businessperson; running a business becomes arrogant over your little success. When your customers come to clarify something with you, there might be a tendency that you would like to show them that you know better than they do.

What do you think will happen? That offends your customer and leaves you at their earliest. You might not realize the reason for them leaving you.

As a result, you might see it happening again with another customer. So, what is the result? You and your business start to face financial problems. The real reason behind all these is that you initially made a mistake. Without thinking, your customers need respect from you, which goes around to your other customers.

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That all said, on the other hand, has some benefits to being an arrogant person as well. An average person will not be confident; therefore, lacking confidence will not lead to success. Usually, a healthy person does not seek approval from others to do anything, but people around them conclude that you are arrogant. A healthy person falls between confidence and arrogance, sometimes called that self-respect.

If I say about myself, I hardly ask for help from anyone, even if I am in the most significant difficulty. I will feel embarrassed to ask anyone because that makes me feel low in front of others. Does that mean I am arrogant? I will say that it is self-respect. Consequently, I work hard to find ways to overcome the difficulties that help me to see some success in things. Ultimately, I have become more confident in handling my problematic issues.

If someone in that situation is considered arrogant, they become more confident and productive. Proud people do not want to be under anyone’s help; they want to live their life independently. Another incident happened when I said I write books and eBooks; they laughed at me and said that no one would read my books.


Therefore, their impression of me brought me down at some point, but later on, I came over it, still writing and making sure people read my books. Therefore, I ask myself, am I an arrogant person? My answer is no, but I am a self-motivated person. That has induced me to work harder in my writing work.

So, we can look at arrogance and confidence from different perspectives. People are usually terrified of approaching highly successful people thinking that they are arrogant. Nevertheless, that is not real; they are highly confident because of that; they are more productive.

It is usual to consider introverts arrogant, and I have experience as an introvert because they feel reluctant to mix around, are not outgoing and generally are quiet. They are good listeners but do not enter conversations quickly, making people think they are arrogant. Therefore, it is a wrong judgment.

Sometimes people are overconfidently seen as arrogant, but we must realize between arrogance and overconfidence. Smug people think and are superior, know everything, and are ready to put others down. At the same time, confident people listen more than they talk and always avoid conflicts with others.

So arrogancy over small wins becomes pointless as that might turn around the other way at any time. Therefore, when you see small victories, you can be happy but need to find ways to increase the small wins and sustain the growth. That is the sign of a fully-fledged businessperson; growing and supporting development is vital in a business.

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