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The Top 7 Reasons a Man Loves a Modern Woman

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Women Sure Have Changed

A man has loved a woman since the beginning of time, which is when the world was first created. But back then, women are not the same as they are today. Historically women were gatherers and homemakers, which would include actually making the home from raw materials. During these modern times, women have evolved into more than they have ever been before. Modern women are working full time, becoming entrepreneurs, continuing education usually in conjunction with traditional responsibilities like having children and homemaking. Modern women have a totally different outlook and opinions than they once held during historical times.

Now, women are happy and celebrating their newly found way of living. Men are noticing these changes and they are also happy for them. Women are more open now to speaking their feelings and men are listening.

Women are like fine wine,

they only get better with time.


The Modern Woman

The modern woman is completely different than ever before. This includes appearance, attitude, lifestyle, etc. that makes them more attracting then they have ever been before. They are no longer seen as property, servants, caretakers but so much more. America is starting to understand that it was built by the founding fathers who were born to women. The modern woman is only getting better with time because they are conquering and achieving so much more than ever thought possible. There is always another hurdle that is overcome and another tradition that is broken because women everywhere are stepping outside of the box. Women are only getting hotter because of this fact.


Why a Does Man Loves a Modern Woman?

Why does a man love a modern woman? Well, for many different reasons. A modern woman possesses many different positive qualities that make her lovable and hot at the same time. Modern women have a certain way about them that is unique and creative, instead of stale and old. Traditional women were always referred to a delicate flower, but modern women are better than that because of the historical women that wanted more. Modern women are now more educated, career-oriented, and goal orientated than they have ever been before in history.

A man does love a modern woman for many different reasons and this article will explore some of the reasons why. A modern woman has special characteristics and qualities that can't be found anywhere else or with anyone else.

1. Brilliance.

New studies and recent research proclaims that a woman is slightly smarter than a man. James Flynn, a New Zealand IQ test expert, concluded in a worldwide test that women scored higher on IQ tests than men did by half a point to a full point. The test was performed on 500 women and 500 men from various locations, with the exact same test questions. Everyone that participated had been gaining three IQ points over time, but women have been gaining points at a faster rate. This is because of the modern era, which encourages a woman to further her education and to have a career instead of just staying at home with the children. A man loves a woman because they are brilliant, and this attribute is very important to every ma, so don't play dumb women! Women have proven that they are brilliant in everything they do and a man loves it.


2. Independence.

An independent woman has her own life and her own routine. She does not need a man nor is she desperate for one. A man loves a modern woman because she is independent, which means that she is not needy and clingy. There is a difference between being independent and cocky. A man does not love or even like a woman that is cocky or stuck up. An independent woman can take care of herself financially but has a man for her partner and companion. A man is not intimated by a woman's independence, only if she carries herself the right way along with having the right attitude. An independent woman also is her own person. She knows who she is and exactly what she wants. A man does not love any woman who falsely likes all the same things that he does or is indecisive because it can get rather annoying. So women, be your independent and confident self because it is a loving and attractive quality to have.


3. Strength.

No matter what a man may say, he loves a modern woman because she is strong. A woman demonstrates that fact throughout the course of her life, including childbirth, menstrual periods, and menopause. A woman is very strong to be able to handle all of life's challenges and still have the strength to be productive. A man can not even begin to experience many of the things that a woman deals with every day or even every month. A man loves a modern woman for her perseverance during rough times because it can only make her stronger and grow as a person. A man does not like a woman who is weak and buckles under only a hand full of pressure. Strength in a woman is lovable, and also attractive, even though sometimes a man may not openly admit it.


4. Scent.

The scent of modern women can be breathtaking for a man because it is no longer just the smell of perfume or food. A man loves a modern woman because her scent is so natural and amazing. Modern women rink of sweat, determination, and accomplishment and it is priceless. A modern woman's scent is much sweeter than a man's scent, which is usually musky and manly. A woman's scent can drive a man wild because scents have certain effects on the limbic region of the brain. While some scents can trigger memories, other scents can cause lustful feelings and/or other emotions to arise. The scent of a thing or person is a very powerful thing. Even when a woman doesn't wear deodorant, the scent of her natural aroma is very attractive to a man. The scent of a woman is also the title of a popular novel, that is how much it is loved.


5. Touch.

There is something unique about a woman's touch. It's soft and sexy. A woman has a special touch physically, but also when cleaning or decorating. The most popular thought about a woman's touch pertains to a man's "bachelor pad" needing a woman's special touch. A woman likes things to be neat and clean while tastefully decorated with the latest popular trends. A woman's physical touch can arouse a man, but also relax him and make him forget all his stress. A woman that softly and gently caresses her man can enhance their intimacy and also can make him feel like the only man in the world for her. A woman's touch can never be replaced or duplicated. A man needs a woman's special touch to fill in what he is lacking.


6. Taste.

Women have a certain taste about them. The best example is kissing a modern woman's lips, it will almost always taste like cherries or even strawberries. Kissing a modern woman's hand or neck will almost always taste sweet but with a sprinkle of salt. Men love the way a woman tastes because it is unique and different than anything else.

7. Sight.

This last one is the most obvious one, all men love the sight of a modern woman. The biggest and most noticeable changes are fashion, sex appeal, and makeup. Modern women are wearing less but also have the spark to go with it. The trends are more creative and open, instead of conservative and unimaginative. Fashion trends change with every season and women are definitely keeping things interesting.


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Cristale Adams (author) from Florida on April 02, 2014:

Thanks for reading and for commenting.

manatita44 from london on April 02, 2014:

Interesting and holisic approach with some added sublime touches as well as the sensitive.

Some really cool quotes.

James W. Nelson from eastern North Dakota on April 02, 2014:

Hi, Cristale,

A very, very, beautiful hub, and I suspect you are all the things you listed of why a man would love a woman. Certain things caught my attention more, like the part on smiles. I love a smile! Just as you said, eyes first, then her smile. Nurturing, that part "almost" brought tears, but I fought them back. The feel of soft skin is so amazing and a woman's touch--wow!

You did an excellent job, Cristale. I rarely go to HubPages anymore but I still get emails, and today I, luckily, caught yours. I have met and loved only one woman who met all your "requirements" (for lack of a better word) except cooking. We were together only a week so I didn't discover if she could cook, but would be really surprised if she didn't, for sure she had the ability to learn.

Why didn't we get married? I was still in the navy, and left her way down below in Australia nearly 50 years ago, but I still yearn for her, and I still hope to again meet someone like her.

Thank you! James W. Nelson

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