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Why We Still Need Feminism in 2021

I am an advocate for women's rights & a believer in seeing the naked truth. I am not afraid to bring up subject matter that is controversial

Feminism Is Not a Choice for Women

Many times have women been ridiculed for not being funny, for being nothing more than the average housewife, or they have been boiled down to simply being objects. If a woman is a sex-worker, or does not settle down, she is slandered. If a woman dresses provocatively, she is "allowing" herself to be gawked at or assaulted. However, if a woman denies sexual advances, she is a prude, or a tease. There is something very wrong about our sexual freedom being limited to a man's will.


The Environment That Has Made Women Feel Unsafe

Have you ever been pumping gas at night and noticed someone's glance linger too long? Have you ever suspected someone was following you down grocery aisles so you've continuously peeked over your shoulders? Pretended you were on a phone call on the way to your car? Looked under your car for possible perpetrators? This is the psychological effect society has created for individuals, especially women. We have been conditioned to find gawking strangers, especially men, a threat. What can we do to change that?


We Are Not Weak

Social media, protests, and even platforms like these are a great place for our voice to be heard! Sign petitions, spread the word of change, whatever you can do. Your voice matters and we can change things.

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