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Why Men Will Cheat on Women Who Are out of Their Leagues

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Average Joe meets a beautiful woman who is very much out of his league. He courts her until she agrees to date him. They have a relationship. Joe cheats on beautiful woman with a less attractive female. Does this scenario sound wrong? It shouldn’t because it’s the reality of what happens everyday in relationships. A man dating a woman who is much more attractive than him does not guarantee that he will not cheat on said woman. What does? Not much apparently..

Even though it may be offensive to say someone is out of someone else’s league, let’s just admit that we all know and think it when we see certain people together. What’s she doing with him we wonder? She’s so much more attractive. He must be rich. Or maybe he’s very well physically endowed where it matters. He might just be smart and charming. Only she knows the real reason why she is really with him, but we choose to judge either way.

It used to be that very attractive women would date less attractive men that they seemed a “safe choice.” This basically means the women knew she was more physically appealing, maybe richer, or smarter, than the guy she choose to date in the hopes that he would be a safe choice and wouldn’t cheat on her in the same way a partner of her same caliber might. It sounds like a pretty solid decision right? Choose someone that you know you’re better than in some way in order to avoid the heartbreak of a straying partner. Obviously even that choice can’t stop a man from committing adultery these days.

So what why would a man cheat on a woman that he knows is out of his league? Well in the most of simple terms: because he just can. He might get bored with the beautiful woman he is dating and make the decision to stray. Or maybe he knows she is too good for him and tries to subconsciously sabotage the relationship. She might place too many expectations on him that he just can’t live up to. Or he can’t really be himself around her. There’s many reasons this regular Joe may decide to be less than faithful to the beautiful woman he is dating.

What’s more revealing isn’t always why the average Joe chooses to stray, but rather who he decides to do it with. Will he cheat on his beautiful partner with another woman who is just as attractive? The answer is not likely. What are the chances that average Joe gets so lucky two times in a row? Not good at all. Average Joe will usually cheat with a woman that is more his type: average. She may even be less attractive or somehow less desirable than he is. This just goes to show how insecure he is, he goes for a woman that he knows he can get easily and who makes him feel better about himself.

This woman may be a friend of the opposite sex who’s always been there for him with good advice whenever he had problems in his relationship with the beautiful woman. She just “gets” him. She doesn’t try to change him in any way and she’s always there to lend an ear when he needs to talk. This is the woman he always told his beautiful girlfriend she didn’t have to worry about because she was like “one of the guys.” She’s funny, reliable, and just so easy to get along with. She doesn’t expect anything from him. She’s the one he’s likely to stray with when times get tough with his partner. At this point, it’s not even about looks anymore, they just have such a “connection.” Average Joe might know on a subconscious level that this woman friend of his is no where near as attractive or desirable as his partner, but he no longer cares but she’s fulfilling his needs while his girlfriend is not.


Another way average Joe can go is hooking up with a random woman he happens to meet in a bar. He might just be having a drink after another fight with the girlfriend and decides to drown his sorrows at the local bar. Alcohol plus relationship problems does not equal a happy ending. Well maybe a happy ending of sorts, but definitely not happily ever after. The woman he cheats with might be in the same situation as him because nothing brings out the urge to drink quite like relationship problems. Or maybe the woman of his choice is the bartender who has become someone who always listens whenever he needs some advice. After last call, she might offer her couch to crash on because he obviously can’t drive after everything he’s had to drink. I think you can figure out the rest. It ends with a morning after but definitely not a happily ever after either.

When it comes down to it, men can and will cheat on their more attractive partner. If a man is at the point where he is ready to cheat, a pretty face waiting at home will not change his mind. He is just going for what is available at that time for him. Men aren’t too picky about that. “Women will sleep with who they want while men will sleep with who they can.” He’s going to go for what’s easy and simple. He’s probably tired of the nagging or nitpicking he gets from his partner. He wants something stress-free and uncomplicated. Who knows, he might even come home after like nothing happened. The question is, will you still be waiting at home for him when he does?

Sorry by Beyonce

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Dr Billy Kidd from Sydney, Australia on March 26, 2021:

I couldn't figure out why J Z was pictured. After reading it again, I see that you all have judged him physically unattractive. What a joke.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on March 26, 2021:

Many men feel their (wealth) more than makes up for their level of attractiveness. For instance Jay-Z is essentially a billionaire. He's not going to have any problems attracting beautiful women from around the world despite his "average looks".

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No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. One thing is for certain people don't cheat just to be with someone who is more or less attractive than their mate.

Imagine a man owns a $3 Million Bugatti Chiron sports car and one day he gets a speeding ticket while driving a Ford Mustang. Naturally people might wonder why on earth would he be caught driving a Ford Mustang when he owns a Bugatti Chiron?!

However supposed we learned that he was only allowed to drive the Bugatti Chiron (once a week) and could only take it for a spin around the block. While his neighbor offered him the use of the Mustang to take it anytime, anywhere, and go as fast as he wants.

Generally speaking the goal of most cheaters is to hold onto all that is "good" in their primary relationship while addressing their other "needs" on the side. Since they are not looking to replace one relationship with another they're not going to place as much value on this person's appearance.

I suspect some men who have famous beautiful wives might cheat due to the insecurity that comes with always being told how "lucky" they are. Their ego is easily massaged when (other women) make these men feel like (they) are "special" and desirable.

It's unfortunate that many "power couples" are secretly competing with one another or jealous of the attention their partner gets.

Some men find it difficult to stand in background on the red carpet while their paparazzi takes photos of their significant other.

However this is not just a male issue. Last year NBA player Steph Curry's wife was trolled online after she made a statement regarding men (not hitting on her) the way women throw themselves at her husband. She said it made her feel insecure.

Apparently being "the lucky one" doesn't sit well with everyone.

Ideally both people in a relationship or marriage should feel lucky.

It's mostly up to the person in the limelight to ensure their mate feels valued. There is a reason why they chose (you) over anyone else.

The exception might be if your mate is narcissistic and treats you like you're one of their 'fans" or a servant.

It would be natural to be resentful.

"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

- Oscar Wilde

Dr Billy Kidd from Sydney, Australia on March 25, 2021:

The women I know do not settle for low life.

Freelance Queen from The World on March 24, 2021:

Great article. Really enjoyed reading this one. Sadly men don't give a thought to the women they cheat on. They feel privaleged and able to cheat. Sadly, many don't even seem to cate about endangering their partners despite having randomly hooked up with some one. Its so sad

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