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Why I am a Trans Female Athlete?

I am a Human Rights Activist and I have been working on gender-based violence for the last ten years.

Why I am

Although the transgender community has made some serious strides in the past few years, it still faces adversity and prejudice from all sides. People are often unaware of what it means to be transgender and how this can affect someone’s life, making them unsure about how to interact with transgender people or participate in their lives. Unfortunately, this makes it especially difficult for transgender athletes who are trying to live as their authentic selves while doing something they love to do. Many transgender athletes have been disallowed from competing with their true gender, leading to some very public controversies that have damaged their reputations and careers.

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The Transition Process

If you're in college, it's important to note that your school might not have inclusive policies. To start changing that, download an NCAA or NAIA guide for transitioning transgender athletes. It covers everything from how to change your name to what you need to do about hormone therapy. Of course, none of it is mandatory-you can play ball no matter how your body looks on paper—but having these official guidelines means you're more likely to be supported by officials, coaches, and teammates alike. For instance, most schools have strict rules against bullying based on gender identity and sexual orientation so being explicit can help make sure everyone knows they should stick up for you if people give you trouble.

Coming Out as Transgender

As someone who is transgender, you have more to deal with than just your fears and self-doubt. It can be difficult to come out as transgender to those around you because they might not understand what it means and how it affects your daily life. But coming out is an important step in realizing and affirming who you are; not only will coming out help you feel more comfortable with yourself, but it also makes others around you aware of who you are so that they can understand and empathize with you as well. You may be worried about how people will react when they find out, but taking these first steps toward telling people will make everything easier on you in the long run.

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How Sport Impacts My Life

I have been athletic my entire life. I have competed in running, basketball, and softball throughout high school and college. While playing team sports at a young age helped me build confidence in myself through working with others on game day, it wasn’t until after coming out as transgender that I started enjoying being an athlete again. Transitioning allowed me to take what had previously been hobbies for me and turn them into passions. Now when I run or play softball, I can focus more on my performance rather than how my body is performing because of testosterone blockers.

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My Experience with Sport as a Young Child, Adolescent and Adult

I was always athletic growing up. For as long as I can remember, my parents encouraged me to play. In elementary school and grade school, we were required to join a sports team each year. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from gym class - playing dodgeball on rainy days or learning gymnastics on Friday afternoons after lunch. In middle school, my favorite sport was basketball (I wanted to grow up and be like Lebron James), but everyone in school knew that soccer was one of my true passions. Although I didn't need to join a sports team in middle school, it's important for me to have stayed active - without sports and exercise, I don't know where I would be today.

Sport Is One Of The Most Important Things In My Life

It brings joy, friends, and feelings of accomplishment. It also means putting myself in uncomfortable situations and confronting prejudices that many don’t face. But after some time, as well as interacting with people who thought they knew everything about me just because of what was between my legs, I learned to love it. Sport has made me feel better and overcome my fears more than anything else could have done so.

Sport Has Always Been There For Me

Sport has always been there for me, When I was younger, sports were an essential part of my identity, helping me discover myself and find my place in the world. Playing basketball taught me that you’re only as good as your last game; diving taught me to be confident in my abilities and push myself past my limits. But sport is also political: When you step onto a court or field with other people, it’s impossible to ignore who is welcome and who isn’t—and how much of it has to do with gender stereotypes we're sold about what men and women are supposed to be like. So when I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at age 19, one of the first things that came to mind was: can I still play sports?

What It's Like Being an Active Sportsperson

What it's like being an active sportsperson When people ask me why I've continued with sports and why it's important to me, my answer is always something along these lines: It helps me forget. Sports are an outlet for all of my emotions. When I play sports, nothing else matters because there's no time for anything else. You can't think about your problems when you're on a field or court or track. All you can do is focus on what's right in front of you—and that's exactly what most people need to do at times when they need help getting through difficult situations in their lives. To me, sports aren't just physical and mental practice; they're emotional and spiritual practice as well.
Are you surprised by what I've achieved? I've been getting asked questions about my athletic achievements lately, and to be honest I was pretty surprised by what I achieved when my test results came back. That's not because I doubted myself or anything, it's just that you never think of yourself as being particularly special until someone tells you that you are. But what do they mean when they say that? Do they know how hard it is? When people try to tell me what it means to them, or even what it should mean, things start to get weird. And then other people use my performance as proof of some preconceived notion they have about themselves. That's exhausting and even more surreal. How could anyone have ever thought of me in those terms before any of these results came out?

Let's face it, as women, we aren't always allowed to compete in sports because of our gender. But for those who do make it to play professionally, how can you not enjoy it? There is no greater feeling than beating another person down, proving that you are stronger and better than them on any level. So yes there is a lot of fun to be had when competing in sports. The question is why wouldn't you want to compete in something that you are great at? Why wouldn't you want to get out there and show all those people watching just how amazing you are?

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