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Why Black Men Marry White Women

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Black men marry white women

Black men marry white women

The struggle is real. Words made famous by vlogger "Rawpa Crawpa." What that really means is that life is real and the issues which many of us face is real. Those issues are the plight and struggles faced by all races especially the black race. I have to say big respect to Brother Umar for his stance regarding not marrying outside his race. But what many people see as he being racist is actually Dr. Umar Johnson simply trying to bring stability to the black family. If you don't understand let me explain. The main cohesion of any family is to have a solid home which includes the man and woman, namely husband and wife. These families are much more stable, children are brought up with the love and discipline is passed down by both parents. Statistics shows that children who have broken homes or homes mainly without a solid father figure tend to have behavioral issues. Young black boys who do not have a strong father figure at home who would set decent examples of how a black boy should grow and become a decent strong black man tend to be 90% likely to become incarcerated.

Black women are truly the last race of ladies to actually be married. Many black women have children with several different men without even knowing their partners last name. All these lead to broken homes and a sharp decline in Black elevation in society. But before we can say all black men should opt and take a black woman as his wife to save the black race, there has to be some mental and social correction of black women so black men can see them as much more than baby makers and ass shakers. Let us take a look at the problem with the "Strong Black Woman."

1. Strong Black Women Degrades Black Men

So what the heck is a strong black woman anyway? How comes you don't hear about strong white, Indian or Latino woman? Well, because the Strong Black Woman was actually created by groups to "blacklist the importance of black men in the black woman's life. This clever plan have lead to the continuous deterioration of the Black community, household and youth. When a women says she is strong and black, she tends to exclude a man from her plans and decides to go out and make it on her own. She holds down a firm and fulfilling job. She is able to buy her own house, car and just about anything she needs. If she does decide to have a child she doesn't seek out a partner, instead she seeks out a "sperm donor." She has done fine on her own and she is able to provide for her child and has no need for a black man in her life. But that same Strong black woman is not as smart as she thinks she is, if she was, she would be looking at a bigger picture instead of looking with blinkers. A woman can never be able to give her child what a good black man can. We respect all sisters who have tried to do this and have made good on their own, but there are deeper negativity that exist growing up a child on your own rather than having a home with a stable black family.

Women who proclaim to be Strong black are often resented by many black men and even some sisters. Many disrespect the black man because they believe that they have money and hence above what the man has to offer. Instead of understanding that no matter what, the male will always be head despite how much money he makes and will always require the respect of black females. When these strong black women try to take the role of the black male, then many homes remain broken, many children are without fathers and the black community suffers.

Now let's look at the white woman who has it all and still shows respect to whoever she is with. Whether she is with a black male or white, despite how much money he makes. There is this certain level of respect that is given which is respected by all men. Despite having it all, she enforces the need of having her husband by her side. A simple thing such as respect can go a very long way. It can create and it can break. How you choose to use it is all up to you.

Black men marry white women

Black men marry white women

2. Black Women Waste

I love my sisters, but I have to admit that it takes much more than hair and nails to build an empire. Did you know that the black woman spends over 500 Billion United States dollars on fake hair yearly? Let me repeat that because even I can't believe what I just typed. Did you know that black women spend over 500 Billion dollars annually on fake hair? Africans now has taken up this useless spending and are gradually catching up to their un-enlightend American sisters by spending over 7 billion annually on fake hair. They spend millions of United States dollars yearly on skin lightening products also. These hair products they buy are of course wigs and other kinds of hair. Straight hair to give them the Caucasian look. This has to be the biggest waste in Black finance.

Too Much Brand

There is nowhere you can take a sister without her getting anew outfit for the occasion or event. There is nothing wrong in black women putting thermsleves together, but having 50 Louis Vuitton bags and shoes to match the color of your fake hair or jeans is just ridiculous. They support and spend billions of dollars with many of the same people who have and continue to scorn the black nation just to look good.

3. Hype, Loud and Many Times Angry

I have many some of the most beautiful sisters out there. Sometimes I wish I could just take them to a lab and press copy and paste and duplicate their attributes to some of these other loud and angry sisters out there. When a man takes a woman to be his wife, he expects some level of "Queenifity" (just a word that popped out of my head) about her. She must know when to execute and when to be introverted. Many black women do not wait until that alone time to address a situation with their spouses. They begin the outburst right there and then. Arguing, drawing crown and humiliation whoever they are with. Why would any man want to marry in a situation like that and know that is what he may face if disagreements arise.

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4. Values Way Too High

Many good black men get shafted because of monetary worth. The myth in many black women minds are that they will marry a rich lawyer, doctor, drug king pin (politician), Athlete and ride away into the sunset heading to their castle to count their millions. But reality comes rushing in real fast. Then they realize that their prince is actually the mechanic at Bob's Broke and Fix it shop. They raise their nose at these brothers and seldom gives them the time of day. But if any of these same guys some how becomes rich and famous, they are the same ones which run comes drooling at his feet. The man knows this and hence chooses to settle down with a white woman because he thinks all black women are like this.

Black men marry white women

Black men marry white women

My Parting Bits

Some say that it all boils down to whom you love, and love has no color. But do you believe that in order to save any family, whether black, white or Asian that race should marry within race? Leave your comments.

© 2017 Clive Williams


James Curtis on March 03, 2020:

I just want to make another correction. White/Caucasians aren't the only race with straight hair. Native Americans and Asians (and there are a lot of Asians) also have straight hair.

James Curtis on March 03, 2020:

FYI, Alfonso Ribeiro is Latino of Portuguese ancestry. He does have some black ancestry but mostly Portuguese/Latin European.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on July 16, 2017:

Thanks for your thoughts Billy

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 16, 2017:

It would be ridiculous for me to post a comment on this issue...I'm not sure I even have a horse in this race. But your viewpoints are fascinating to me, and I thank you for sharing them. I may be 68 but I'm a babe when it comes to race relations, and understanding other races and cultures. All I can do is keep my ears open and my willingness to learn on high alert. :)

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