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Why Are Women so Complicated?

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.


So Why are We Women So Complicated

Women are not complicated. Some maybe, but definitely not most. It's been my experience that men are far more complicated. Why: Because you don't talk. You keep everything inside and then you blame us for carrying on in the same old way. But you didn't tell us what was wrong. We are not mind-readers. Don't expect anything to change if we don't know that something is up.

Why Women Aren't as Complex as Guys Think

The problem with you guys is that you don't expect to work for anything. You call us complicated just because we aren't the same. Women are built differently and they think differently too. It's not our fault, it's evolution.

Women want all of the things you guys want. You just might not realise it because, well you didn't ask did you?

When men try to understand women and don't, it's because they are trying to understand us from their view-point. Trying to understand a female from a male perspective and vice-versa is all wrong. It simply cannot be done.

What you DO need to understand is that yes, women can over-complicate things and that's because we go deeper, sometimes too deep admittedly. We analyse and try to work out why something happened where as guys tend to just accept it happened and move on. But that doesn't make us complicated. Just understand that about us and go with it.

I was talking to a guy I know the other day. He is fairly early into a relationship and he was complaining that his girl-friend wasn't fine. It was clear that she wasn't but she had said that she was. I laughed out loud. It's not hard to tell when a women isn't fine. You only ask her when you know she isn't, so don't call her complicated. You are the complicated one for pretending not to know that she is upset. She's just trying to avoid an argument and suppress her annoyance at you. It just doesn't often work that's all.

Yes Women are Impatient, But so What?

Yes we are impatient. When we say dinner it at eight, we pretty much expect you to turn up at eight. Not five past. What's five minutes? I can tell you that five minutes to a waiting woman is like two hours in man time!

Why is this complicated? It's actually quite rude to be late in my opinion. Not just for women, but for anyone. Lateness (rightly or wrongly) gives us the impression that perhaps you don't actually give a shit. Yes we get grumpy when your dinner is sitting on the table going cold. Why? Because we've just cooked it for you. This does not make us complicated.


What Women Want

We want the same things that guys want. Contrary to popular belief we actually want you to be happy. That means us also being happy though. We aren't really that bothered if you understand us or not either. We just want you to be considerate and kind and treat us as if we actually matter. We don't expect you to be perfect.

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Guys think that women have extraordinarily high expectations that they can never meet. That's not true. Sure we have standards. We don't want to be taken for granted or disrespected but really, apart from that, our expectations aren't all that high. Unlike men, women understand that men are different. We don't actually expect you to understand us. We laugh about it to our friends and actually sometimes we even feel a bit sorry for you.

How to Keep a Woman Happy

First off take note: Men and women have different make-ups. See us for what we are and stop expecting us to fit in with your make-up. We can't do it. We won't even try.

Women like to be complimented now and again. If you think we look nice, don't keep it to yourself.

If you love us then tell us. Say it when you really feel it though. Say it like a reflex action and it doesn't hold the same value to us.

We gravitate to men who are not scared to talk about their passions and their fears. You'll find more out about a woman by sharing. Put up barriers and we'll get tired of trying to break them down.

We love surprises. When you do something out of the ordinary or you buy us flowers when it's not even our Birthday, we will adore you.

If you don't like the way we are behaving or we've done something to upset you please, please tell us. We can't put it right if we don't know know it's wrong.


Evie Sparkes (author) on June 11, 2019:

Thanks Chitrangada. Yes we are all different that's for sure. It's all just my opinion. I'm no expert ;)

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on June 11, 2019:

Interesting article. Not all women are complicated. Just as all men are not simple.

Thanks for sharing this thought provoking article. Enjoyed the read.

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