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While I'm Here


Whole i m here


While I'm Here

Sinful ways of the past won't destine the future...
Moments of pain may have led me to choose wrong.
In seeking worth, I may have hurt things and people.
Life has been unpredictable and full of tears,
Eventually leading me to cause unintended pain...
Bring me back in time to fix it all:
Aches that I caused—reasons for your falls.
Bullying whom I labeled below myself.
You who has chosen better ways cast the next stone,
Inducing light upon the darkness I left.
Gory nights can turn into glorious day, and a ray of beam
Opens path for those who are lost in the darkness.
Till my last day, I will make the wrong choices...
Your days may darken in favor of my nights, because
Options are things I miss to notice, specially when times
Usher harsh events right into my ways.


Dr Romio (author) from United Kingdom on September 08, 2021:

Thank you

manatita44 from london on September 08, 2021:

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Be strong as your inner vessel ... as Allah allows you. It loves us so much! Pray hard and hold firm.

You express a mixture of Light and darkness, but it is still an exquisite piece. Higher blessings!

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