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Which muscles do girls like most: Body parts that women find attractive in guys

Which muscles in a man's body do girls like the most? Do women really like big biceps? Are shoulders the most sexy part of a man's body? Ask these questions to a real woman and she will probably say that a guy's personality is way more important that his muscles. But since popular culture has made that hard to believe, this post talks about the muscle groups that have the potential to make a man look more handsome than he is.

A flat tummy looks attractive.

A flat tummy looks attractive.

1) Abs: Six packs may not be necessary but a flabby tummy and love handles are best avoided

Flabby tummies and overflowing love handles are not the most appealing sights. Toned abs and delightfully flat tummies are a must if want to take your hotness quotient up to the maximum.

Many guys overdo this and keep striving for six packs and eight packs. That is really not necessary, unless you are trying to impress a judge at a body building contest.

If you have a chubby tummy, get rid of the excess flab with crunches and cardio workouts. Don't obsessively work out your abs to the point where it becomes hard to tell the difference between your tummy and a chopping board.

2) Broad shoulders make a man look very attractive

For men, broad muscular shoulders are a prized asset. Whether it is Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel or Bradley Cooper in The Hangover, broad shoulders are a staple part of an attractive man's body image.

A girl will love resting her head on her boyfriend's broad shoulders while cuddling in bed. Well built shoulders and a good posture make for the sight of man who is strong and confident.

3) A well defined back can make a guy's silhouette look attractive

The back is possibly the most underrated muscle group when it comes to attractiveness, mainly because it is always hidden under layers of clothing. But when the chance comes to take your t-shirt off, a well sculpted back will be very appealing.

A guy with a well defined back will immediately stand out from the rest of his buddies when they walk on the beach in their shorts. This is the reason why the shot of a man taking his shirt off from behind is a prerequisite for most romantic and intimate movie scenes.

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Men with bulky arms look stronger.

Men with bulky arms look stronger.

4) Arms: But oversized biceps can be a turn off

Men have forever believed that big biceps are a turn on for women. While there may be more myth than fact to this belief, there is little denying that frail arms do not look great on a man.

Bulk up your arms to the extent that they look well-built. Don't aim to make your biceps disproportionately larger than your own body frame. Bulky arms win hearts only when they are in-sync with overall body structure.

5) Thighs: Scrawny legs over a well built torso don't look good

It would be a shame if you build up your upper body but ignore your legs, because your thighs are a core part of your overall body image. You will be an amusing sight when you walk out on the beach in your shorts if you have a bulky upper body and scrawny legs.

This reaffirms the fact that you should never ignore any muscle group while building your body. Big guns and bulky shoulders may be the first thing women notice about you, but strong thighs are necessary if you want to be hunky and handsome.

6) Strong forearms: A man's forearms are a passive show of strength

Women don't necessarily notice a man's forearms straight away. However, big forearms create a passive sense of attraction because they are a sign of strength.

Forearms are a passive reminder to a woman that her man is strong enough to take care of her. While this may be an age old inference, the delightful pleasure of being hugged and cuddled by seemingly strong arms is undeniable.

Bench press your way to a well defined and broad chest.

Bench press your way to a well defined and broad chest.

7) Defined chest muscles make a guy look masculine

Men's obsession with chest muscles has possibly gone a bit too far, maybe because of the fact that some of the most handsome hunks on the planet have chiseled theirs to perfection. At the same time, a broad chest is definitely the stuff handsome hunks are made of.

Work out to make your chest defined and broad, so that it becomes an integral part of your stance. Work on those muscles with your push-ups and bench presses. But don't get carried away – all you need is good definition. Overdoing chest muscles can make you look very weird.

8) Glutes: The way a guy fills out his shorts

Women generally don't have a fixation with men's butts, like how men have with theirs. But this doesn't mean that a guy should ignore building up his glutes. This should be a reminder to all the men who have been ignoring the squats and the lunges.

Glutes are typically noticed poolside, on the beach and while guys are wearing just their underwear. It is easy to tell apart the men from the boys by looking at how their glutes fill out their shorts.

9) Monstrous traps can be a turnoff for women

Well defined trapezius muscles, commonly known as traps, give guys an attractive shoulder line. But huge traps can be a turnoff. Many body builders tend to cross the line between bulking up their traps to the point which makes them look mean and aggressive.

Traps are a subtle addition to a man's attractiveness. They are essentially the muscles which give shape to a man's silhouette when you look at the neck and shoulders. Traps are not supposed to glaringly stand out, unless you are The Hulk.

You can build all the muscles you want, but nothing is more attractive that the most sexy muscles on your body - your smile.

You can build all the muscles you want, but nothing is more attractive that the most sexy muscles on your body - your smile.

10) Smile: Lips are the most attractive muscles on a guy's body

Most guys will never realize that the most attractive muscles on their bodies are the lips. A wide smile has the power to make women go weak in the knees. Most of the times, it is smiles that win hearts, not bulging biceps or heavy shoulders.

No matter how much you work out at the gym, no matter how sculpted you get – you will never be as attractive as guy who can break out into a warm and friendly smile.


Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on November 21, 2013:

I suppose it is all a matter of each woman's opinion. If the brain has a muscle that really works the brain to its highest capacity, then, I must say that the brain muscle is the most attractive--that invisible muscle that always works out by exercising careful thought. A strong man who has it together in the brain is one to be admired. Many a woman has made the awful mistake of looking at the outward appearance instead of the inward man.

But, since you asked, the muscles that help a man to get to and from an honest job and perform it well are mighty attractive regardless of how skinny or fat they are--all of the above! :D

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