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When You Meet a True Bachelor

Let’s call Him Mr Burberry


When He’s Cute & Charming

When you meet the 40 + year old Batchelor he’s cute and charming! This man is a real panty dropper. He is everything you want in a man, sexy slim build body. With a sexy hint of adult maturity gray,totally appealing. But you know without a shadow of a doubt that’s he’s a comfortable Batchelor and there no changing him. His house is a Batchelor Pad! Look at all the signs. He says he’s single! Mr. Burberry aka Bachelor knows everything to say. But ladies with some man at certain ages you’re content you’re settled and comfortable with your lifestyle. And you feel that there’s no need to change.( Women are like that too I can’t lie including myself) A lot of ladies will take that as a challenge and will push and try to prove that I can make this man want me I can change him. Don’t try please you’ll only end up heartbroken. Now if you’re just looking for some fun somebody to hang out and chill with. Then the bachelor is your guy but if you’re looking for a husband marriage material. You might need to ask that guy what he’s looking for. So with the bachelor there’s no mind game, no manipulation, and don’t try to make a baby and be a baby‘s mama. That is not the way to get a man and a child wouldn’t keep a man. So let’s go into talking about this handsome, sexy, charming, Bachelor. We’re going to call the bachelor Mr. Burberry! we all have a name for that guy whether it hot-tee, fine, or whatever wets your whistle. Mine is Mr. Burberry reason being so, is that Ive met my the Batchelor. And he pretends to be intrigued with my imitation Burberry shirts. When in actuality he was intrigued with my boobs. He talked about the Burberry shirt but he was staring at my chest the whole time. He was charming and cute I almost slipped. He inspired me to write this article.

Know What a Man What’s With You Ask

A lot of people think that it’s cliché to ask a guy what he’s looking for. Sometimes I‘d like to weed out the bull. A lot of people say don’t talk too much it all depends. Me personally I like to put the cards on the table. Hey I’m a mother four, divorced, and if there is anything in my pass I think you should know. I’m putting the cards on the table the whole deck. I dint believe in skeletons falling out my closet. I laid it all on the table upfront to find out what type of guy I’m dealing with. Before you get involved waste yours and his time somethings are deal breakers and before you get wrapped up in whatever keep it a buck. I know I’m an amazing woman, I’m fun, exciting, beautiful for my age, and I have a nice busty curvy body. But all that is not gonna get a man that’s not looking for settled relationship.

And then sometimes you may need to spend time together hang out get to know each other. And then see where it goes a lot a man automatically thinks a single mother is looking for a husband. Sometimes ladies you have to peg them wrong. And don’t be so desperate to do whatever they want thinking that will get you the guy.All women aren’t look for a husband but to these that are you need to listen to me.

If you have morals and you have rules to the engagement of a relationship then stick to them. No matter what! Sometimes that’s the best way to weed out the good guys that are truly interested over the guys that are looking at you as a snack if you get what I mean. I promote women in looking there best.

Sometime you talk to this guy some guys will be honest. So if he says he’s not looking for relationship. Believe him! You know he may not be ready for a relationship he may have been in a long-term relationship. Or even a bad relationship and he’s not looking for the same thing. I can’t say all bachelors aren’t looking to settle down. But when they’re 40+ They have a level of comfort and being pushy and trying to invade that will only push them away.

So just because he appears to be Mr. right he may not be Mr. right now. So if he says he’s not looking for a relationship remember believe him. If he calls you or message you on his terms. Take that for what it is his terms. Remember women hold the key to sex, And I’m not saying use sex get a guy. Please don’t take it like that. But sometimes if you give a man your goodies immediately. The Interest is gone, the infatuation stage never presented itself. If he ask you out go out. Don’t change what your doing to met him other wise, stick to the plan. Know your worth and allow your self to be just that worth your weight in gold, me I say platinum. Because I am a valuable asset a woman must be a valuable asset in a relationship. Of course a lot of people will not agree with that but if you were trying to get a high end single man. It plenty bull out there that will fall head over heels for you, but you want what you want. You must show yourself worthy for what you want. And I will get into details about that later.

Don’t Be So Available

If he’s not interested in a relationship. And you don’t want to become a victim of a booty call. Handle him as such. You don’t always be available. Give me a second I’ll call you back I have to check my schedule I may have plans do you want to go. Or even I may have to work. (this personal work for me because I’m usually really working) And you spend your time around what you have to do instead of rushing to do what you think will please him. Putting your all into a man that you have no clue to whether he’s a fly by night, a hook up, or just someone to chill with. Don’t make yourself so assessable. A lot of time Mr.Burberry won’t make hisself that assessable to you.

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After Your Date

Some guys aren’t big in messaging or calling. But if he doesn’t make some initiative in reaching out to you other than reaching out to you for the initial date, hook up , or whatever. Don’t bother, don’t be concerned about what you did or what you could’ve done. Because you could be weeding out the bull. when I know a guys looking at me as a Scooby-Doo snack and not pure interest. I say it’s ok to reach out. But if he doesn’t reach out to you, after you have shown interest. Then don’t even bother!
I can’t say that it’s 100% of non interest. But a man will keep in touch with what he wants. Even if it’s a casual hi.

Remember ladies know your worth and make sure you value yourself. And as always I say if you don’t just want to enjoy a possible pleasurable sexual encounter. That’s on you but don’t go crying if that’s all he wanted. Like I always say; women are the Gate Keeper to Sex, don’t go giving it to every man you meet in order to have a man. Always have value in yourself and self worth. He may not be the one and your given you body to someone that may walk away as soon as the get it. Just like a women is the Gate Keeper to sex and Man holds the key to a Relationship. There give and takes on both ends.

I had a friend outright tell me. You expect to much from a man. Even knowing your not looking for anything from him. But in this age there’s no dinner, no movie. Men aren’t trying to woo you and please you for the cupcake. So stop looking too be treated like a lady. These new age women have changed up the game. They having sex on the first date you get no food, no fun. That took me for a loop and it made me question do I want to belittle myself for a roll in the sack and I may not even be pleased. So stick to your guns a man that wants you will wait for you. When you meet a person they don’t automatically know how and what pleases you. So again don’t throw out the cupcake and then get dissatisfied. Let him woo you, know you, learn you, feel you, please you, and love you down correctly.

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