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When to Use the Limited Contact Rule Instead of the No Contact Rule With an Ex

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There are all kinds of break up situations and it seems that the no contact rule with an ex is simply not a one size fits all tactic. It's true. Some just can't completely cut off communication with an ex and completely drop off their radar.

This is why the limited contact rule is a better alternative for those who have to keep some sort of contact with an ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend, or even ex wife or husband. Read this hub to learn exactly what limited contact is and when you should use it instead of the no contact rule.

What Is Limited Contact?

What is Limited Contact? Limited contact or the limited contact rule is exactly what the name states, "You limit your contact with your ex." Simple, huh? Not really. Much like the no contact rule with an ex-girlfriend, limited contact is also quite complex.

So limited contact or no contact? You use limited contact immediately after a break up because of the following reasons:

1. You and your ex have kids together.

2. You and your ex work together or go to the same school.

3. You and your ex live together.

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So how is the limited contact rule complex? Much like NC (short for no contact) LC is a time when you have to accept the relationship is over for now and start to heal from a break up. It's trickier than the no contact rule with an ex-girlfriend because you have to see your ex from time to time, and this can be painful if you were the one who got dumped and still want them back.

However, there are rules to limited contact, just like there are for the no contact rule with an ex, and it's important that you follow them.

Be warned: When you have to use LC, your ex can keep tabs on you. That's why it's important you limit contact as much as possible. This means your interactions with your ex, as well as information about what you're up to.

If any of the above apply to you and your ex, you can not use the no contact rule after a breakup. You'll have to use limited contact. Even if those above scenarios apply to you, it still may be important to learn how the no contact rule can be beneficial after a painful breakup.

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