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When She’s The Bachelor

When Shes the Batchelor and Just Looking for Fun…..


Sorry No Love Here Sir

When a women is secure in her own skin. And doesn’t need a man to support her. That make a lot of men insecure and want to push the issue of a relationship. She can pick you up and take you out. Then take you home to her bed and afterwards expect you to go home. A lot of people say men aren’t emotional creatures I beg the differ. Men have feelings and emotions too.And like a women dont want to feel unloved, unwanted, or played. It messes with a mans ego. Whatever he owns it or not.

She Takes Control

From the beginning men where born to be in charge and are use to taking control. They were raised to be in control. Financially, sexually, and just all around being the head. But when a man get involved with a women that’s able to stand up too him. And it doesn’t matter if he stay are go. How does he handle it? It’s hard for both parties especially when theirs some form of a relationship or just good sex.

She Doesn’t Want A Relationship

He think he’s King but not in her eyes there’s only one person running this Castle and it’s the Queen. Men can’t handle it! There comes the arguing ,the belittling, the pressure in trying to make her feel insecure in her skin. Telling her she wants to be a modern woman or an independent woman. And her life is on a downfall because she doesn’t feel that she has the urge to have to have a man in her life to validate the fact that she is a woman. I know myself from experience as being a single woman in my past having a very successful career, nice paid for vehicles, paid for home. A lot of men come around and there’s really not much they have to offer. But true companionship, love, and maybe understanding to why she worked so hard to have and maintain things on my own.

Once upon a time in my life I went from making $32,000 a month with real estate to $11,000. I owned several homes. But I’m 2008 there was in my words a great depression. And my renters start to loose there homes. With my heart and the time they lived in the homes. I didn’t want to put them out. I wanted to help them. And give them a chance to get things together. But things weren’t perfect in that world things started to fall apart for me as well. And I newly lost everything I had And I was a Mother. I end up staying with someone I trusted and my children and myself was treated poorly. And I was taking care of the home, I was lazy there. I cooked, cleaned, and paid bills there. After that day I vowed to never have to stay with anyone. And my hustle got harder, once I dug my way out of the grave. I vowed to stay above ground. Trust it hurts when someone you trust help you to only hurt you. So sometimes there’s a reason. And now women like to be strong and make ends meet. As well as make ends.

A lot of Men Can’t Handle Just Being A Booty Call


He Now Wants More

He feels like he’s just a booty call and wants more. It’s not happening with her. She loves her freedom. And now more older women are dating younger men. They feel the same as older men. when dating a younger women. Don’t have to woo them or they can get them a nice gift and their satisfied. It’s never complaints they are happy with the way you treat them. You can invite them on a trip to Hawaii and they will be happy because they’ve probably never been there before. And have the best experience with a younger man. The same as older me and say with a younger woman.
It’s a two way street in some cases in my view point. older men or attracted to the flat stomach, no stretch marks, etc. And older women are attracted to a younger man for the same reasons. No arguing, firm abs, erect penis, and not having to jump through hoops to please him. Older men will end up wanting more, more demanding. And seeks marriage or to have you settle down. By downing you saying younger men aren’t good for anything but one thing and using women. When women could say the same to older men younger women are seeking a simp or sugar daddy. So now that he’s met the female Bachelorette he can’t handle it. And of course she has to cut him off. And thats the same way it goes with a women met a true Batchelor there’s no changing him. So respect the fact there’s no changing her. Lay back kick it and enjoy the fun.

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