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When Fairytales Fail You

What if it isn't "Happily Ever After?"

Trust me, I know it may be hard to think you failed. You cannot think about it that way. Just because you see a future does not mean it is written in stone. There is a way to get through it all.

The Beginning was Beautiful

Wedding photo from 2016

Wedding photo from 2016

Just Take a Breath.

It is going to be overwhelming and emotional for a while and there is going to be a lot of doubt and fears. Just breathe and know that there is so many people that understand no matter what the situation is.

It Was a Long Five Years

As some have read in my older articles, we had our fair share of obstacles as a married couple. Sometimes so much happens that you just can't come back to each other the same way. Different things effect people differently. It is not always easy to be a young married couple.

There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

You need to find yourself and what makes you happy.

You need to find yourself and what makes you happy.

Okay, I'm better, Now What?

It has been about 3 years since the final separation. We tried multiple times to make it work but we were just too far apart emotionally. Now, I have been with an amazing man for 2 and a half years. Sometimes it takes the wrong one to show you the right one.

Let Yourself Be Happy

Thanksgiving 2020 with my handsome!

Thanksgiving 2020 with my handsome!

Look Ahead, Not Back

The past may be something hard to let go. Especially if you are like me and don't handle failure well because of childhood trauma. You need to know that you did what you could and that sometimes, you met the right person at the wrong time or they were only there for a lesson to be learned. It's hard to tell the difference and your heart is no help at all.

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