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Calculate your rising sign....It may be the reason you are with your partner. Know all your zodiac signs


Take your own birth sign and your sun sign and see if your mate has your sign or gets along with your sign in his or her sun sign. Also read your born sign and your rising sun sign as what kind of lover you are.

As an example, I am a Leo with my sun rising sign is in Virgo my husband is a Capricorn with his rising sign in Scorpio

Leos and Capricorns do not mix but ( Scorpio is the best lover for Virgo) and (Virgo is the best lover for Scorpio) and Virgos and Capricorns are well suited for each other.

It’s also fun to see the different characteristics that you may have

So it’s a fun way to check if perhaps your signs don’t work well, there may be a connection in your rising sign.


Sun in Aries

  • You are independent, fiery and brilliant with a great sense of adventure
  • Your spirit is young and aggressive, you are original with many ideas and you seize new ideas. Many of these ideas you may regret.
  • You are practical but daring and realize your ambitions. However you are impulsive and fly headfirst into projects without considering any pros or cons
  • Aries rules the head, and you tend to overwork your body and be careless about your health. When you are sick it’s hard for you to admit and hard for you to stop whatever passion you are after. You are prone to headaches and fevers because of the stress you will put your body through to satisfy the need your mind is asking. .
  • You inspire others because you are so enthusiastic, your laugh and your ambition is contagious.
  • The average person cannot appreciate new ideas the way that you do, but a Leo, a Sagittarius another Aries or person with an Aries moon would be the best type of person that could help you in this area of developing your idea into something solid. You tend however to want everything your own way but should let others help with their advice or they may rebel against helping you.
  • Your ideas are ever flowing, yet they come as fast as they go when they are not fulfilled. If you find someone who will listen to your ideas and believe in you, you will go far. However your ideas never end and once a road block is given, you tend to veer your energy in another direction or many directions. If this energy that is so passionate can ever be centered it would be incredibly successful. A person with their sun in Aries needs to stick with one goal and see it through, but this is not typical.
  • As a success you will need someone to follow after you, you need this someone to back your decisions and maintain order because a person with their sun in Aries rarely sees a plan through. The idea is there but seldom the motivation to keep it moving.
  • You love to be in charge, want to be an authority figure and so you tend to leave home early to make your own home. You need to be the boss and so you will either create a business or start a family. In family life you should be careful not to play to strict of a boss role with your family.

You get along best with Leo, Sagittarius, or someone with a moon in Aries.

You rapidly lose patience with Cancers

Are at odds with Capricorns

Libras are compatible as long as you don’t walk over them.

Taurus make stable lovers.

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Sun in Taurus

  • You have strong common sense and are very practical. You are not a dreamer you’re stable and cautious. You don’t set your sights too high, you are fine getting what you work for. You expect to get what you give, and you’re a hard worker so you tend to have solid success. Because you are not afraid of hard work you make an excellent boss or devoted employee.
  • Your motto is “one foot after the other” as you patiently obtain what you know you deserve, and you are very stubborn in getting what you want and know you earned.
  • Once your mind is set on something it is almost impossible to convince you otherwise. You can get very angry and violent if someone tries to change your course of action to what you have your sights set on. If someone agrees with your idea you are more than willing to let them help.
  • You have a lot of reserved energy and sick with an idea for a very long time. You must see it through no matter how long it takes.
  • You are very reliable when it comes to money; you stick to your word and often pay your bills right on time. You don’t like debt and are careful to save what you can.
  • You like tasteful jewelry if you are a woman to wear, and if a man to give. You like what money can buy as long as it is worth paying for.
  • You are very affectionate and domestic. Your love affairs often start out very passionate but then lead to something warm and friendly. You are a faithful and content spouse who is happy being married.
  • Sometimes you cannot communicate all your brilliance in speech and writing, what is in your head is often hard for you to teach. Your ideas and feelings are strong and cannot always be conveyed the way you want and this sometimes makes others think that you are very matter- of- fact.
  • You have a tendency to overeat and love being self-indulgent, but you have great physical endurance.
  • Taurus rules the throat, neck, shoulders and base of the brain, any of these areas could have trouble, but someone with a rising sign in Taurus tends to take care of their health.

You get along best with Virgos, Capricorns, Taurus and anyone with their moon in Taurus.

Taurus rising will stubbornly will not let someone with a Leo sign rule them

Aquarians help Taurus expand their mind.

Scorpios are opposite Taurus but it can be a good relationship in business as long as they agree to disagree on many issues.


Sun in Gemini

  • Gemini rising individuals are many sided and intelligent, you’re sensitive and high strung. Sometimes it’s hard for you to think with your heart because you brain is going wild.
  • You need lots of fresh air, rest and exercise to keep your ever wandering mind sharp.
  • Sometimes people with Gemini rising spread themselves too thin, they want to help everyone, do everything, but end up exhausting themselves.
  • Gemini rising can adopt many hobbies, be frivolous with time, and easily become distracted and restless.
  • You can make a great manager because your ideas and willfulness to have others hear you are boundless. You at times display abundant force and initiative to help others succeed.
  • You need a lot of change, love vacations and ideally would love to travel the word. You crave stimulation and do not like a schedule that is too planned. You need lots of breaks changes in scenery and in people.
  • You will put up with family life and enjoy it but will still be flirtatious to others. The flirtation is merely a change of pace and should not be something taken seriously.
  • Gemini rules the hands and arms and upper respiratory system, as you tend to be clever with your hands and speak with them often. Watch out if you smoke you could become a chain smoker.

You get along with other Gemini’s, Libra’s, Aquarians and those with their moon in Gemini.

Pisceans are too emotional for you

Virgos will give you best listening ear.

You find Sagittarians too breezy or overly happy.


Sun in Cancer

  • You are very attached to your mother and how she raised you is how you are. If your mother was active you will be strong-willed and persistent, if your mother was passive you will be unmotivated and careless.
  • You will be very effective as you eat away at whatever you are setting out to do at an almost corrosive effect. Slow and effective as you are tireless to get what you want.
  • You absorb ideas and use them to your own reality
  • You are a faithful mate, anyone who marries you will be happy and content with your loyalty .
  • You cannot take criticisms it hurts you deeply, you sometimes take a martyr role and feel sorry for yourself
  • You love to save things from the past, antiques, old books, and you stay close with past relationships and keep friends very long. You love to reminisce and laugh with family and friends. You make other people like being home.
  • You love history mainly about the history of your family and culture
  • You will probably have a collection of some sort and rarely loose a love note or letter from a close friend.
  • You are very domestic, as a woman you are a great homemaker and mother, as a man you help around the house and love a woman who mothers you.
  • You love to cook, eat and drink alcohol
  • You are very emotional and respond well to love, and have an excellent memory being able to recall the past better than others.
  • You love to act and host parties, this makes you feel wanted and popular. You love television and movies and would love to be an actor.
  • The stomach rules the rising Cancer, and digestive disorders are common.

You get along best with people who have their sun and moon in Cancer and with Scorpios and Pisces

Libras give the rising Cancer great business partnership

Aries will try to dominate the rising Cancer.

Leo gives you a balance or an imbalance depending on the circumstances of your meeting.


Sun in Leo

  • You are very proud, and honest and would never do anything underhanded, you need to be trusted. You like the confidence that other people put in you because this is where your pride comes from.
  • You trust other people because you are very honest, you easily forgive and see the good in people. You understand their reasons because you are very empathetic.
  • You like responsibility and like being the leader, if you are not the leader you look down on your work.
  • You are a hard worker, but cannot be bothered with busy work, you will not do a work that is menial and monotonous, and you will get bored and eventually stop doing it. You hate petty details and boring tasks.
  • Most of the time you seem ready to fight, and this is because you are always up for a challenge You are waiting to be challenged and like to explain why you believe you are right and ready to listen to the other person. You are waiting for a fair fight, not to win the fight but to make the other person understand what you are feeling and in turn understand them.
  • You have a great opinion of yourself; you can be very boastful and require others to approve of you. If you don’t feel like the star at work you will find a close circle of friends to feel the brightest in. You want to be the star in your life, you would rather be the biggest fish in the pond than have the biggest pond competing with other fish. If someone does not see you the way that you see yourself you tend to hold resentment towards that person.
  • You need lots and lots of love and affection, praise and attention. You are faithful to the core to the person that you have chosen to love as long as that person gives you the right amount of attention and if they do you will love them with all your heart for your whole life.
  • You are very adventurous and can never be satisfied with your success, you always want more. You go after your ideas with pride and are very saddened if they are not fulfilled.
  • You have a magnetism that draws people into you, great in business but even better as a host or hostess.
  • Leo rules the heart and because the rising Leo has tons of drive , strain can be placed on the heart

You get along the best with people who have their moon in Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

You compete with Scorpio but sometimes in a great way

Taurus is someone you will be very stubborn with

Virgo is someone you would like to hunt

Aquarians would complement you… sometimes


Sun in Virgo

  • You are down to Earth, a persistent worker and very discriminating
  • You are very intelligent as you gather knowledge from everywhere. You never stop learning, you’re alert and smart. After you graduate school you continue to crave education.
  • You’re critical, you analyze people, comparing them to yourself, finding fault because they are not more like you are. You categorize everyone and everything you see. This is the way your mind works and it’s not your fault
  • You don’t have sympathy for others who you feel have brought themselves where they are
  • You are content to live in the background of some aspects of your life, like your alone time, and are cool tempered. You rarely lose your temper but when you do it can be bad since its takes a lot to make you angry
  • You are very proud of how smart you are; even if you are not actually smart, you will always feel superior to others.
  • You are shy, but not afraid of aggression.
  • You are smart but often fail to inspire others because you can be too quiet.
  • You are very thrifty with money, you love to save or get a deal, and this is very exciting to you.
  • You can be very selfish with your spouse, and you do not spoil your children, you teach them with understanding.
  • You like to take care of your body with diet and exercise, since you are very critical of how others look and treat themselves you are the most critical with your own body. You enjoy helping others be healthy as well.
  • You are a humanitarian and love to help people, you tend to befriend people who are gentle in nature.

You get along best with someone who has their moon in Virgo, is Virgo or Capricorn

You tend to fight with Aries and Sagittarians

Gemini is too airy for you

Leo is very attractive

Taurus and Pisces can be compatible mates if you meet under the right circumstances


Sun in Libra

  • You are very kind and have a lot of sympathy for others.
  • You love affection and happiness from your true love. You are quick to want marriage and if that marriage ends are quick to get serious down the path to marriage again. You are an amazing lover as a man very masculine and as a woman very feminine. Your passion is almost an art.
  • You are very concerned with helping others; you are also concerned with the approval of others. You are very just and believe that everyone should be treated fairly. You will be very vengeful if you believe you have been wronged.
  • You like to have people around you that approve and appreciate what you do for them. Because you are so considerate it often seems that you are dependent on them, but you are not. You do have a critical ability but it is never meant to be unkind and you appreciate greatly what others do for you.
  • You tend to be very beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. You are seen as very fancy, with amazing manners. You expect to be treated with manners as well and look down on those who do not show them.
  • You are artistic, and very good with colors, design, you have a great eye for what looks good, with your excellent taste you are able to give balance to any outlet you put your energy towards.
  • You love music, to dance and exploring all cultures.
  • You are very understanding of the values of others. You do not make snap judgments, you weigh in all aspects before you agree with yourself on an opinion of someone. However because you are so considerate many times you will not come to a conclusion at all. You put yourself in both sides of a question and often have a hard time deciding which path to take.
  • You do not like a mess; you also do not like to do dirty work emotionally or physically.
  • You have great endurance and can often relieve sickness quickly
  • Libra rules the back and kidneys you tend to have trouble in these areas.

You get along with anyone with their moon in Libra, Gemini’s, and Aquarians.

You tend to be too domineering with anyone with a Libra sign.

Argue with Capricorns and Cancers


Sun in Scorpio

  • You are very forceful and have tremendous strength of will
  • Whether or not you are good looking people are drawn to you. You have tremendous sex appeal.
  • There are two types of people who can be a rising Scorpio, a sly secretive type, or someone with tremendous integrity.
  • The sly type is cunning with diabolical passions, and uncontrollable jealousy. This type can make the most deadly criminals.
  • The rising sign of Scorpio with high- minded goals is able to devote his or her passion to dominate people toward doing good. These types make the best crime detectives, or law enforcement even as a spy.
  • All rising Scorpios are hard workers, lots of energy and a perceptive tongue.
  • You stick with goals you can attain and often do not give up until you reach them.
  • You are mostly successful in life, fighting all the way up the hill, but you get there.
  • You are very magnetic, and people often want to be around you because they think you’re cool.
  • In the home Scorpios tend to be very bossy, as you are easily offended and stick to a point forever.
  • If you are pleased you can be very easy to get along with.
  • You have intense passion in the bedroom, also very jelouse about their lover, and possessive.
  • You may also indulge in lots of food and alcohol.
  • You tend to be a very domineering parent and if you could male or female if legal would not be opposed to the idea of bigotry.
  • Scorpio rules the pelvis and glands so you many have unfavorable diseases in these areas.

Virgos find you fascinating

You get along with other scorpion born signs, Pisceans, and Cancers

Tremendous passion arises from Leo and Taurus, but can come to a battle of wills.

Aquarians may be able to co-exist


Sun in Sagittarius

  • You are very high-spirited; high- strung and dislike negativity in others. You are both proud and shy. Most people do not know that you are shy.
  • You are bold, daring and speak your mind but sometimes can be seen as too forward and direct.
  • You are very bright and cheerful, with true vision.
  • You love your freedom, and believe everyone has these same rights. You love being outside, sports and competition.
  • You love making new friends, and have great intuition in reading others. You tend to make strangers into long lasting friendships and you are very loyal to these friends.
  • If you second guess yourself you can often be your own worst enemy because you are often right in what you initially thought. You will have a great life in luck if you trust yourself
  • The one time you shouldn’t go so heads deep into decision is with love, you are more mental than emotional and tend to break engagements and marriages. Men especially in this rising sign want the bachelor life.
  • You feel embarrassment when you are doubted; you are very thin-skinned and hate criticism on your ideas. You yourself will also be very critical yourself but mostly with a lover or relative who is opposed to your views.
  • You don’t like to plan things, you are spontaneous, and you love lots of different projects. Sometimes you have a hard time returning to an idea you put down to work on another. You are bored by routine and had repetitive work.
  • You are great in an emergency, someone you can really count on. You are able to quickly make decisions that help those in need. You see what others don’t see.
  • You love having discussions, and often sway people toward your way of thinking. People love having long conversations with you. You are very philosophical and often question religion.
  • You are very direct in business and have success in finding money and making money.
  • You have a tendency to nervous breakdowns or panic attacks, but actually very healthy.
  • Sagittarius rules the thighs and hips and you could experience trouble in these parts.

You get along with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries

Pisces although very emotional can connect to your needs

Virgos seem suspicious

Scorpio is to emotional

Capricorn and Taurus are good in business

Gemini makes you impatient but sometimes will compliment your style.


Sun in Capricorn

  • You are very practical, set goals and get to them. You don’t like to take risks, you want to do what you know will work. This can stop you from seeing “eye to eye” with people with new ideas. You don’t want to chance that there may be failure; you would rather do something you know will succeed then gambling on it being better.
  • You have tremendous drive to succeed.
  • You leap over obstacles with your hard work as people tend to rely on you. You are punctual and someone people count on.
  • You are cautious and respect authority with conservative values. You have your own set of right and wrong in your head and are very stubborn about changing these views.
  • You respect yourself, but can be a person who needs to be right. You can be seen by some as obnoxiously self-righteous but you will not see it that way. You will believe always that you had done the correct thing at the right time. You do not second guess your actions, they will be right to you no matter what.
  • You like responsibility and seek out positions to have more tasks either at work or at home. But then you tend to complain about how much others do not do because of how much you do.
  • You are very thrifty but because you don’t like to waste money will not invest a lot of money to make a little or invest a little to make a lot, you would rather save what you have knowing that you will get steady returns in what you pay for. (mortgage, bank account.)
  • You can have strange bedroom tendencies, but with the right match will be very loving. If not with the right match can be too self-centered to please your partner.
  • You can be too domineering with your children; this can be changed if you allow your partner or spouse to be an equal partner with you. If left to you alone you will squash their need for self-expression.
  • You do need to guard about being too strict with your children, because you resect authority you try to ingrain this in your children and sometimes it can backfire and cause rebellion. You are the type of parent that will not question what the teacher said you will assume it was your child in the wrong. Sometimes you think if it was good for me then it was good for you.
  • You can be a severe boss and if too strict at work you will make others feel inferior to you.
  • Capricorn rules the knees and teeth so take extra care with these parts they fail first.

You get along with other Capricorns, people who have their moon in Capricorn, and Taurus.

You clash with Aries

Try to boss around Libra and Cancer


Sun in Aquarius

  • You are very noble and love to help others but not if it is going to make you unhappy
  • However if someone is suffering you will go to every length to stop this.
  • You understand that people are weak and you have a great tolerance for the human condition. You understand that people learn as they experience life, you don’t hold grudges you let people make mistakes and you forgive them. You are very well balanced and know you could make a mistake as well.
  • You believe in peace and the togetherness of all people. Not that you would ever start a war but would just like to make sure everyone is ok where you are.
  • You are practical and want everyone around you taken care of. You are almost a genius to figuring out what a person needs or needs to hear. However you would never go to any extreme and you tend to find something else that needs taking care or that someone overlooked. You help in moderation; you are not trying to solve a world problem just help anyone who needs something you can give.
  • You are a great listener and a great person for people to communicate their problems to, you don’t judge them, and you can separate people from their problem easily and give great advice. You help people get to the heart of the problem. You love advising people.
  • You like science, new ideas and love.
  • The environment affects you as you may become slower on a rainy day and more upbeat on a sunny day.
  • The opinions of others don’t affect you like they do other people. You tend to almost predict the future and although your predictions do not always help you immediately they almost always are true.
  • Friendship is not fast for you, but once you are someone’s friend, you are extremely loyal to that friend. You don’t care what they look like just that they have a good heart, that you can hopefully help.
  • You tend to be very intelligent and well educated, and make a great conversationalist. You like the supernatural, psychics, and music.
  • You will be a great parent, so nurturing, not over spoiling, but a perfect balance of love and discipline.
  • You don’t enjoy to exercise your body perhaps because your mind is always in overdrive mentally.
  • Aquarius rules the calves, legs and ankles, so be careful with fluid retention in these areas

You get along with people with their moon in Aquarius and other Aquarians, Gemini, and Libras

You may find Leos too aggressive

And Scorpio too possessive

Taurus too boring


Sun in Pisces

  • You are very considerate, sensitive and intuitive. You are almost psychic in the way that you can help people in subtle ways see what will happen in the future. This is easy for you, you see what they cannot see and you help them have better focus.
  • There is a type of sun in Pisces that is negative and you will be too dreamy and overindulge in drugs and alcohol. You can never rise to the top your imagination works against you. You could end up living with your parents or if you get your own home you tend to be very lazy within it.
  • The positive type of sun in Pisces is always able to rise to the top and your imagination works for you. You will go out in the world and make your own home your palace.
  • You are practical but people don’t see you this way because you obsess about insignificant details. You need your ideals and your real life to be in line or you become restless needed to control things that really don’t matter to you.
  • Sometimes you lack confidence in yourself, but are very sympathetic to others. You are very domestic and love family life.
  • You are very adaptable taking spontaneous plans as they go very well even if they were not your idea.
  • You don’t really care what’s on the outside the inside is much more important to you.
  • You are modest and rarely assume someone is at fault.
  • You are very devoted to the people you love, sometimes overly concerned with their welfare.
  • Because you help so freely the ones you love they sometimes do not appreciate everything you do for them. You do not care about getting a reward for your help you care about ingratitude for what you have done. When you are appreciated this is all the payment that you need back for what you do for them.
  • Pisces rules the feet so take care of them carefully.

You get along with people who have their moon in Pisces, other Pisces and Scorpios

Virgos, and Gemini’s do not give you enough emotion in their responses to you.

Sagittarius although a fire sign understands you


Compatibility guide.

Take your own birth sign and your sun sign and see if you are compatible with your mate.

It’s a fun way to check if perhaps your signs don’t work well, there may be a connection in your rising sign.


Each sign has a best and this means the person that this sign would be most attracted to, it does not mean that they will not get along or be very happy with another match that would be seen as a good mate.

All descriptions below apply to your born sign and your rising sign.

Aries ( Leading lover)

  • Make the best mates with Leo, if Aries marries and adores Leo they will have a long-lived marriage. If Aries does not appreciate Leo, the marriage may end or unfaithfulness result.
  • Aries make excellent mates with Taurus; they help slow Aries down and Aries helps Taurus open up.
  • Aries also is tamed nicely by Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Aries would be bored to death by Capricorn and Virgo.

Taurus (young lover)

  • Taurus does very well with Taurus they will be very marriage-minded together. If a love of such a match is found they will know they are soul mates and want to marry early.
  • The best choice for Taurus is Aquarius they make an ultimate lasting union.
  • Aries can be toned down and appreciate the good nature of Taurus for a long lasting love nest.
  • Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces take too much strength and support for Taurus to be happy, it will be an uneven love match. They take more than they can give.
  • Gemini and Libra are too dreamy to make serious lovers.
  • Leo, and Sagittarius wear Taurus out physically and emotionally.

Gemini ( complicated lover)

  • Gemini’s do they best to mate with another Gemini they understand each other’s need for freedom. Gemini understands that Gemini is not easily pleased and they understand each other’s need for constant excitement.
  • Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are also compatible mates for Gemini
  • Libra and Aquarius make brilliant couples for Gemini.
  • Pisces is way too emotional
  • Scorpio may have passion with Gemini but it will not last long
  • Gemini has little interest in Taurus or Capricorn

Cancer ( changeable lover)

  • Cancer does the best with Capricorn male or female as long as Capricorn is not dominating. The Cancer is fine making the home a fun place, but the Capricorn must be sure to appreciate it.If they do appreciate each other they will have heaven on earth. Even if it is only for a moment they will remember each other for a lifetime.
  • Cancer women can be with Gemini men, but cancer men cannot be with Gemini women.
  • Cancer does not find Aries and Sagittarius stimulating the way they need
  • Cancer may find an unlikely love with Leo because cancer rules the moon and Leo rules the sun
  • Cancer may find love with Scorpio or Pisces

Leo ( royal lover)

  • Aries makes the best lover for Leo because of the tremendous passion the two of them share when together. They would be eager in the bedroom and the dedication Aries would have to Leo would last a lifetime.
  • Scorpios make great lovers for Leo, they mutually benefit for Leos crave for attention and Scorpios craving for physical attention.
  • Leo also mates well with Leo, and Sagittarius; they have a great fire between them.
  • Leo may also have a great relationship with Cancer as they balance each other out.
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius do not hold enough passion for Leo.
  • Leo is attracted to Pisces but could not match Leo’s vitality.
  • Leo may like Virgo if Virgo is generous enough, if they are Leo and Virgo are a match made in heaven
  • Taurus and Capricorn care too much about material and not enough about affection.

Virgo ( intellectual lover)

  • Scorpio is the best lover for Virgo because Scorpio would be constantly surprised at how devoted Virgo is to Scorpio. This will allow Scorpio to feel excited and safe as Scorpio will continue to be impressed at how much Virgo will adapt to the many games Scorpio wants to play with them.
  • Another great lover for a Virgo is a Leo because Virgo understands Leo’s constant need for attention and gives it. Leo is also very attractive to Virgo and Leo will hunt Virgo and like the game.
  • Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are also very attractive mates to Virgo.
  • Cancer, and Pisces, give Virgo warmth and love
  • Aries and Sagittarians are too hot for Virgos to handle

Libra ( love the idea of love )

  • The best lover for Libra is Aquarius they will have an exciting time physically and socially. Best friends and lovers at the same time.
  • Gemini is also very exciting giving Libra a freedom to be his or herself without limits.
  • Libra sign born match only are very enthralled with other, having a long intimate relationship
  • Leos, Aries and Sagittarius are good mates for Libra as they bring a well needed heat into the passion of the relationship.
  • Libra should avoid water signs Cancer Pisces and Scorpio, but if they meet under the right circumstances Libra is the only sign that can love anyone.

Scorpio ( extreme magnetism)

  • The best lover for a Scorpio is Virgo because the two are so opposite a continual game will play out. The Virgo will be so in love with the Scorpio that the Scorpio will eventually feel safe enough to fall in love as well.
  • Leo will create a lasting game as well full of competition and passion.
  • Cancer, Pisces, and cancer are good mates for Scorpio. They are each unselfish, emotionally profound, and they understand each other’s desires
  • Taurus and Capricorn balance out the sensitivity of the Scorpio
  • Gemini, Aquarius and Libra would be overwhelmed by Scorpio forcefulness
  • Aries and Sagittarius would only be business friends

Sagittarius ( late blooming lover )

  • The best lover for Sagittarius is Pisces they grow together finding a greater understanding of the world together.
  • All fire signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are compatible to Sagittarius, they understand the depth of their interests and help spark the flame of intellect and love.
  • The air signs are also compatible Libra, Aquarius, Gemini because with Sagittarius they can have shared dreams.
  • Cancer, Scorpio although water signs lack Pisces understanding that Sagittarius needs solitude and they are over emotional.
  • Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus have no passion with Sagittarius only business dealings

Capricorn (Teacher of love)

  • The best lover for Capricorn is Cancer, they are very different from each other but they develop a mutual understanding together. They grow into a deep friendship as well as a romantic one and this glues them together. Capricorn grows to admire Cancers intense sensitivity and Capricorn keeps Cancer safe.
  • Capricorn gets along well with Taurus and Virgo. They each have a desire to attain worldly goods, enjoy and respect hard work and enjoy the rewards together.
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces bring out a softer side in Capricorn. Capricorn can be very stubborn but the water signs have a way of asking and needing things that calm Capricorn’s defenses.
  • Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius cannot communicate well in love, they make great business partners but never lovers.
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius don’t mix well either their need for constant change and fleeting ideas are not stable enough for Capricorn.

Aquarius (lucky lovers)

  • The best lover for Aquarius is Libra they will be able to enjoy each other the most. Aquarius loves to dream and talk about love, Libra is the perfect balance to this need. They will have a joint blending as Aquarius wants so much in a lover and Libra is more than qualified to be that lover.
  • Leo, Aries and Sagittarius also make compatible mates with Aquarius they bring heat and spice to the needs of Aquarius. Aquarius likes the warmth they give; it makes Aquarius feel like their dreams are coming true.
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn could not get along in love too well with Aquarius because Aquarius does not have an obsession with material things and this would be a constant battle. Aquarius would not appreciate their need to work hard and obtain success, Aquarius has no hang-ups in this area, and they are happy and satisfied by love not things.
  • Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are too jealous and hurt too easily to be with Aquarius. Aquarius does not bruise easy and would seem cold to these signs.
  • Aquarius also get along well with Gemini and another Aquarius.

Pisces ( sensitive lovers )

  • Pisces find the best love match with Sagittarians, Pisces seems to say “catch me if you can” and Sagittarius loves this game. Pisces is hard to handle for any sign they make trouble for themselves, but Sagittarius is able to understand this and appreciate Pisces.
  • Cancer, Scorpio understands Pisces sensitivity and they help Pisces evolve in love.
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn help ground Pisces, however it is more favorable to Pisces then to the earth signs.
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius find only cold connections.
  • Aries and Leo are too hot for Pisces.


Deborah Demander from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on October 04, 2017:

Great article. Very informative. I am a Gemini, and I have been married to a Leo, a Sagittarius, and now an Aries. All three pretty great lovers, but with other complications thrown in! Also had (and continue to have) a brilliant relationship with an amazing Aquarius. Thanks for all the information. Loved it!


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