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What’s Wrong With So-Called ‘Equality’

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One of the most damaging lies we live in today is about equality. Our ‘civilized’ society keeps implanting this idea in our minds so consistently and for so long that we don’t even realize anymore what it really means.

Like it or not, but we live today in the Men’s World – living by the Men’s Rules, adapted to the Men’s Standards. All of which makes lives of most Women much harder.

Although today the explicit gender discrimination is quite rare, women are being forced to compete with men in the Men’s Game.

Disagree? Then think: what do we value today? Such qualities as

- Accomplishments,

- Competitiveness,

- Results over the Process. Except for when having sex, of course.

All these are the masculine qualities. Women have totally different set of virtues, which are not as popular today – because the Opinion Makers get paid to promote the Men’s Agenda.

Today, the new world religion is Money; the new God is Power (and I really wish someone could prove me wrong). Those who run this world, want only Money and Power; your health or happiness are not on their agenda. Simply put, they don’t give about you.

I do; this is why I fight for your real rights. And for your right to be Your Magnificent Happy Self.

We ARE different. But ‘different’ doesn’t mean ‘worse’ or ‘better’; ‘different’ means ‘not same’. Which has nothing to do with any equality.

No two human beings are equal, even the pair of exact twins. Which is wonderful – your beauty is in your uniqueness!

The only equality there should be are our equal Social Rights (although I strongly believe that women should have more social rights than men – to compensate for our unfair reality).

If you still believe that we are/should be equal in everything – I will readily agree with you, once your husband will give birth to your next child, and you will carry a pool table to the 12th floor. Until then, I rest my case.

Due to our physiological and psychological differences, many of what men take easily, for women is devastating. You know the famous proverb: “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”. This is true for men only; for women, it sounds rather like “What doesn’t kill me now, kills me later”.

Take stress: it produces in us certain hormones, which make us stronger and rougher – more masculine! – to cope with a stressful situation.

For men, this is the natural way to grow; for women, this is the shortcut to losing your Beauty, Health, Feminine and other Qualities.

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Actually, it was one of the main purposes of this Equality Scam – to force women to get into the stressful part of the social life and to lose yourself there. Because our uniformity makes controlling us very easy.

A woman who knows her true feminine worthiness, who is happily married (read – protected) would never allow anyone to mistreat her. Profit-makers know this. They also know that the best workforce is a single mother: loyal and obedient, she tolerates much more than men would. So it is these corporate leaders who sponsor and exploit this Equality Hoax.


A brief “When and How it Started”

In the late 19th century, the young Feminist Movement was adopted by the Corporate World that desperately needed an inexhaustible pool of inexpensive labor. To pay us less and to take advantage of us in other ways, they took the good idea beyond its reasonable boundaries, making us forego our true identity.

This scam was set up simply by substituting the expressions. The perfectly valid concept “Equal Rights for Everybody” was replaced with “Everybody is Equal”. And this – already false – statement has triggered all kinds of problems we face today.

We say “We are equal”, without even thinking what equality we are talking about:

  • Physical?
  • Emotional? Or may be –
  • Intellectual?

Think about it.

And, while you are thinking (which, I hope, you do), here’s more: what have you personally gained from this proclaimed ‘equality’?

Are you really happy now?

Are you at least healthy?

Chances are – not, far from it. Perhaps somewhat satisfied, but such satisfaction is brief yet it can come to an end at any moment, for any reason beyond your control.

I’m really sorry if you don’t like hearing this. I also don’t like something – the Law of Gravity, for example: it prevents me from flying upwards. But the Nature doesn’t give about what we don’t like; its Laws are immutable.

One more thing – to show you how phony this Struggle for Equality is.

Can you imagine Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or Elon Musk demanding equality with their employees? Or with citizens of Albania?

Of course not; they would lose! Becoming equal with poor means becoming as poor as they are; doesn’t take a genius to understand it.

Or would someone perfectly healthy demand an equality with sick people? By infecting themselves with diseases and breaking their limbs...

Every equality is always being demanded by those who are in a less advantageous position. Because they want to get to a more advantageous position – to gain something with it. Those who are already in a more advantageous position are protecting it – protecting their advantageous inequality.


Decades ago, when women were mistreated really bad, the demand for the Social Equality was appropriate. Now you formally have it. But you feel that something about it is still wrong; otherwise this issue wouldn’t bother you at all.

Since formally, on the surface, we are all equal, – the real problem must be deeper.

This is what I have demonstrated to you – where it is.

Now, you can do something about it.

Why you?

First, because your life is in your hands.

Second – because I can’t change the world.

But I can change some lives – those who see the problem and want to do something about it for themselves. Preferably now – while you still have time to be happy in loving harmonious relationships, before you gave up on yourself.

Drop me a line with your questions and problems – I will help you.

With Love,


© 2022 Alexey Medvedev

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