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What Is Something You Believe But Nobody Else Agrees?

I believe in something, some truth, which people find it strange. Yet, I believe it to be true even when nobody else agrees with me?

We live in the world of mirage

Otherwise, what are we living for?

Otherwise, what are we living for?

What is something you believe nobody else agrees with?

What is something you believe no one else will follow with?

We understand that our ways of thinking and our views are always different and we view them as an intellectual treasure house. Do we also accept any other person may not believe or abide by it? It further appears too interesting to ascertain that, we are relentlessly and silently exploring the facts, in our endless search of ‘awakening, to escape from this illusionary material world, to arrive at the ultimate blessedness and joy, known as the Liberation.’

The balance that is spiritual be acquired only when we hold the pure love of God.

We have incurred tremendous debts in this 3D material world and we constantly carry the burden of desires to take them to the 4D ethereal, spiritual realm, making our very own prison. We take rebirth to clear our dues, as these material desires are very mesmerizing, and therefore, we keep taking rebirth only to realize and understand how crazy and senseless it is!

Usually, is there any appropriate function of our lives on earth!

First of all, let us try to comprehend what really we have been, the reason behind our soul to come to this planet. Let's find that truth, evaluate the purpose of our existence, and discover every little thing and truth that will emerge.

Our conscience brain simply says, destroy the Ego. Ego isn't the beginning of self, but the function to destroy us. It is true that, in this complete life, we all come in search of that ‘Inner Light by destroying our ego’. We try to explore any supernatural power of God, worship God as controlling every aspect of the world and each aspect of our life. Moreover, he is the personification and the epitome of power and force, also the soul and spirit within us!

God is not an item of separation, but the core of our being. It should be our dedication in this life to going inward, think, trust, open our mind, and release all the product concerns so he remains within every individual.

Human being derived absolutely no control to manage or affect any matter or item that we observe with our eyes open. The entire humanity is therefore helpless and remains at the center of total despair. The current scenario of all the social, political, and monetary issues are crammed with natural disasters and hence, our life is filled with anxieties, anguish, stress, and discomfort. But, so long as we do our best life amazing, it will allow us to do better for our living. The proper way we should follow our actions is to remain without attachment to its results, which can be the way of immersion, going deep into the essence associated with the religious world.

This material world may be the only location for us to get religious training in preparation for the personal and spiritual development and evolution associated with all the divine realities. The Great Cosmos with certain goals has generated the machine of reincarnation between this earth and the Spirit World, to gain real knowledge of the truth, to walk ever closer to God. Life on this planet is filled with many opportunities, which can prove advantageous. Our existence is right here through countless reincarnations. The Divine Nature of God dwells in every soul. We're here to endure instruction to spiritually polish our mind, so, we can come back to the Spirit World to a higher condition of awareness and understanding. Our activities are put through the cause-and-effect theory.

All of us are consistently in action, trying to transform the circumstances to change our ideas to reset. All of the causes of suffering and discomfort are in fact created by ourselves, which rightly reflect our thoughts and deeds. The afterlife fourth-dimensional world is influenced by the laws of time and vibration. Thus, our soul does not get any chance of development when we think of the spirit world. We, consequently, reincarnate, meet various souls to gain knowledge and improve. Those individuals who are not religious, remain indifferent wavelengths, reside in different realms after crossing over.

This earth is the only place where we could encounter great souls to learn from them. Otherwise, who can guide us to satisfy our needs to understand the real religious world? God is within us, let us feel, develop good sense, understand him, and rejoice. This is the only place to understand, gain knowledge, and recognize our wonderful earthly life and how to benefit from balancing our life energy to enter peacefully, on the other side after our demise. We need to try and gain understanding to get closer to reality. We incessantly enable our life to permeate with suffering, due to desires? Without understanding the need of this nature, and our existence, in the absence of a clear understanding of most of the life complexities and our daily affairs, we are unable to accomplish any objective in this life. This means that we are just going through an unreasonable time in an imprudent manner.

Then, what is the purpose and intention of our living?

There clearly is one truth. We all desire that people be liberated permanently from earthly evils. Yet, we fall victim to countless desires of diverse nature and perform ridiculous and strange functions. Within our journey through life, we have been compelled to endure countless stages of karmic actions. The consequences of our activities, determine our fate. It's a fate that is inescapable, something beyond human energy and control. Therefore, we have to assign the goal of our transitory continuation on this planet and ascertain just how to totally get away from the presence of a miserable world.

Our superior intellect has no capabilities at our disposal to understand the vast knowledge of this globe, the universe, and galaxy. Hence, our minute knowledge is dissipated as waste? Is our cleverness absolutely nothing but a product that is perishable and only survives as long as we are living? Is our intellect merely a seat for the discovering, comprehension, thinking, and accumulation of real information? The receiver of numerous events and experiences lived through in essence, is our intellect simply an observer and a storehouse of real information? Does the outward noticeable facet of the cosmos, the remarkable manifestation of creation, embellished and sophisticated appearance of the universe act as a philosophical doctrine rather than a purpose to attain wisdom?

Most of us expect and desire to lead a life that is wonderful on this earth. In the absence of properly knowing the purpose of our existence, without knowing the problems and complex life events in this vast Universe, we can attain nothing in our existence? Yet, we continue steadily to indulge and live on, to take rebirth continuously!

What exactly is there behind the darkness of shut eyes, as soon as we enter the oneness of silence?

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Only our utmost devotion can intensify our private search, after which will begin our spiritual chase, get the revelation of God whenever we are able to see him everywhere as well as in everything.

I know that my views tend to be totally different. You will probably find them revolting and awful, but they surely are appealing, in addition, they will fascinate one to think more. Therefore, to mention the facts, they have been thought by me to be entirely true that what we see with our eyes open, is not real. Instead of wasting our time on material matters, we have to develop our minds to get the truth to attain wisdom.

This is the world of optical illusion, a fantasy, a delusion that is optical. Furthermore, I'm sure that what I believe and mention today, nobody else will agree with?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn


Dr Billy Kidd from Sydney, Australia on March 25, 2021:

The American empire has ended. Who else believes that?

Shyam Gokarn (author) from Alagundagi Heights, Hubli, 580032, Karnataka, India on March 25, 2021:

Hi Eddie, that is a wonderful explanation.


Shyam Gokarn

Eddie Carrara from New Hampshire on March 25, 2021:

Hi Shyam,

The world is awakening, humans are learning more about who we are and what's in store for us if we don't change. Some of us are learning about the capacity of the human brain and the power of the spiritual side of life.

Some humans are on a journey to let AI take control of every aspect of living, the smart and curious are learning to reach deep inside themselves to understand what we are truly capable of as humans.

There is a cosmic connection that is starting to unravel, proof of the cosmic connection is written on the walls (literally) all over the world. One who believes we got here on our own accord without the help of universal intelligence is sadly mistaken.

If you read the books of all the great minds you'll understand that the most sophisticated technological breakthroughs were manifested from the quantum field, the river of universal intelligence.

If we take the time personally to tap into this powerful stream of information, we can learn to take control of our lives, heal without medication, live without addiction, connect through cooperation, manifest anything, and learn to love one another. Gaia is reaching out to us, we just need to listen and learn.

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