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What is a Karmic, SoulMate and TwinFlame Relationship?

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These explanations are not to teach you how to divide people into karmics, soulmates or twinflames, but to guide you and maybe spark that little moment of aha!, now I know who is what in my life.

The truth is, you will just ‘know’, if you trust your gut and intuition. You know how there are people who are so nice, so well-behaved, so well-spoken, with whom you may hold such good conversations, but at the end of the day you just know where their place is, and they are not meant to be with you forever, or they just are not your best friends, or you just know you’ll never love them? That’s how you know where each person stands. Time will show you only who you can trust, your soul will show you who everyone is to you.



The term ‘karmic’ is all about karma. Not in a bad way though. They may be the person to hit you back because of something you did in the past, or they may be a blessing to help you move on. Either way, they have a specific ‘job’ and not one that has a long timeframe. Once the lesson is learnt, they won’t ‘serve’ you anymore and you will easily end it. They are the person you almost stumble upon and develop a relationship from there. This kind of relationships will have lots of ups and downs, and at some point, more downs than ups.

The Karmic is a person who you may admire, obsess over, like a lot, but at the core, you will never really love them. They may be so different from you, but because you like them, you will aim to put those differences aside and put the effort in to make the relationship work for whatever reasons. These are the ones who will teach you something, either from their life experiences or because they will put you through situations in which you will have to learn the life tricks first hand.

Once this relationship is done, the Karmic is the one you won’t care about anymore, they will just mark an experience in your life, they will end up only as the person you once were in a relationship with.



Friend of your soul, and for most people, the life partner. This is the person with whom you have a lot in common with, you not only share the same values, but you like the same things, you may have the same lifestyle or get excited by the same experiences. They are not ‘you’, but they are your soul’s best friends.

The ones with whom you feel at ease, the ones with whom you would do everything, but for whom you wouldn’t do everything. You like the way they do things, you like the way they think, but given the opportunity, or being in the same situation, you wouldn’t do or think the same way. You’ll have disagreements and you will learn from each-other.

At some point you will adore them, but then that phases passes. You will respect them and their values, but the love will pass. Most people settle in this relationship because it flows, because you understand each-other and you are willing to cooperate with each-other. They do not trigger you like a twinflame does.

The Soulmate is the one you will always care for, but not love anymore once the relationship is over.

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Twin Soul. Many perceive the Twin Flame as half of your soul (your other half). The thing is that your soul is not half, it is full, and at the same time you and your twin flame share a Yin and Yang connection. You can totally live your life and enjoy your life without your twin flame, but once you find them, you simply don’t want to do that anymore.

Anyway, what is a Twin Flame and this Yin and Yang connection? Well, a twin flame is exactly what the term gives away: your twin soul. Someone that is so similar to you, who likes the most quirky things just as much as you, and at the same time, they change from you in some aspects. Just as the Yin, there is the Divine Feminine and just as the Yang, there is the Divine Masculine. These terms do not refer to the gender, but to the energy that you transmit, which may be more feminine or masculine, because every man and woman has within themselves both energies. You may even be in a twin flame relationship of two different genders, and the woman may transmit a more masculine energy which gets balanced out by the man who transmits a more feminine energy. Yin is mostly white but has a black dot, and Yang is most black but has a white dot. This is the connection between you both, there is no light without dark, as there is no day without shadow and there is no night without light. Those ‘dots’ are your connection, the things you have in common.

When you look at them, or observe how they think and how they do things, you realize you would do exactly the same thing, the same way. I don’t mean: you would say the same exact words, but you would deliver the same message, the same vibe. At a core level, you have the same rage.

Different from the soulmates, your twinflame is you, the one for whom you would do everything, no matter how the relationship goes, or how much pain and heartbreak stands in the middle. You’d through it all away if they needed your help. This relationship is not easy, not easy at all. It is not meant to be easy, it is meant to shake you, break you, destroy you, so you may find yourself again, you may go back to yourself, you may learn to set boundaries, to love yourself, to love life again and learn to not put your happiness in anyone’s hands except for yours.

Your twin flame is the one you will always love.


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Lucy from Leeds, UK on July 14, 2019:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

I used to deem concepts like 'twin flames' nothing more than magical ideation, but now I realise that spirituality is extremely valid and sums up human experiences in ways that science cannot. Undeniably, you DO occasionally meet someone who shakes you to the core. This phenomenon, however, is only possible if you are someone who can feel intense highs and lows (some people truly cannot and settle into stable relationships that we would consider 'dull'. To them, a secure life isn't boring and is all they could ever want, because they are incapable of feeling the 'this is my soulmate!' euphoria/pain - blessing and a curse!).

Twin flame connections are ecstasy and agony, but in hindsight, it is always clear that the connection roused something in YOU that you were suppressing and the pain was more to do with YOURSELF having to break down barriers than them. You see your own reflection in the eyes of a twin flame, and you are suddenly forced to break free from any cages that you have built for yourself and become 100% authentic.

They tend to hit you at vulnerable points in your life, hence the phenomenon is inextricably linked with experiences of 'limerence'. I don't believe that twin flame connections are always long-lasting, nor should they be. They are potent human bonds that stay alive forever, in your mind and often IRL (you tend to stay connected as friends), but it is typically too painful to date a twin flame for long. They share so many of your wounds and you both understand each other uncannily, but this intimacy often translates poorly to the mundane aspects of real life. There is an unhealthy degree of emotional enmeshment (the concept does correlate with incidences of borderline personality disorder/BPD), jealousy and a tendency to neglect other aspects of your life when you are with this magical other half.

I have had two experiences with 'twin flames', and will hold a permanent tenderness and love for both of them forever in my soul for they both broke me into tiny pieces and catalysed powerful transformations in me. I'm not 'in love' with either of them anymore, but will always walk parallel paths with them. For in them I still see myself... they share the fierceness that I have and the softness.

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS from Memphis on July 02, 2019:

WOW … this is so very interesting. I must be a "lone wolf" as I have yet to experience such depths of emotions other than in writing! But this article is great reading!!!

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