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What is Midas Manifestation?


More specifically, it is about an individual’s ability to tune into the fundamental and underlying realities and the underlying feelings. There are several forms of this technique as well, but let’s look at two on the scale of speculation:

Negative + or enhanced

As we talked about before, which is a system we can utilize right away, Negative + or enhanced systems are those that are meant to improve our ability to come to a true objective understanding. Importantly, these systems are great for goal setting as they let us set realistic goals and figures for the state we want to be. It is important that these systems help us overcome the preconceived notion that all the important decisions will happen in the future. The systems help us look for elements in our current world that are causing us distress and help us eliminate them with the understanding that there is someone who can best handle them and eventually create a better place. I will also note the issues with these systems being that they are extremely expensive to implement and that they are rather thorough and take way too long to master.


This system is widely touted by artificial intelligence creators, energy economists, and consumer policy scientists as the ultimate statement regarding the policy used to gauge the allocation of resources and worldwide competitiveness. However, it has been extensively criticized for many of the ways the system fails to ensure that global systems are being properly allocated as the saying goes. One of the most glaring issues with the system’s allocation of resources is it utilizes the United Nations to offer a fawning perspective of world equity. It disregards China and other developing countries out-of-control tendrils as having equal treatment. China actively uses this system to its advantage and stands as one of the top mining countries; people in other countries are not as lucky. The total income earned per person worldwide is over $10,000 per person and this system is biased against these populations. Its dismissal of the population’s appropriate allocation of resources explains why the United States, the richest nation in the world, is considered the most powerful one. This is not a test we should administer to other nations as it is simply another influence upon global fairness (Singh).


Since we started this review, I have seen that many other countries are seeing firsthand the benefits of utilizing enhancement systems and additional technologies, especially in economic and social sectors. Many countries want to succeed on the global scale, and more importantly, want to end the proliferation of the gap between wealthy and less fortunate nations and societies. The Midas Manifesto starts of seeing the green light behind it as the imperative that will likely change our societies in ways we have not even thought of. However, if the Midas Manifesto provides the right clues and intentions to future advancement, then it will not be necessary to invest too much energy into creating these systems. If only we could hold true to our aspirations of how our societies should function, we will be on the right path to move forward.

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