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What Does a Man Want From His Woman for Life?

Let’s begin the discussion with the first thought. “What does a man expect from his woman as a partner for a lifetime?”

A man wants that his lady should respect him, understand him and treat him as an innocent child. Men want a partner who will be trustworthy, faithful, and supportive in all matters. He wants a companion who will stand by his side and, considering all reasons for his mood, it's no surprise that dependability on each other would continue to be attractive.

Few things men need from women

  • Respect & trust
  • Personal drive and freedom
  • Heart full of love & care
  • Encouragement & support
  • Attention & Companionship
  • Positive attitude and energy
  • Friendship and attachment
  • Powerful relation
  • Strong bonding and physical connection

A gentleman knows well that there are super bad men out there in society who have done you wrong like trust-breaking. But why should he lift the load of wrong things done by other men? He is not responsible for all the blunders or negativity performed by other males. I know, most men will keep chasing you, follow you and track your path even when you push them away and use these statements, “I don’t trust, men”, “all men are the same” and blah blah. But a courteous gentleman will stop, right there at that point, right? Then, only a man with no self-respect or no self-worth will stay where respect is not being served.

Start with a fresh impression, no negative decisions, without passing any judgments, no loads of past, etc. But the man just pretends to be strong, but deep inside all men are weak and emotionally sensitive. They try to look macho and show all rough and tough. But actually, they need the same level of care, love, attention, respect, warmth, and the same support that a woman needs from their man.

So, ladies try not to be his mother but be his soulmate and companion. Most men suck with sentimental feelings, therefore please be more patient and be more persistent with him. Be his perfect partner please try to read his eyes, listen to his words and feel his silence. He just needs full attention while dealing with something wrong inside (most men demand from their lady). He just needs supportive words and one step away from sharing everything with you on your shoulders, he wants to feel the warmth, purity, and loyalty from you, that you need from him. Come on, young ladies! Go ahead and be the strong woman who can take care of his man and deal with his every weakness strongly. “A lion always needs his lioness likewise a king needs his queen.”


A man believes his woman to respect him, with no devotion, no dedication, but a healthy bonding and strong mutual understanding. His lady should trust him blindly and faithfully until he breaks it or proves you wrong. A woman feels insecure when his man praises another woman more in front of her, same case with men happens, men too feel insecure and it’s a natural phenomenon. Young men also want attractive compliments about their appearance, their clothes, their smile, their look, and their bodies. A man also needs moral support from his beautiful lady.

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Men are tired hard to fulfill the expectations of society. They have to lift the load of society and still have to maintain their level strong to support their family. He is also busy pleasing the demands of society or people. They are smashing, crushing him under the constant pressure that they should buy a big house, a fancy car, costly clothes, go on expensive vacation tours, and show off. Ohh, come on ladies, stand with your man on these shit and stupidities, hold his hand tightly for a lifetime. Let him know that you both are enough and will earn and make it done, together. Tell him that more money or bank balance won’t mean more love or respect from both sides, but support does. You are allowed to announce to him that you are proud of him anyway. Be a woman who builds her man’s level up financially and morally, not make him feel useless and worthless for less money.

Lastly, don't allow others to talk shit about your man. Go and stand up for him, fight for him, to maintain his good faith. He should always have this confidence that you are always willing to boost his energy. Dear Ladies! Just support your man!!

© 2022 Maria Hashmi

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