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What are Romantic yet Fun Activities to Do in a Long Distance Relationship?

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I believe that a mind is a powerful tool a human has and one should sharpen it by constant use.

“Love will travel as far as you let it. It has no limits.”

— Dee King

Long-distance Relationship

LDR or Long-distance relationship means having a love partner who lives miles or a thousand miles away from you. Success for long-distance relationships has been in a circle of doubts. Many believe that it will surely fail as per distance is the greatest enemy in a relationship. However, with the advent of technology, it helps a lot even to the LDR couples to connect their string of heart despite the far distance.

Well, if you are now in a long-distance relationship, and you value much your partner, might as well disprove the negative presumption by keeping the sparks between the two of you.

  • What are the fun activities to do in a long-distance relationship?
Talking with her boyfriend on video call

Talking with her boyfriend on video call

What are Fun yet Romantic Activities to do in LDR?

Here are the possible activities to make your long-distance relationship fun and romantic. Check it out and spice up your moments together despite different time-zones.

1. Play your Favorite Games Together

Girl playing game

Girl playing game

There will come to the point that your day gets boring. Killing boredom by the game is way too effective. On top of that, it will strengthen your bond with your partner. You can either play board games online such as chess (which I usually play with my LDR boyfriend), ludo, scrabble, or other games that require multiple players. There are fun games you can play on social media like Facebook and etc.

2. Plan an Online Date With Your Partner

Girl preparing for online dinner date

Girl preparing for online dinner date

They said that it's way too impossible for the long-distance couples to have a date like in real. Yes, it might be but with the power of technology, and creativity as additional, nothing could be impossible. It's actually more fun and looking forward to both parties.
Here is a simple list for your online date:

  • Visit a famous spot in your place and enjoy the view with your partner on a video call
  • Watch a movie together thru online movies app that lets you watch at the same time while seeing each other
  • Go to Singing Karaoke booth if both of you love singing or either way.
  • Dinner date either at a restaurant or you can do it creatively at home on a video call.
  • Stargazing together if the other partner's time zone is night time

There are more aside from the list. It's just up to how your creativity works.

3. Truth or Dare/ Question Game

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

This old school way of conversation can also be done by LDR couples. If you get tired of having the same and routine conversation day by day, you can try this in a cheeky way.

How it helps LDR couples?

  • Truth or Dare online helps you be more connected with your partner by asking questions you can't dare to ask in person.
  • You can laugh with each other by giving your partner silly dare like asking him to click a picture dressing up as a girl. It will be a fun and crazy memory for the couples.
  • Playing a Question game can help you connect with your partner on a deeper level. Hearing him or her way and perspective of life can be one step closer to his or her heart and soul.

4. Surprises

Surprise visit

Surprise visit

Being in a long-distance relationship surely misses one another day by day. It won't hurt once in a while to give a surprise to your partner to make her or him grow fonder to you and quench his or her loneliness.
You can try to make this kind of surprise.

  • Sending surprise gift to your partner
  • Cooking your partner's favorite food
  • Surprise post of poem or etc for your partner on social media.
  • Surprise singing or dance performance.
  • Surprise giving of flowers thru collaborating with the people that nearly surrounds him or her.
  • A surprise visit to your partner's place once in a while.
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For sure your partner will be overly happy if you put surprises.

5. Group Call With Family and Friends

Group of friends

Group of friends

If you have someone you love, sharing the time with your family or closed ones is a heartwarming way to make your partner feel more involved in your life though you are apart from each other. It's best once in a while to insert other loved ones in your romantic world to develop that fulfilling emotions that you impart to your partner.
Spending moments with the people close to your partner will broaden your relationship with each other because you will be able to understand your partner deeply as to how he or she is mold by the people closely influenced him or her.

There are More Activities to Do

These are just a few of the top list of fun and romantic activities you can put effort to fill up the distance with your partner for the time being until you will close the distance.

Nothing is easy, even to the couples loving in a distance. But just like how we believe and have faith in God whom we can't even see and not knowing His whereabouts, Long distance relationship needs the same affirmations. As long as the two hearts commits and ready to put and talk on the table all shared hardships, sweet pains, and happiness, everything's all worth it.

Author's Personal Message

To all LDR couples there, I salute you for sustaining love not minding the distance. As it goes for me too, I want to thanks my LDR partner (My Darling) for unwavering love and effort. I feel so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. I'm madly happy God gave me you.

This exact day is the day our hearts beat as one. We are going to celebrate these special days and counting. I love you!

See you soon, my sweetheart.

First time to draw my sweet heart's face.

First time to draw my sweet heart's face.

© 2020 Bambe


Moksh garg on August 18, 2020:

Thanks author for this article...i loved it

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@Upen- ❤️

@Danny- Hopefully it will help. Thanks, Danny

Danny from India on August 16, 2020:

Bambe, nice tips during pandemic :)

Upen on August 15, 2020:

Soo sweet

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