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What a Heavy Life

What a heavy life.
There was no illusion ..

Baba had no money.
Although it looks calm ..

Empty bins, mom ever
There was no clash ..
Vegetables are not oily, though
It tasted good ...

Chapati at home!
If a guest came, it would happen sometime.
She will get food,
There used to be satisfaction even in this happiness ..

Someone used to bring legumes from all seasons ..
Mom wanted to sit down
But Rusanya used to be appreciated ..

Eating tadpoles winking, how colorful the chat is ..
Chutney bread then
Settled Angat Pangat.

When it rains, it gets wet on purpose,
Grandma's cotton cloth then wipes her wet head .....

In the bitter cold
There used to be a fire in the stove,
Then giving knowledge to the universe
I want to bake bread .......

A single sweater per year
Used to be kept ..
If too small
To give to younger brother .......

Summer vacation
Eat all the mangoes ..
Even though there are mangoes in the rooms, there are quarrels for mangoes in Pada .......

Although nothing was close,
The man was very rich ...
Even living in poverty
There was humanity in man .......

Dad has money now,
Boxes full,
But still Adalapat and Baba are angry ..

Chapati is made on gas every day,
Two or three vegetables a day ...
All three times the dish is full,
But the punishment for eating alone .....
Festivals come and go,
To upload decorated photos ..
There is no time for the child to meet the ice ..

All fruits are available in the market,
Why doesn't it taste ...
Vitamin K is killed by acid.

Man got everything,
But I lost my satisfaction ..
But the pockets are full
The "mind" is empty ...

* Man became very rich, but .... *
* Lost humanity .. *
* Even with a full house, *
* Happiness began to find out .....॥

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