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What It's Really Like to be Single

Attending weddings alone isn't that bad


As a single person you will probably attend a lot of weddings and other events without a plus one. IT'S OKAY! Now who is going to stop you from that fifth tequila shot or seventh glass of champagne... NO ONE! You're drunk with power...or just drunk. No one can stop you from obnoxiously dancing with every single human being on the dance floor. And someone always hooks up at a wedding...when you arrive single there is a greater chance that could be you! Most importantly, if you get invited with a plus one attached on the invitation you can RSVP for two and then eat both meals!

Eating alone can be invigorating


So what if the Chinese delivery man already knows your apartment door code by heart or the lady behind the cafe counter already knows what you are going to order because it's Tuesday and you always order a latté, a half of a turkey panini, and half a caesar salad.... NO SHAME! Do you know how much you can accomplish when dining alone? You can work on assignments for work or school, you can write in a journal, you can shop online and refurnish your entire living room, you can play with other people's dogs, you can creepily watch people from afar and wonder what their life is like.... oh sorry did I go too far? You get the picture. So, who cares if you have to pay for your own meal every single time, you get a ton accomplished and tell the world you are independent.

You don't have to put on real pants for anybody


You want to sit in your apartment every Saturday night in sweat pants watching Gilmore Girls, drinking wine, and eating junk food? DO IT! Who is stopping you? Not a romantic partner...that's who! DRUNK WITH POWER! (Or just drunk...we aren't sure). Oh what's that? You do want to put on real pants and go out? DO IT! Call up your buds or go alone. You do you boo!

Read all of the books on your list


When you are single and want to read there is no one distracting you with plans or their hot bod. (That was joke...well sort of). Read all of the books on your list. Fill your brain with new stories and knowledge while you still can. Not to say non-single people don't read, but we can read more! DRUNK WITH POWER!

Not having to share your stuff is fun


"Babe, can I use your toothbrush?" "Honey, can I have one these beers?" "Can I eat these leftovers in your fridge?" Are those things really what you want to hear? NO! But you would say yes, even though on the inside you were plotting all the ways you could murder them and get away with it. What's want one of my beers? Okay, but you are going to have to try and catch it as I'm pelting it at your head as I throw you out of my house!

You can cry at a TV show, movie, (or anything else others may find embarrassing) without being hounded

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Sometimes you need to just cry, or that show that you have been watching is getting really sad. Have you ever seen Parenthood? Tears during every single episode. I don't need to be judged for that. "What's wrong?" "Why are you so upset?" "Why do you keep watching this if it makes you cry?" BECAUSE! If I needed to be comforted I'd get a dog...just let me cry in peace! Or when you start feeling the fever (dance fever, not an actual fever...if you have an actual fever please stay seated) and need to have a thirty second dance party...DO IT! No one is there to judge you...or film you and post it to social media.

You don't have to bring anyone home for the holidays


While your family might hound you on why you are still single, but at least for now they can't be disappointed in your pick. The always awkward getting to know you, family conversation is so uncomfortable for everyone involved. Aren't the holidays for drinking and talking about Aunt Suzy's bad haircut, or the fact that cousin Mary dropped out of college to travel with her new boyfriend's band, or Grandma Mildred's new cat.

But when the timing is right


And when you do finally enter into a romantic relationship you wish you would have read more books, gone to more places, and done more things while being single. You will also know that you were fine on your own, and did not need another person to complete you.


CARLOS on February 18, 2020:

Being single has advantages and disadvantages.

Truth Is on October 03, 2017:

Truth is it really sucks Not to be in a relationship, especially for many of us good innocent men out there that really hate to be Single And Alone all the time. It is most of the women of today unfortunately that are very horrible to meet along with their rotten personality and no respect at all for us men really looking for a very serious relationship now. There is no doubt about it how the women of today have really changed for the worst of all since there are many of us very good men out there that can really treat a good woman very well with a lot of love and respect that they don't give us men at all these days. God forbid for many of us men trying to start a normal conversation with a woman that we would seriously like to meet which has become very extremely dangerous these days. And all we would say to these women is just good morning or hello to them to hopefully get a good conversation going which doesn't work out at all for many of us men. I had this happened to me quite a bit lately which even friends that i know had it happened to them as well. And now with all of these very stupid Reality TV Shows as well as Social Media which has certainly corrupted most of these women's minds today which has made it worse as well. It is very obvious why many of us men are still single today with the kind of women that we have out there nowadays since it does really Take Two To Tango.

Jen from Couch on January 10, 2017:

What a fun hub! I currently am in long term relationship but some of the best time of my life were when I was single. Love this! Lots of fun and very well written.

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