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What It Means to Be Happy

Happiness is an attitude.

Happiness is an attitude.

Happiness is a state of being. A person who is truly happy knows how to be happy regardless of the circumstances of his or her life.

A happy person is able to reconcile himself or herself to the realities of his or her life. In this manner, someone who is truly happy is happy because he or she chooses to be happy. A happy person values happiness and goes to any length to maintain his or her state of equanimity at all times.

Almost nobody ever explicitly believes that he or she is unworthy of happiness. However, below the surface, many people believe their past actions have brought them to a situation where being happy is more a luxury than a necessity.

Do not be such a person! You are worthy of happiness. This regardless of hoe low you think you have sunk in behavioural terms. You are meant to be valued by others and by yourself.

Being in high spirits is every person's right. No one can snatch it away from anyone else. It is a right as basic as having a roof over one's head or food to eat.

If anyone ever even remotely suggests that you do not deserve to be happy because of your past actions, know that he or she is wrong. Beware of him or her.

Beating oneself up is an action performed by someone who sorely lacks self esteem. A person who beats himself or herself up (emotionally of course) has unreasonable expectations of his or her life.

Don't beat yourself up. Encourage yourself. If you fail, you are not a failure. You are only a non-success. This is the proven approach used by American mountaineer Ed Viesturs. This approach has helped him climb all 14 of the world's 8000 metre peaks without taking any unreasonable risks.

Happy people value themselves for who they are. They do not have unreasonable standards in their minds that they want to attain. They know, for a fact, that they are capable individuals in their own unique ways. Even when others don't seem to notice the value in them, truly-happy people do! That's one of the things that keeps them happy.

Love and happiness are closely tied up. It takes a lot of courage to love someone regardless of his or her faults and shortcomings. This kind of courage comes pretty easy to someone who is comfortable and happy in his or her own skin.

Truly, it takes a person of confidence to love unconditionally. Someone who has his or her hands full fighting his or her mental or emotional demons will not have the bandwidth to make allowances to love someone else deeply.

People who are truly happy know that they must value those around them. They are always sensitive to the beliefs and feelings of those around them. They know that someone who keeps hurting the feelings of those around him or her on purpose can never be truly fulfilled in life.

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People who live fulfilling lives know that addictions can be crippling They know better than to give in to unbridled hedonism. Of course, like people in general, those who lead fulfilling lives also struggle with their desires for pleasure and the need for a dopamine high. However, they are always conscious of where they stand at a personal level.

People who lead fulfilled lives tend to have positive self talk. They constantly keep encouraging themselves to do better. A self-fulfilled person never pulls himself or herself down by allowing negative or debilitating thoughts rule the mind's roost. He or she knows is acutely aware of his or her value as the only such individual present on the face of our planet.

A happy person does not complicate things for himself or herself. He or she knows that living in the moment is critical to having a truly satisfying experience of life. He or she knows that the best way to be is to simply be.

Don't overthink it!

Don't overthink it!

Truly satisfied people generally know better than to allow stress to build up. However, when it does seem to become a bother, they know how to get rid of it through methods such as exercise, meditation, travel, pursuing a hobby, etc.

Selflessness is seriously underrated. Happiness multiplies when it is shared. Merry people are well aware of this fact of life and constantly use it to their advantage. They know that we, as people, are community-oriented creatures and need constant communication and reassurance.

Give a hug to someone in need of it today!

Give a hug to someone in need of it today!


Dianna Mendez on September 08, 2016:

Your tips are ones that will lead many to happiness. There is so much to be said about giving to others and being sensitive to others. Happiness is a temporary that remains within our character daily if nurtured.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on August 31, 2016:

Happiness, anger, and sadness are generally "snapshots of moments in time." It's how a person (feels) at that particular moment.

Generally speaking the typical day can be described as "content".

Throughout anyone's day, week, month, or year there will be (moments) of stress, disappointments, depression, sadness and the like.

However it's our "perspective" about our life overall in which we deem as happiness or whatever we elect to describe it as being. Oftentimes it's only in hindsight some people look back at a period in their lives reflecting and feeling like they "were happy" (back then) even though at that time they didn't particularly see it as being such.

Essentially they're comparing what is going in their lives today to what was going on in lives in the past. If things are worse for them next year then this year in hindsight will look pretty good to them.

It's human nature to "romanticize" the past.

It's also human nature to feel upbeat/happy at the start of a brand new relationship, getting a great job, having a child, or simply getting something that you have always wanted. Nevertheless you are still going to have days filled with frustration, worry, and disappointments.

We look at our lives in totality and stamp a label on it in the moment.

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