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What Is the True Meaning of Love in a Relationship?

We expect love to be the answer to all our relationship problems, yet we treat love as the solution to your own personal issues.


How Do You Explain Love

Love isn’t the essence of a relationship, it is the consequence of a good relationship that meets the desires of both partners. Never enter a relationship because you are in love, love is never a good reason to be with someone because if you think you’re in love at this point then you certainly don’t know what love is. Confused?

Lets debunk all myths and misconceptions about love and how it affects dating and relationships. While exposing the mistakes we all make in relationships and explain why most relationships are always destined to fail. Love should be determined by you and not allowing yourself to be subdued by reactive feelings.

Love is not found, there is no need to go in search for love. Love is built, not by one but two individuals who have decided that loving each other will be worth it.

Of all the many emotions that man was destined to experience, it seems that love is easily one of the best sensations ever created. Love is the most powerful emotion and it is also the most dangerous, it’s like a prescription drug that needs to be administered in controlled amounts. With love you can experience the two extremes off utopia and despair, either taking you really high or bringing you really low.

The initial purpose is to cultivate better relationship; the objective is to let you better understand what really is love. We tend to expect too much from love, it isn’t this magical fix that we all presume it to be. We expect love to make things right and that’s a big misconception of just how love works. Love wasn’t designed to do your dirty work, you have to do what is required to satisfy your partner’s need for affection, companionship, intimacy and friendship; only then you can watch love grow.

Have you ever notice the similarity in the feelings of new love and a broken heart? Think about it for a while, what makes it so similar is the feeling you get when you are missing someone. No matter how intense the love or hurt is, a single action in a split second can interchange those feelings from one to the other completely. Its time to change your thought and perception of love, provoke logic while altering your idea of dating and relationships.

These thoughts shared should be treated as such, mere thoughts. These inferences are not to be treated as law, but can be applied to your personal relationship as you see fit. The intention is to incite debates within small gatherings of friend’s or between partners, shedding more light and exposing various hidden thoughts on this subject. Read with an open mind and enjoy.

"To love someone may not mean anything to you, but to be loved by someone does mean something to you, and to be loved by that someone you love will mean everything to you both."

— Hugh Maxwell

What Are The Signs Of Love In A Relationship?

We can all agree that love is a wonderful thing, but what we all can never seem to agree on is what exactly is love. If you should ask ten random persons: “What is love?” Chances are you will get ten different answers; you might even get the occasional “I know what it is but I just can’t explain it”. What you want the most from love will determine what love means to you and that's what it will take for someone to show it.

Love is one of the many emotions you will feel when you are in a relationship, it’s that feeling that you develop for the person that you are in a relationship with. Doesn’t sound like love? People love their spouse, kids, parent, food, friends, job, car etc. Is there a difference with all those love, no! They are all the same; the only difference is with the type of relationship.

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Love is a very complex word, multifaceted in nature and is involved in your everyday life in more ways than you are conscious of. Love can be defined as an emotional feeling that cannot stand on its own, it need an action to be expressed and felt. Love is the end product; it is a feeling that is a result of many things. The most important thing about love is that it’s a choice; and no you don’t fall in love, you chose to love. When you fall its either for someone or the deception, because love has been with you all along.

Love has the power to heal something or destroy everything. The thing about love is that it has to be reciprocated to be complete and if it’s not your love will be exploited. You have no control over what a person does or intend to do, all you can do is choose to love someone who shows you the same commitment to the love you share. To really love someone you have to be fearless, the strongest relationships begin with two people who are brave enough, and willing, to sacrifice anything for each other.

To love isn’t just about saying I love you, it also involves you constantly doing what it takes to prove it’s true. Love is an emotion, it’s a feeling of strong attraction or what we call chemistry; personal attachment and desire. But the thing about feelings and emotions is that they have a way of changing, people also change during different stages in their lifetime. People will change, it’s that part of life that is called growth. As a couple you can either choose to grow together or grow apart. Yes! Everything in life is a choice. Love is a choice.

You can’t force someone to love you, they either do or don’t and not just because someone wants your love that doesn’t mean they want to love you back. That’s just a selfish part of the human nature. If you’re in a relationship where you have to force the person to love you its best you leave. That relationship is toxic and there is nothing there for you but constant hurt. What you must understand is that some people will only love themselves but that’s not enough, they also want you to love them too. Not so they can love you back but just so they can love themselves some more.

Two halves one whole. Two hearts one soul.

Two halves one whole. Two hearts one soul.

How To Have A Better Relationship

Love requires action; it's not just about how you feel, it's also about what you do. It is a learned and developed skill, not just an experience. Not that the romantic feeling doesn’t exist or isn’t a wonderful part of the relationship, but that isn’t what that makes it last. We all go searching for love and most times it’s not love that we really want. If you are sad, happiness is what you need. If you are lonely, companionship is what you need. If you want to be desired, romance is what you need. Love is developed from the satisfaction of those needs and grows over time, but love is never the core need.

The sad truth is so many people are together and not in love. And so many people are in love and not together. We all want to be cared for: we want attention, pleasure, affection, romance and to be intimate with that special someone. When you are alone, there is this feeling of emptiness inside you. Nothing feels complete because you need that special person to share your joys, sorrows and life experiences with.

It is a great feeling to know that someone loves you. But if you find yourself craving the love of someone, that’s an indication that you really need to love yourself. When you love yourself first you’re satisfying your need to love and be loved. Now you can go “share” that love with someone. And I emphasized share because you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself.

For some people it’s harder for them to love someone than it is to find someone to love them. They say love is blind, but the truth is – love makes you blind. When we are deep in love we tend to see things better than what they really are. Everything about this person becomes sexier, funnier, more interesting and more giving. Love is not a game for two as most people would have it. Actually this is one of the reasons we hurt the one that love us, by manipulating and deceptive tactics aimed to control.

True Love

There is no such thing as undying love and love does not conquer all, the desire to be with each other and the commitment to be together; that’s what make love last. The best advice I can give to you is: “Find someone who would die for you and live for that person”. To make your love last forever you have to be committed no matter what. This commitment is not to a person, but two persons who are committed to a relationship. The best relationships are not two person trying to be alike, but two persons complimenting each others differences. They are limited when apart but together they become stronger.

Despite what we have all come to believe, love does not conquer all when it comes to dating and relationships. The biggest mistake you will ever make is entering into a marriage with the belief that love and attraction will keep you together forever. Love isn't the reason you go into a relationship, but love is the reason you stay. Love isn't what you give, love is what you build. Love is the result of a good relationship, if the relationship is poor; the love will decline. Work on your relationship and true love will be your reward.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Hugh Maxwell

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