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What Is The Deal With Toxic Positivity?

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Toxic positivity is a term used to describe the belief that positive thinking alone will solve every problem.

Toxic positivity is a term used to describe the belief that positive thinking alone will solve every problem.

You don't have to be positive everyday. Positive thinking is a big trend these days. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing. I'm not saying that I don’t accept this way of thinking. Positive thinking is great, but you need to think of other aspects as well.

There is such a thing as toxic positivity. Because it is too positive to turn into negative behavior. People expect you to always be positive, but it's okay if you're not.

Negativity is part of our nature as human beings. We are hard-wired to think about the bad things in our lives. Unlike anger or fear, sadness cannot be contained. It is meant to be felt and forgiven constructively, so it can help bring about positive change.

Being positive is good, but you don't need to strive for it every day. You need to embrace all your feelings, including the darker ones like anger and sadness if you want to understand them and make positive changes in your life.

Positives vs. Negatives Are a Matter of Individual Opinion

Positivity and negativity are subjective. We see both sides of everything when we look at things from a neutral perspective. We have to deal with it as a part of life. Life is more meaningful when we learn to live with both the positives and the negatives. Every person approaches life differently. Others see the world in black and white, while others see it in color. We live our lives based on our point of view, which may or may not be balanced.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, but I want you to be aware of some of the negative effects of your overly positive behavior. I have seen This has happened to me many times, where people are too positive in their relationships. They love their partner very much, who then take advantage of it by cheating, being lazy, or treating them with disrespect. Or maybe their children have become spoiled, irresponsible for themselves because they always get what they want.

The Reality of Negativity and How It Can Be Helpful

Life is pretty full of negativity. If you were to go through your day and write down every time you experienced something negative you would probably be shocked. Negativity can be both a very powerful and a very helpful thing. It depends on how you use and deal with this problem.

So in short, negativity can be a useful tool in certain contexts. You will be able to prepare yourself for the pain, which will prevent it from becoming too painful or reduce it if it does come. This can help you become stronger, and make more progress on your own goals.

Toxic Positivity Isn't Real Positivity

A toxic attitude is an obsession with displaying an always happy, optimistic attitude all of the time, and is often exhibited publicly. It is a way of life that says "no one should ever feel bad" or "what is there to be unhappy about? Everything is perfect." From the outside, it seems like a harmless good intention. How could that possibly be a problem?

Toxic Positivity is unhealthy because it involves hypocrisy. People who hold this attitude believe that each person's life should be like his own. The people around him should always be happy, feel good, and have no problems. He expects it from everyone around him. Whenever someone around him or her does not feel great, he or she begins to think that we don't understand positive living, and no one can be as happy as he is all the time.

Permit Yourself to Handle Negativity

If you only think positively, you only see the good things in your life and ignore the bad. We must be able to accept and acknowledge both the good and bad aspects of ourselves and make changes as a result.

It is up to you how you respond to negative thoughts and actions. When someone does something silly, you can say they are stupid. When you are not treated fairly by others, you can become angry. Embrace the darker thoughts that arise in your mind. Feel sad, angry, disappointed, and frustrated.

This insight is worth learning for ourselves. To make us more aware of our actions and feelings. A negative experience or thought can help you grow as a person and change the course of your life for the better. These experiences can help you mature, make you a better person, and be a stepping stone on the road to happiness.

It's Ok to Be Angry When You've Been Unjustly Treated

Let’s talk about anger as Negative Behavior.

There is nothing wrong with feeling angry. It’s a healthy emotion that everyone experiences. When expressed constructively, anger can be a powerful motivator for change.

Anger comes naturally to us as humans. We can achieve our goals, see what is important, and know what needs to be changed or improved to make us happy. It is possible to use anger constructively to improve our circumstances. As a result, anger serves as a corrective mechanism. If you feel unfairly treated or deceived, you have every right to be angry about it. You can use this energy to make changes for the better, but only in ways that do not harm others.

There are times when negativity can lead to change for the better. This is what happened in many countries that were changed for the better once society got angry about deteriorating conditions in their country.

Nonetheless, you must always keep in mind anything overdone is not good. Think of anger as a knife, a negative attitude that can be used for both good and bad. Excessive anger leads to vengeance and hatred. This will result in negative changes.

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Being positive is a good trait. However, being too positive is very dangerous. Those who have been indoctrinated with the training of happiness may instinctively deny something is wrong instead of dealing with it.

“Just be positive! Think positive!" they say, when faced with the unpleasant truth.

Besides being toxic, this kind of attitude is also dangerous for our mindset. A positive mind is great, but don't forget to be realistic.

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dashingscorpio from Chicago on September 15, 2021:

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as "Toxic Positivity".

Everyone knows (we all) have our ups and downs in life.

Positive people simply don't believe in having a marathon "pity party" for themselves. After shedding some tears and licking some wounds the next step is to determine where does one goes from here.

You can continue to focus on what happened yesterday or plan for tomorrow. {Life goes on.} That is reality!

Having said that it is human nature to withdraw from others when (you) are feeling down, depressed, sad, angry, or lonely.

Seeing "happy people", "successful people" or "people in love" at that moment just makes one feel even worse about themselves.

It's as if just seeing them makes one feel as though they "don't fit in". You may feel as if they are just too stupid to realize how bad life really is! Putting ourselves above everyone is a defense move.

You don't want people to try to cheer you up or make suggestions which might benefit you. What you want is for others to "validate" your feelings. There are only two options during bad times:

1. Give up and accept things are always going to be this way.

2. Strive to improve each day to have the kind of life you want.

Toxic Positivity is a term coined by cynical people sipping on "haterade" who would rather embrace "victimhood" than continue to strive for what they want. It's like calling someone a "Goody Two Shoes" because you resent them being well mannered or 'too nice".

Life is a personal journey. We all have our own race to run.

Whatever is happening in your life "right now" is not "forever".

"Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good make sure you enjoy it and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember it will not last forever and better days are on the way."

The world may not owe you anything but you owe yourself the world!

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