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What Happened to the Woman I Married? My Wife Has Turned Into a Depressing Monster!

Phil has been happily married for over five years but now he is beginning to think his marriage is being undercut by dark forces.


When I first met my wife, Julia, I could not believe my good fortune. At the time I had hit rock bottom (this was after my alien abduction), and I was searching for something to give me direction. I still remember that first day we met, at the used bookstore as I was perusing the section of the store that had books on ancient aliens. Julia was standing there, flipping through a book on the Anunnaki. I bluntly asked her if she had ever been contacted by the Anunnaki or other aliens. To my surprise, she said that she had in fact been contacted by aliens before. I then told her about my experience of being abducted and my encounters with demons. After that we became inseparable. It was so refreshing to be able to spend time with someone who saw the world in the same light as me, someone who understood the vast conspiracies that were hidden from most of the planet. Together we became quite the paranormal team.

That was over six years ago, and while the first few years of our marriage were great, things began to get much worse.

My wife had turned into a monster and I did not know what to do.


Monsters Are Real

At first, the changes in my wife's personality were subtle: lack of communication, emotional detachment, fits of hysteria, but then they began to get even worse. She began to wake up shrieking in the middle of the night, and it seemed like every single time there was a full moon, she would randomly get up during the night and climb on our roof to stare at the moon.

This coupled with her personality change made me worried that she had become a werewolf, but what I discovered was even worse. You see for most of my life I have felt that the dark forces of the universe have been after me, that they seek to do me harm and force me to be quiet.

I am one of the few people in the world that have not only been abducted by aliens but has also seen demons in the flesh. Due to these experiences, I am a big target for these dark forces, because they know I am a liability. They want to keep their existence hidden from the world, so they go out of their way to do terrible things to me.



After many months of torture, I realized I needed to consult with my local priest to figure out what was going on my wife. The priest said that it was likely that my wife had become possessed by a demon. For the non-believers out there, I have written extensively about how demons are in fact real so my wife's possession was difficult but not all that surprising.

The priest said that I would have to perform an exorcism if I wanted to rid my wife of the demon. I was worried about the chances of success from such an event, as I had seen my share of failed exorcisms before. The problem was always the fact that the person performing the exorcism did not adequately secure all the doors and windows, so the demon just simply got up and walked through the door or jumped out the window, returning with an army of the undead.

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The priest directed me to a special exorcist, who after much convincing, finally decided to make his way to my house to perform the exorcism. The thing that you always have to keep in mind when dealing with an exorcist is that they are putting their eternal soul on the line for you. If the exorcism fails or goes awry, they could become possessed, or the demon could devour their soul for nourishment. That makes an exorcism a hard sell.

In case you did not know, there are five crucial things you need for an exorcism.

They are:

  1. Holy water from the Vatican
  2. A silver cross blessed by a Cardinal
  3. A sigil of one of the archangels (carved in silver)
  4. A Bible
  5. A candle blessed by the Vatican

If you're wondering about the silver, it has been proven to disrupt the demon's powers as it blocks dark energy from manifesting in a host body.


Removing the Monstrous Demon From My Wife

Finally, the day of the exorcism arrived, and the exorcist began to perform the ritual. The demon would not go easily or quietly as my wife yelled and shrieked for quite some time. Thankfully, I have a soundproof basement so my neighbors would not get freaked out by the sounds. It took about an hour until the demon finally emerged from my wife's body, with his outstretched black hands trying to claw at my throat. It was at this time that I took out my silver sigil of the archangel Gabriel and began to pray. As I prayed, I began to hear a sound, the heavenly sound of trumpets as the archangel himself appeared before me. With a stroke of his mighty sword, he eradicated the demon.



As one would expect, it took quite some time for my wife to recover from the ordeal, as she was bedridden for over a week. I was wary of another attack from a demon or a dark E.T., so I stayed vigilant in making sure my house was protected from such attacks. From my experiences I have found that demons and E.T's do not like the taste or smell of peanut butter. Knowing this, I covered all of my doors and windows with the stuff to keep them away. While my house still smells like peanut butter, I was relieved that no dark entities came into my house while my wife was recovering.

Happily Ever After?

While my wife has seemingly returned to normal, there are times where I think the demon took part of her with him when he left her body. There are moments where Julia has this glassy-eyed look to her, and moments where she just seems to zone out for no reason.

She also started to refuse anything with peanut butter on it, which is concerning considering she used to love the stuff...

© 2018 Phil Whitaker

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