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What Are the Signs of a Cheating Spouse?

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Decreased Interest And Intimacy With Her Husband

Decreased Interest and intimacy is the first sign you will see if your wife is cheating. If your wife used to communicate and share her day with you and has talked about intimate things about almost everything and suddenly becomes aloof with you for no apparent reason, this is something you should be worried about. It is also an indicator if you see her not paying attention or acting distracted during daily conversation with her. Frequent criticisms and less frequent discussion of future plans by putting less effort into maintaining the relationship are also indicators that your wife has lost interest in you.

Physical intimacy is another area you need to be focused on. You have to watch out for lack of sexual intimacy or constant rejection when it comes to sexual intercourse. Too many excuses when you want to make love to her is not a good behavioral sign. Stomach ache, menstruation, sleeping separately and feeling tired are just several reasons your wife is losing interest in you. Another sign that goes hand in hand is her sexual behavior in bed both passively and actively. Active sex by asking you to try out positions that you never had before maybe a sign that she is learning from someone else. On the other hand passive signs in bed such as decrease in moaning and groaning, open eyes and looking away from you during kissing and penetration are signs that there's no more passion any longer.

Don't forget the daily kisses and hugs that you used to give her. Your spouse is cheating when she gives you an uncomfortable or cold reaction when you display intimacy on your day to day life.


Changes In Appearance And Grooming Habits

A sudden change in appearance is also a sign of a cheating wife. Although you’ve probably always found your wife attractive, she might have changed after a couple of years of marriage. This might involve less time to work out, groom and beautify herself due to childbirth and being a dedicated mother. If your wife suddenly starts to dress more sexy and provocative or makes a sudden change in her physical appearance it may be more than just her wanting to look good especially if she does not pay attention to you. Another behavior signs that your wife maybe cheating is when she takes her wedding ring off when she goes out and puts it back on when she gets home. Buying new lingerie/underwear which you probably never see her use around you. Finding birth control pills she never used before or condoms in her bag are some other signs of a cheating wife,


Working Too Much and Arriving Home Late

When your wife starts to come home late almost everyday, you may suspect her cheating on you. It’s quite suspicious if she begins finding reasons to be away from home significantly more often. Another sign is when your wife suddenly begin to run errands without the kids at times when she normally would take them with her, this is also a sign.

This is a typical indicator that your wife is cheating when she goes directly to the restroom without even getting close to you for a kiss is a red flag. Your cheating wife most likely will want to clean up to get rid of any distinct smell. Your cheating wife may shower immediately or might just change her underwear and hide her dirty panty deep into the hamper. A wise husband who suspects cheating from his wife will volunteer to do the laundry and observe how she reacts, if she heavily insists in doing it, then it is time to be suspicious.

Unexpected Interest in Privacy in Technology and Increased Phone Call Minutes

Check her cell phone bills and pay attention. You need to watch out for same numbers called with lengthy hours of talk time and also look for numbers that aren’t her friends' or family’s. Pay close attention to calls that she made on nights she went out without you. Call the number using your wife's cell phone and listen to the voice on the other line. Text the number and see if he will text back. If he does, send intimate messages to see if he will respond back. A cheating wife might password lock her phone and keep it close to her at all times, password lock her IPad or laptop, and change her email and social media passwords. Confront her if you find a phone card. If she has a cell phone, there’s no reason to have a phone card. In addition, be wary of your wife deleting her phone call history, getting strange calls that hung up on you, hiding her email or phone passwords on you, and whispering voice when answering the phone are definite signs of a cheating wife.

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Tips And Warning For You

Before confronting your wife and creating a scene, you need to establish strong enough evidence prior to engaging in an argument with her. Be careful of falsely accusing your wife, it may lead to a trust issue and may cause a broken relationship. Never lay a hand on your cheating wife. It's not worth it. Keep in mind that there are legitimate circumstances that these aforementioned behaviors may occur coincidentally and none of these signs of cheating are 100% guaranteed. Lastly, never argue or fight in front of your kids.


Malakepwet Atsuso (author) on August 14, 2014:

Good point

dashingscorpio from Chicago on August 13, 2014:

Ultimately it's all about the (changes in one's mate's behavior) that raises suspicion regarding cheating.

However I would also note that if it could be proven 100% that a significant other was NOT cheating and their behavior remained the same no one would "jump for joy". The cheating would have simply offered some form of "explanation". Again it's their behavior towards their mate that is the real cause of their unhappiness.

In other instances some people actually (need) their spouse to cheat or abuse them in some way in order to give themselves "permission" to leave an unhappy or toxic marriage.

Being unhappy for them is not enough of a reason to leave!

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