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Wedding Hair Stylists: What They Offer and What They Cost

Wedding Hairstylists

Wedding Hairstylists

A wedding hair stylist is specifically someone who styles and designs hair for brides, bridesmaid, mothers, and flower girls in preparation for the big walk down the aisle. Brides have been relying on these professionals for years to give them that perfect wedding day look that will not only make them feel like a princess walking down the aisle, but will give them memories and pictures to remember for a lifetime.

These professionals have a variety of products and services they offer. As they mainly specialize in hair, their "product" is the talent they provide brides in the way their hair is styled for their big day. However, hair design is only one of the products and services they provide their clients.

As each hair stylist is different, you’ll get not only a different sense of style, outlook on hair styles, and opinions about what looks good, but you’ll also see a plethora of different combinations of products and services they offer. This is a comprehensive collection from my own experience and what there is to offer online.

This may not be a complete listing of every single product or service any and all professional wedding hair stylists have offered, do offer, or ever will offer, but it is the best I could pull together. For a more specific listing of what professional hair stylists have to offer their clients, that will require a bit of research on your part of the professionals in your local area.

Products and Services Offered

  • Pre-wedding day consultation – This initial meeting will be set to allow the hair stylist to get to know the bride better, determine what she is looking for in a stylist, and what services she wants for her big day. From there, a wedding package can be appropriately put together for the bride and/or her bridal party, and a price quote can be offered. Some stylists charge for this initial meeting.
  • Bridal Hair Design – Obviously hair stylists offer hair design as a service, but this may include suggestions and a trial of various hair styles.
  • Bridal Hair Trials – About a month before the wedding, a hair trial session will be scheduled to actually try out a few of the designs the bride is considering for her wedding day hair. Some stylists will have a limit on the number of hair styles or time that they will devote to this trial. Other will give of their time and expertise freely.
  • Hair Extensions – For women that have shorter hair and would either like longer hair for their wedding day, or would like a wedding day hair style that requires longer hair, stylists can offer their brides hair extensions in just the right shade to match their own hair. Some stylists are so talented that you’d never know that they have extensions in at all. These are pretty pricey.

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Extra Services

  • Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions – Seamless tape hair extensions are a new technology in hair styling. (Check out the video demonstrating the entire process below.)They come in a packet in just about every shade and color with tape on the ends. You simply remove them from the package and, when hair is prepped, the cover over the tape can be removed and the extensions applied. One great thing about these new extensions is that you can put them closer to the scalp because they don’t use heat like other varieties.

You can color, wash, or even curl the new hair extensions right after you put them in because there’s no downtime like for other extensions. Other companies require 48 hours of downtime at least because of the use of heat, but that’s not necessary with the seamless tape variety. Also, there’s no damage to your hair with these extensions. They can be applied easily and even removed easily without hurting or breaking the hair.

Even better, these are flawless and seamless. You can run your hands over your hair or put your hair in any style and you can’t even tell the extensions are in your hair. This is because they lay flat against your head for any style. You can put your hair up into a ponytail and still not be able to see them. Finally, the application is super fast, as these will take less than an hour to apply. Other options are Fusion, Micro-link, Clip-ins, and Sew-ins.

Wedding Hairstylists

Wedding Hairstylists

  • Bridesmaid/Mother/Guest Hair - For an extra fee, these hair stylists will offer hair styling for any other individuals the bride chooses. Sometimes, they will even offer discounts for having 3 or more bridesmaids getting their hair done.
  • Flower Girl Hair – Flower girls aren’t left out of this process. In fact, doing the flower girl’s hair might be an added bonus for hair stylists that probably don’t get to work with little ones often.
  • Additional hair styling for engagement photos, bridal shower or bachelorette party – In addition to styling hair for weddings, these wonderful professionals will even come out and style the bride’s hair for any other occasion she needs, like her engagement photos, her bridal showers, or her bachelorette party, etc. Obviously the charge will be similar to that for the wedding day, but the service is available.
  • Girls Night Out Package – This particular service is becoming more and more popular as brides are sharing the excitement of their big day with all of their bridesmaids. This could even be called a Spa Day. With this service, all of the girl get together and have their hair done, have facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. to be beautiful for the big day.

Fees and Package Prices

Now that we’ve looked at what a wedding day hair stylists is, how they compare to salon hair stylists, and what kind of services they provide, let’s look a little closer at some of the prices you can expect to see for these services.

The absolutely least expensive way to have a professional to style hair on the wedding day would most likely be to 1) find a stylist that doesn’t charge for the initial consultation, or will work with the bride over the phone, 2) go in to the stylist’s place of work for the wedding day hair trial with pictures, dress, veil, etc., 3) and finally, go to the hair stylist’s place of work for hair styling before having wedding day makeup done. This may be inconvenient, but it’s the best choice for the price.

Here are some of the other choices to help you may the best decision for the big day.

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  • Pre-wedding day consultation - free to $75
  • Bridal Hair Design - $50 to $275
    • Down do - $45 to $75
    • Flat iron or curls - $20 to $100
    • Updo - $45 to $125
    • Long hair - extra $5 to $15
  • Bridal Hair Trials - $150
  • Hair Extensions - $100 to $500 for the actual hair
    • For Bangs and Face - $100 plus cost of hair
    • For Thickening - $250 plus cost of hair
    • For Length - $500 plus cost of hair
    • Removal - $85 hourly
  • Smoothing Treatment - $50 to $150

Extra Services

  • Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions - $400 to $1000s
  • Additional hair styling and makeup application for engagement photos, bridal shower or bachelorette party - $50 to $75
  • Bridesmaid/Mother/Guest Hair - $80 to $100 (depending on style desired)
  • Flower Girl Hair - $25 to $50 (depending on style desired)
  • Girls Night Out Package – $75 to $150 per person

Hair stylists will also offer cutting, coloring, perming, different kinds of treatments, straightening, washing, drying, highlighting, manicures, pedicures, waxing services, etc. However, they will likely not do these things on the day of the wedding (which is why we have not priced these out for you), but will do these for their customers on another day, possibly weeks or months before the day of the wedding (depending on what is appropriate for the service or treatment).

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