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Wedding Color Schemes: Best Turquoise and Brown Wedding Ideas

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Wedding Color Schemes : Best Turquoise & Brown Wedding Theme Ideas

photo credit: love it!

photo credit: love it!

photo credit: love it!

photo credit: love it!

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photo credit: like it!

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photo credit: love it!

Turquoise & Brown wedding color scheme


Turquoise and brown is a very pretty wedding color combination. Don't you think so? What are some of the best ideas for a turquoise and chocolate brown wedding color theme? Look no further. A variety of ideas for having a turquoise and brown themed wedding and wedding reception are contained right here in this hub on HubPages. If you are reading this hub, perhaps you are helping a client or friend to plan a turquoise and brown wedding or perhaps you are preparing for your very own nuptials and narrowing down your decision about possible wedding color schemes. If so, Congratulations! This hub will include some ideas to help you plan a turquoise and brown wedding color scheme.

Whether you hire a wedding planner or do much of the wedding planning yourself, you will be the primary decision maker when if comes to choosing details like color scheme because it is your wedding.

  • Everybody loves a wedding for the feeling of love and hope for the future that it brings into the atmosphere.
  • Many people also crave an aesthetically beautiful wedding when they attend.
  • Here you will shine with your personal creativity and produce something that your loved ones who attend your wedding are sure to enjoy!
  • I hope you'll find this hub very helpful for planning a turquoise and brown wedding color scheme!


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Wedding ideas for a turquoise and brown wedding color theme

dark chocolate lamour satin tablecloth photo credit:

dark chocolate lamour satin tablecloth photo credit:

Choosing chocolate and turquoise or aqua for your wedding


You'll find that when choosing a wedding color scheme for your wedding, you'll be drawn to wedding colors that are colors that you have always loved. If you are not a big fan of red, you probably won't suddenly like it for your wedding day.

You might also be drawn to certain beautiful colors that evoke a memory from your relationship with your spouse to be. Perhaps you remember the décor of the restaurant where you had your first date.

With the above thoughts in mind and additionally, whether you find yourself wanting to choose a modern and unique wedding color scheme or a more popular one, chocolate and turquoise might be a good choice for you. It is right on the cusp, becoming a more and more popular color scheme in recent years because of its wide appeal.

Indeed, it is not surprising that the turquoise and brown color combination is becoming as popular as it is. It is so pretty, a very attractive and complementary color combination. In addition to wedding color schemes, the turquoise and chocolate brown color combination is readily used for home decor. Bed, Bath and Beyond is just one of the big and largely popular retailers where bedding in the turquoise and brown color combination can be found. One top selling bedroom comforter set featured on Bed, Bath and Beyond's online shopping website mixes the color red in with the turquoise and brown for a rustic southwestern theme that many buyers find charming.

When it comes to weddings, guests entering the reception room with a turquoise and chocolate brown color theme are bound to find it very charming as well.

The boutonniere

these best man and father's boutonnieres are 9.90 each at Sharon Nagassar designs photo credit:

these best man and father's boutonnieres are 9.90 each at Sharon Nagassar designs photo credit:

Dark chocolate tablecloth for wedding

I hope to offer you what you will think are some good ideas for planning your chocolate and turquoise themed wedding.

When I envision a lovely wedding ceremony and reception in this color scheme, I see the wedding dress as brilliantly white and bridemaid dresses as being ivory/off white, champagne colored or a medium shade of brown (definitely not turquoise).

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I see the table clothes at the wedding reception being a very dark chocolate brown color with a slight shimmer. The color is significantly different from the bridesmaid dresses. I don't think tableclothes should ever be the same color as the dresses.

The tables are round not square. Chair covers will not be necessary. Too much fabric can be overpowering. Eliminating them can also cut costs.

White wedding flowers

I look into my crystal ball and I see lots of white flowers with some blue flowers or accents.

Personally, I definitely prefer the idea of fresh flowers to silk flowers for a wedding but many nice silk flower options are available online.

Bride's bouquet examples

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

I picture wedding invitations and programs that are ivory paper with chocolate and turquoise text and decoration or turquoise paper with brown text and decoration.

A box like a Tiffany box for the wedding favors

Turquoise or aqua is often very much considered a Tiffany's theme color. For wedding favors, you might consider some sweet treats in a blue box similar to a Tiffany box.

Turquoise and chocolate wedding cake

Don't forget the cake! Take a look at the photos for some cake design ideas.

Fondant is typically used on wedding cakes to aid in creating a lovely design.

You can work with your baker to achieve a look that is similar to a photo you like while still maintaining the integrity of the taste, whatever flavor you choose.

Chocolate sounds good for your chocolate and turquoise theme.

Based on what really catches my eye for both invitations and cakes, I can tell you, I love damask design. Since so many of the examples I offer feature the design, I hope you like it too.

I hope that these wedding ideas have helped you

I hope that these wedding ideas have helped you and I hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be!

Please take a look at the video below from YouTube. In this article, I mentioned that chair covers are not necessary but in this sample chocolate and turquoise wedding video, the chair covers are turquoise with a chocolate brown bow and really help to make the scene especially since flowers are not really featured as center pieces. It is pretty though and reminds me to mention that natural candlelight is very important for beauty and ambience.

Wedding reply card sample

photo credit:

photo credit:

Wedding favor ideas

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

Chocolate and turquoise wedding

I envision a lot more flowers than are in either of these videos but the lesser use of flowers can help keep costs down if that is what you choose. While the video above proved to be more in keeping with my own vision, below is someone else's take on a turquoise and brown wedding, using those alternating colors as the accents and accessories for the napkins, chair sashes and more and featuring white for the tableclothes.

One thing that many people mention is that they might have their heart set on a particular venue. When individuals choose their wedding venue before the color scheme, they might also find that the set décor of the venue itself such as wall color and floor color, very much influences them and helps to dictate the color scheme they choose.

Turquoise-blue/brown wedding

What wedding cake looks the best?

What would be your choice for wedding cake flavor?

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Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 08, 2011:

Another great color combination! Thanks for including so many gorgeous photos.

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As a bride to be I am zooming in on all wedding themed hubs at the moment! I think chocolate is quite flattering, especially with the turquoise. I was trying to think of an alternative color for my bridesmaids to pink and toyed with caramel or something in that direction. I still haven't decided but thank you for the great ideas :)

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