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Cheap Eiffel Tower Vase Wedding Centerpieces

I Love Paris In The Springtime...

I love, love, love these Eiffel Tower vases! Tall...elegant...look a little ordinary without all the trappings, but dressed up? Heavy on the "wow" factor! So Nadine, a bride I'm working with now, has decided she wants fourteen round tables at the reception, plus a head table for the bridal party. I've scoured e-bay and all the wholesale websites for a price per dozen and I think the cheapest I've found is about $6.40 apiece if you buy a dozen for the 24" frosted. I want the frosted, because I want to order floralytes to drop down in the vases to give them that gorgeous glow. I checked with our reception site (which by the way is a really smart thing to do!) and they actually have some of the vases they are willing to loan to us for FREE! CHA-CHING! I love the ostrich feathers I've seen everywhere in these vases, but Nadine wants roses, roses, and more roses, so roses it will be with a sparkly bling, bling hanging from the sides of the vases. I ordered crystal curtains from shopwildthings.com. to cut apart and dangle from the edge of the vases, plus to use on the wishing tree. Wishing tree...? That's a whole other post!

Eiffel Tower Vases


Ostrich Feathers

There are several videos online with great tutorials for how to do the ostrich feather centerpieces that I love. Oh yes, one day they will be mine! The ostrich plumes are not cheap, but come in a variety of different colors and lengths. A pound which can be 100 -22 feathers can cost in the $275 - $350 range, a big chunk of your budget, but cheaper in some cases than flowers and you can DIY them, so you don't have to hire a florist! I have found some online that are not real ostrich feathers, but imitation that could look just as good. It all depends on what your budget will allow! Empty pockets=fake ostrich feathers...reality is harsh, I know!



Key to the Eiffel tower vase drama is the lights you put inside them. Depending on the height of your vases, you may need two - four lights. For instance, since we are using 24" vases, I am using two per vase. The lights are called floralytes and are battery powered. Many are one-time use and last for 6 - 7 hours, plenty of time for your wedding reception and partying into the night! They provide a soft beautiful glow and really look spectacular inside the Eiffel tower vases. You could dim the lights at the reception and have just the glow from the lights as your lighting source for the tables and the result could be fantastic.

Vase Forms for Eiffel Tower Vases

Whether you do the ostrich feather centerpieces (like I would do if I could find Mr. Right!) or the rose bouquet ones like I'm doing for Nadine's reception, another key element is the form to put in the top of the Eiffel tower vase. Now I know you've seen those plastic and florist foam bouquet forms for wedding and bridesmaids' bouquets, but these are different. The handle is not angled, but straight and the head is round in order to give you a centerpiece that looks good at all angles. And best of all, the stem is the exact size you will need to fit into the top of the Eiffel tower vase. If you need a more secure fit, you can wrap the stem with floral tape, but most are made to fit well. If you're using real flowers for your arrangement, be sure and soak the foam in water several hours to get it good and wet. No wilting flowers at the reception, because that would be ...well, just plain ugly!

Another Money Saver

A final tip to really lower costs is to purchase the Eiffel tower vases, drop the floralytes in as I've described and leave them empty, yes, I said empty until your bridesmaids arrive and put their bouquets down into the tops of the vases. You would have to make sure the bouquets were done on the form that I described earlier made specifically for the Eiffel tower vases . This could take care of a centerpiece for a number of your tables for you and if you still have more tables to do, you could alternate and fill in the remaining tables with tall glass cylinders filled with water, rose petals and flower heads and a floating candle on top. Remember, unless you have a seated dinner, everyone will not be sitting down at the same time, so you won't need to have enough tables to seat every single guest.

Good luck and have a beautiful wedding!


saltlakeweddings on October 16, 2012:

Thanks for the money saving thoughts!

DIYweddingplanner (author) from South Carolina, USA on August 09, 2012:

You're right, Christy. I'm using them again next month with a spray of calla lilies coming out of the top so it looks like a fountain. They are definitely not for the casual wedding, but for an elegant, formal one, they're perfect!

Christy Birmingham from British Columbia, Canada on August 08, 2012:

Those eiffel tower vases are great! So many ways they could be decorated too.

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