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We Cannot Discriminate to Religion, Color, Sexual Preference, but It's Okay to Ruin Dad

John Doe is a Dad whose wife has abandoned their kids and their home and has put their children in danger and the court could care less.

Why are courts so tough on Dads when Moms can get away with horrific behavior?

John Doe is in a divorce with Jean Doe. Jean has left the children home alone while John is at work. Jean refuses to answer her phone when the kids call her. Later when her MIL calls, she doesn't answer and won't answer when John calls, either. She was gone the entire day until just before John returned from work. She has been with another man. Jane tells her son twice she hates him and never wants to see him again, in retaliation for telling his Grandmother that they are home alone. The following day she will repeat the behavior.

A week later she attends a party with her kids and leaves without her kids and without saying a word to anyone. When John arrives his daughter is not at the party, nor is his wife and she doesn't answer her phone. Some kids went to the park and his daughter was with them, but those kids have already returned. John rushes to the park and his daughter is not there. It's dark outside. He drives up and down every street looking for her and finds her in someone's driveway hysterically crying, lost and couldn't find her way back. She is 7 years old, alone and it's dark out.

Jane later is allowed visits with her kids. She comes over drunk and high. She starts screaming, cursing and throwing things down the stairs and police have to remove her several times. Her daughter hides in a closet terrified to come out after one of the tirades. One some of the visits she will drive away with them in her car while she is intoxicated. The police can't do anything unless she hurts someone. The Judge says we can't prove she was intoxicated. If you are married over 15 can you tell if your spouse is intoxicated? Nothing is done.

Over the next few months, Jane will cancel many visits, quit her jobs 9 times and go travel to visit her boyfriend. She insists she is indigent and can't afford to give her children a Christmas or Birthday gift. Jane will give her boyfriend $200,000 to buy a house in his name, $5 tools for work, Money to clear his credit and Expunge his 2 felonies and Dishonorable Discharge, but doesn't want to spend $1 for a card for her son. She follows family to a restaurant and invites herself to eat with them. She later walks into the house and demands to know who the plates are for when the family is trying to have birthday cake.

She cancels visits and says she only wants the kids on paper so she won't have to pay alimony. She only wants to see the kids for two weeks a year out of state with the boyfriend who has a DUI felony and pulled a gun on a police officer. But it's okay now, because it's expunged. He is now a police officer (in another state)

Jane will beat her daughter with a hairbrush and a police report is made. The Judge is informed and doesn't care. A CFI officer is also informed twice and doesn't report it. The police officer says he investigated and the case is closed, although neither the daughter nor the Grandmother are asked about the incident. The CFI officer One year after the incident is questioned why he didn't report it. He is a Court mandated reporter as is the Judge. The police officer YELLS at John Doe regarding the reopening of the report. He is angry that John has reopened the investigation. John hasn't reopened it, the CFI officer has. John goes to the Police Dept and requests a copy of the report, angering several employees. When he finally does get the report, it is redacted and in it the CFI says he reported it only to apease John Doe. The officer makes sure to include his comments on the personality of John Doe.

Jane will leave her son alone with a man she had just met. The man is in his 40s and single, never married. Her son calls his Dad but can't tell Dad what address he is at. Jane will leave her 7 year old daughter with this man and she finds him to be creepy and upset that she was left alone with him. She had no phone to call for help.

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During visits to see their mom, the kids say she goes to her room and shuts the door and is the phone with her boyfriend. Mom's roommate feeds the kids and plays with them, sometimes has them babysit her baby, which the kids are not comfortable with. Jane doesn't pay her rent either.

One night, during Mom's visit, Mom has brought a friend, one who the court has agreed is not allowed near the kids. This is the second time this person has showed up. During the visit, Jane and her friend will sit outside and drink pitchers of vodka and lemonade, while her friend's teenage daughter sits inside with Jane's daughter. While sitting inside the restaurant Jane's daughter is molested by the teenage child of Jane's friend. This is witnessed by the waitstaff and they are disturbed about it. They will contact John Doe that evening. Meanwhile, John's daughter will tell her grandmother about the incident on the ride home.

A police report is made then later insist there is none. Somehow a meter maid took the report (illegal I think!) and nothing is done. The incident is reported to the CFI and the Judge. Once again nothing done. Why? The pitcher of drinks were made incorrectly and comped, therefore it's not admissible.

Later when John returns to the Police Dept to get a copy of the molestation report, he is told there is none. It was never made.

Jane will drop her children off in the library and tell them to wait for her. 45 minutes later after she hasn't returned, John is called by his son and picks up the kids. He notifies the police, who make a report and it is also nonexistant. When Jane returns she will report the kids missing and John will be visited by the police and will have a lot of threats and problems.

The Judge decides to give the children to their Mother from Christmas through Spring Break. John will only be given visits starting February. Jane will inform John that her attorney has already informed her that the Judge will give her custody and she will move out of state with them.

John asks why he is being treated so unfairly? Two people--I won't say who tell him to drop his pants and look in the mirror.

I understand why MOST Mom's get custody of their kids. Some Dads don't even want them. The adults in this situation will survive, but imagine what the kids have gone through and are going through. There are many, many more issues, but I have only put some in this article. I want Judges to look at these cases individually. We are not allowed to be prejudiced to color, religion, and sex, except for the Dads. Some Dads have integrity and some moms are worthless. The Judge should not be prejudiced. It's his job to be fair.

This is a travesty. I want all the people who have let my grandkids down to be held accountable. Shame on all of them. Colorado is a beautiful state. The sights and the nature is amazing. Too bad there are bad people there. I will tell everyone I know to never get a divorce in Colorado. They don't care about kids. They fail that test.


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