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We All Deserve Respect In Humanity


Everyone is equally important in this world, no matter how the physical appearances pisses you off. I mean, what definition does one have to be more important than anyone else? This is just a wicked world Where we have two kingdoms. Animal kingdom and human kingdom. But as you can see, everyone is struggling to belong to the Animal kingdom. Never struggle to fit into a group if you know your worth. Alpha females and males don't run in packs.

God isn't man neither does he consult anyone when he decides to bless you! Some people even find it so hard to accept that you're blessed! Be happy for somepne because you never know if you're next.

That's life fueled by me, I and myself. What you are matters than who we are. It always starts with selfish attitudes.Everyone wants to be on the receiving end not the giving and also the spirit of parasitism has invaded our minds so that I only befriend someone who can benefit me financially. Our motivational speakers have worsened it by claiming that you should only associate yourselves with people who are where you want to be .The only problem is what one of us asked at some point, why is it that my expenses increase with increased salary?

People need to stop looking down on others just because they keep it simple. Looks are very deceiving.Fact is that people disrespect broke people and respect the moneyed and cashrich. You will not be surprised to see some people doing odd jobs and despise them. Some of them could be earning a double of your salary or even their lives look better than yours. Punchline: be careful how you judge people.

It is always shameful to feel offended when close friends and family members or relatives look down on you based on your financial statuses or emotional needs. If someone disrespects you because of your social class difference, they don't deserve a place at your table of success.

Set your own standard, be your own friend and enjoy your company. Even farmers make more money than some employed people.To me I have never cared what anyone does or earns.The only thing that matters is how respectable you are.I accord the same respect to the beggar as I do to the president.This world and all its riches and wealth is passing.So are we. Be careful how you treat other people. Takeaway:Treat others with dignity not because you never know who they might be but because they're human.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 20, 2021:

If everyone adhered to the Golden Rule, life would be better for everyone.

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