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We Need Friends.

Shawindi is a student who prefers writing and reading and also likes to learn about the different cultures of countries. And she loves music


Who Are Friends?

We face different situations in our lives. Some times, difficult and some times good or happy. In any of those situations, we must be strong enough to face them. When there is no one with us the situation becomes more difficult. But when there are friends with us, although it seems impossible to overcome it, you can do it easily. Don't you think so?

Friends are not just friends, they are a family. Once you find a good friend, you won't be sad. They can make you laugh in any situation and make you happy. For me friends are a part of my life. I think all of you have friends, actually good friends.

Why Friends?

Have you ever felt lonely? I have felt lonely. But after I made friends, I never felt that way.

All of the friends you meet are not good friends. Sometimes they can be fake friends too. Yes, there are lots of fake friends. We have to figure out who's good and who's bad. It's not easy but you have to.

When you have friends, you'll feel strong. Personally, when my best friends is with me I'm not afraid to face any situation because I know she won't leave me and that she will protect me. I'm the same I will never leave her and always stay by her side. If you feel the same you are a good friend and you have a good friend.

We need friends. They can change your mind and also they can make you strong too. But most of all you must figure out whether your friend is a real friend or a fake friend who is staying with you only to take advantages.

Real Friends and Fake Friends.

In our society, there are many fake friends. They become friends only for their advantage. There you won't be able to experience a real friendship. Fake friends do not guide their friends to the light. They might try to guide you towards the darkness.

How to identify real friends? Mainly they will never leave you. Although your in a bad condition economically, physically or mentally they will always be with you, and help you. I have that experience. Real and honest friends love their friends. They guide us towards the light from the darkness. Find a real friend. We all worth to have it.

What Are The Kinds of Friends?

Did you know that there are four kinds of friends according to the Buddhist teachings? Lord Buddha had described four types of friends we should try to find. They are as follows,

  1. The helper
  2. The enduring Friend
  3. The mentor
  4. The compassionate friend.

Once She Said.

I have met a lot of friends in my life. Both fake and real friends. I was not able to figure out who is real and who is fake. But with the time I realized who is real and who is fake. I think I was successful. Now I have great friends and a best friend. My best friend, she taught me what life is. Once as a friend and once as a mother she taught how to face difficulties and I learnt millions of things from her. After I met her a majority found out that I have became mature and I have the capability of enduring sadness. She is really a kind friend.

It was a day which I was really feeling sad. And I remember her kind words helped me to make up my mind. That day I realized what is the meaning of the word "friendship" and also what kind of a person my friend really was. I can't convert that feeling into words. I realized that I will never feel alone because of her. I think you all have that kind of a friend. You must have one. We all need that friend. If there's not I will be your friend!

I collected information.

I wanted to know how others feel and what kind of an idea the people around me have about friendship. So as a result of my search I collected the following things.

  • "having a great friend is a blessing, you learn a lot from them and they correct your bad habits but their world is filled with so many fakes who do not understand the gravity of real friendship and try to take advantage of you in various matters. Also with time, friends change, friendships diminished and people who once were so close become strangers we avoid. My advice don't settle for fake friends even if you do't have any friends, wait for the good ones to come along."
  • "friendship is for me to trust the other Person without any doubts. Also that you can do so much mad works as you want and he/she will not judge but will laugh with you."
  • "Friendship is hard to keep,easy to lose."

Three of mu friends gave me above ideas and thorough those words I realized how different people think differently about things. You have to find the real friend among your friends and the fake ones too. Once you find her or him don't ever let her/him leave you. No you don't need to do that because real friends will never leave.


Friendship is a precious thing and don't fake it. All of the people worth to have real friends and you worth to be a real friend. Live happily in your life and do not deceive or get deceived. Be with your friend both in difficult and good times. I have experienced what friendship is and want all of you to have it.

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I tried my best to give you the best information with my knowledge and also I got help from some of my friends too. However if there is anything that you think, it will be better to add or if there is any errors. Please let me know.

Be a good friend ! Have a good friend !

Have a nice day!

Stay safe!


Shawindi Silva (author) from Sri lanka on August 25, 2020:

Yes, I have experienced it. My best friend always help me when I have a trouble and she never let me do the wrong thing. Best friends will never let his or her friend to walk towards the darkness. That's what friendship is and also they will never leave us both in good times and difficult times. Friendship is a beautiful thing but only if you have a real friend.

Thank you for reading and appreciating!

Have a nice day and stay safe !

Prithviraj Shirole from India on August 25, 2020:

Wonderful words of wisdom on friends. Good friends play an important role in our life. They support us and correct us if we do a mistake.

Shawindi Silva (author) from Sri lanka on August 25, 2020:

Absolutely yes!

It's a strength to have a real and a sincere friend.

Thank you for reading !!

Have a nice day..

Amy on August 25, 2020:

Great article Shawindi!

As we grow up, we realise one true friend is all you need.

Quality of friendship matters, not the quantity!!

Shawindi Silva (author) from Sri lanka on August 24, 2020:

Yes, it's not easy to find real friends. Having a friend, a real friend is like having a treasure.

Thank you for stopping by !!

Have a nice day!

Danny from India on August 24, 2020:

Nice article, we need friends to share our innermost feelings. But true friends are really rare. Friendship blooms when we understand each other's moods so well that there is no need for words.

Shawindi Silva (author) from Sri lanka on August 23, 2020:

Thank you for your appreciation.

I understand, loss of a beat friend is one of the most difficult aituations we face in our lives. But they are alive in our hearts forever. Best friends always live forever in our hearts. Don't worry, your friend must be in a good place by now. What you have to do is to live happily and be an honest person as an honor to your friend.

Have a nice day!

Stay safe! And thank you for stopping by.

Liza from USA on August 23, 2020:

Two years ago, my best friend past away due to breast cancer. We used to share stories and exchanged thought with each other. It was one of the best times I ever had while I was a student living in a city in Malaysia. To me, a friend should be someone that you can trust, and she/he should be a great listener. Friendship is important. Right now, my husband is my best friend. Thank you for a great article about having friends in our lives, Shawindi.

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