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Ways to have a successful marriage


Ways to have a successful marriage

Both men and women have to work hard to make any marriage a success. No single person can make a marriage successful.
Based on my thoughts and experience, both husband and wife have to do their part. First of all, the husband has to have a successful job, and secondly, he has to be sexually strong. Because no matter how powerful and beautiful a man is if he doesn't have a well-paying job and he is not sexually strong, he can do nothing to make the marriage a success.
On the other hand, a wife must be an expert in domestic affairs in order to make her marriage a success, and secondly, she must keep her beauty as much as possible. Because after marriage, no matter how educated and wealthy a girl maybe, if she cannot take care of her home, and maintain her beauty, she will not be able to maintain her marriage for long. ۔
Remember, marriage is the weakest relationship in the world, which can break at any time, but it can be strengthened if the husband and wife show wisdom and understanding.

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