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Washing of the Feet - Lessons in love and Humility

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Feet washing - Love and Humility

Love and humility are the basic qualities needed for any relationship to last. Without love there can be no relationship and without humility, forgiveness and the like, it is a dead end road. As, I was contemplating on these things, over the last few weeks, this one picture of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples came to mind frequently. The washing of feet is one of the most meaningful traditions in the Catholic Church which, I truly, have a great regard for. This was a tradition started by Jesus himself. It was not meant to become a meaningless ritual that it may have become. The washing of the feet by Jesus was a teaching lesson in practice, he not only taught his disciples a lesson in love and humility, but also demonstrated it to them. A rabbi in the Jewish tradition was a respected man, honoured and cared for by his disciples. Here was a rabbi who broke all traditions to set the new ‘habit of humility’. By doing the work of a slave, he made his teaching 'the meek or the humble shall inherit the earth', more meaningful. It was not enough to preach, he also had to practice the principles that he taught. Today we find so many preachers who teach, but do not follow any of the things that they teach, their teaching is mainly for others. Here was a man who walked the talk to the very end. The Messiah or the promised saviour for whom Israel waited, to come and save them from slavery and oppression became a slave for the sake of love.


Foot washing service

When the priest washes the feet of the elders of his parish following this tradition, on Maundy Thursday, it is an exercise in humility for him. The priest is the custodian of the Church and the leader of his congregation. He is accustomed to giving orders to his councils and committees and getting his work done through them. It is very rarely that the priest is expected to exercise humility. This tradition of washing of the feet requires him come down to the level of a slave. It calls for humility and meekness to sit at the feet of those who serve him and wash their feet and wipe them. Once a priest told me that this was too menial a thing to do. A few years later, the same priest told me that it was from this tradition of the Catholic Church that he learned to live a life of humility. Now, he truly values the lesson he learned at the feet of his parishioners.

You could have traditions and customs which, can remain as just traditions and customs. It takes a deeper spiritual experience to learn from the traditions that you follow. You could call it an experience of God or a spiritual experience or an experience of humanity. The truth is “the meek shall inherit the Earth” because the meek have nothing to prove, nothing to fight against and nothing to lose. All they do is gain, and gain all the time

Love and humility in relationships

I did not intend this to be a religious discussion. I am more interested in the lesson of love and humility in human relationship. Last year, when we had a retreat for couples, we were told to wash each other’s feet. As I stooped down to wash my husband’s feet I was reminded of all that he had done for me. He almost gave up everything he may have owned, not only that, he risked being disowned by his family. A hard decision to make, but he gladly did it for me. I was happy to wash and wipe his feet …but it was not the water that was provided with which I washed his feet, it was tears of love, gratitude and more than everything, the joy of having someone so special in my life. Somehow, it became an act of tenderness and love to wash his feet.

I asked my husband (who is a man of few words and rather reserved) what it meant to him. He told me, that as he comes from a different set of beliefs, he found the concept of washing another's feet unacceptable and ridiculous initially. He also told me that this meant that his ego and pride had to be buried before he could could do such an act. He felt empty at first, but then experienced a great rush of love and tenderness, which so overpowered him, that he felt tears stinging his eyes as he washed and wiped my feet. (okay Su, there you, go I wrote it ).


Washing of the Feet - Lesson in Gratitude

This brings to mind that one attitude that we give the least importance to or maybe even taken for granted, the attitude of gratitude. From many years of knowing a person or living with a person, we tend to forget this attitude of gratitude. I need to remind myself sometimes of all that my husband has done for me and continues to do for me, especially when I am mad at him for something or the other. At times we could ask ourselves, so what, I have also devoted my life to this person or done this or that for him or her. The truth is when you do good, you release goodness into the world and it is not yours anymore. It has a life of its own to go and beget more goodness. When we recall the good we have done by comparing it and weighing it against the acts of others, our works are meaningless. You are wondering why I say so - that is because we have now released the spirit of questioning, distrust and business and have destroyed the act of love and goodness it was meant to be. Love is no business, it is a matter of the heart and is neither quantifiable nor can it be qualified.

Lessons in Love and Humility

Mother Teresa is one person who comes to mind when we talk about humility, love and service. She was the spirit of love upon this land. She did not just wash the feet of people, she washed their leprous sores, bathed those abandoned on the streets and loved and cared for them. Can there be a greater love than this?

My thoughts led me further, to a story of a young man whose life was changed by love. I heard this story about their meeting from his mouth. This young man was pretty worldly, the lead singer of his local band, dreaming of making it big someday in the music world. In the course of the tour of his band he had an opportunity to meet with Mother Teresa. This young man with his mane flying across his face looking every inch the pop star that he wanted to be, looked into pools of love, mesmerized. She looked him directly in his eye and without any introduction, told him ‘Son, go and sing for the glory of God’. Within months the young man fulfilled all his prior commitments and started singing gospel music. This was a man who did not know much about God or gospel music. He is today a full time preacher; he truly washes the feet of men, because he was touched by love. Such is the quality of love and humility.

The most Important Lesson in Life

True love is the most powerful thing in this universe, as it is birthed out of humility and sacrifice. Love conquers all and the humble inherit the earth. It was the Mother’s humility and love that took her to the nations of the world, to stand among the leaders of the world and talk about love and humility. Oh! how I wish we could all emulate her. A soul so filled with love, compassion and humility. I would not have minded prostrating myself at her feet, if I only had a chance to have met her like the young man in my story did. He said,"I don’t know what happened, I have never touched anyone’s feet, but I fell at her feet and she lifted me up in love and one look into her eyes changed my life."

Maybe, we do not have to wash each other’s feet to learn this lesson, but this is a lesson that changed my life. This lesson of love and humility that has made me whole, a lesson that I keep learning day after day in my interaction with others. A lesson that I will learn until my last breath! It will remain to me the most important lesson of my life. The lesson of love and humility, the lesson of washing of feet.


jay on May 25, 2014:

Hello Last night I dreamed a lady second in command from my corporate office.( A very large corporation so in the natural she would never do this) washed my feet. I protested at first because her position is so much higher than mine, until she said NO I HAVE TO DO THIS .

Does any one have any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

Sophie (author) on April 10, 2012:

Hi Ladiya, Thanks for the visit and the question. I love dreams and the one you have had seems to be prophetic in nature. Washed and dressed in clean robes for discipleship.. Appears like you have a journey ahead of you.. a journey of a disciple. God be with you!

ladiya on April 08, 2012:

Hi there,

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I dreamt two days ago that a man washed my feet with a jar of pure water. I was in white robes.. Does anyone know what this means?

most gracefully thankful for you help.


Sophie (author) on April 20, 2011:

Love and ((((((hugs)))))) back to you !! Keep smiling !!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 20, 2011:

Thank's again sofs. God Bless


Sophie (author) on April 20, 2011:

Ruby, I am a born again believer too in the purest sense of the word, because I am born of His seed, His Word! Those who are born of God are in love, as God is love (letter of John.) Love is the the most powerful and most awesome expression of human emotion in the world :)I Love you to life :) Never tire of doing Good!! (((hugs)))

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 20, 2011:

Thank you sofs, I feel so much better. Your beliefs are the same as mine. To have love is the most important aspect of living. Take care my friend.

Cheers and Hugs

Sophie (author) on April 20, 2011:

Ruby, you are such a darling. You are such an honest person. The washing of the feet can remain a ritual but it can take deeper meaning if we allow the Spirit to work in us. Yes, some priest have committed crimes against humanity, there is no denying it. I believe God is the just and righteous judge. I love Christ but not organized religion. Building up the church should rightly mean building up God's people. If only we can do what the Christ himself did, we may not be so terribly wrong. To love is all he taught.

Thank you for the blessing and the love. (((((hugs))))))

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 20, 2011:

Your writing has brought tears. I feel ashamed. When my Son told me that he and his wife washed other's feet.. I scoffed, thinking it was unneccessary. I know i was wrong to feel that way, and i will tell him so. I've always thought that Mother Teresa was a Godly woman. I was unaware of the Priest washing feet. I only think of them as hurting Children... Passing judgement on all for a few is also wrong. I pray that i will be more understanding. I love God. I am a born again believer. I am a skeptic when it comes to a church building.. Mega millions spent on a building when people are hungry all over the world. Thank you so much. I am happy that you have love in your heart. God Bless you and Your Family.

Sophie (author) on April 20, 2011:

Thank you Paradise, for endorsing my views, I can see that there are not many who subscribe to these views. I appreciate your stopping by and your comment.

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on April 20, 2011:

Really lovely hub!! Thanks--we could always use the reminder in humility.

Sophie (author) on April 20, 2011:

Hi Rekha, it is always a pleasure to find a comment from you. I am so glad that you chose to read this hub of mine. I believe we constantly need a lesson in humility, don't we, after what we had been through. I can tell you that our sharing was another reason why I wrote this. At least for me I need to constantly remind myself that my Master washed the feet of his disciples and I am no greater than Him. I am sure you agree with me :) Thanks for being with me in spirit and encouraging me, I appreciate it. God Bless!

rekha on April 20, 2011:

Thanks for this very important article. We in this world are so taken up with the "pride of life", that it manifests in us in various forms. Sadly, we have gotten used to it and it has become our way of life. Glad you have put things in the right perspective.

Sophie (author) on April 19, 2011:

CMCastro, thanks for adding value to the hub, this information you provide can help people understand the value of humility, is to stir up the heart. Somehow the washing of the feet is and will always remain a valuable lesson to me. You are welcome to link to this hub as you please, I am honored. I truly appreciate your sharing.

Christina M. Castro from Baltimore,MD USA on April 19, 2011:

So beautifully written. I am a "Missionary" at heart and I am a professional nurse. In my daily profession I am known to wash my patient(s) from head to toe, but the greatest part of the bod to wash are the feet. With out healthy feet, the body physically suffers because it is so important to stimulate the blood circulation of the feet so it can go back to the heart. The spiritual concept of washing the feet is that God's ground is sacred and we should honor his Temple as pure and Holy. I totally support you with your examples from your church experiences. As a child growing up, I always wanted to know why Jesus washed his disciples' feet, and then as an adult, I learned that it is a humbling experience to wash some one else's feet and to have someone wash your feet is a precious experience as well. Thanks so much for sharing this hub. I would like to link it with my hub, "Tim To Keep Your Feet Healthy".

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