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Waiting Patience

What I learned about love from heartbreak, is that our patience to wait.



Wait. Just be patient. There will be days when the heartbreaks of the past will catch up with you. Perhaps for a minute, perhaps for a day, and perhaps for a lot longer than is fair to your heart. It could come to you unexpectedly through a song, the simple mention of a name, an old photograph, or even the rain. It could be the wind whispering something unexpected into your heart, or the way the clouds cover the sun on one of many cloud-obscuring days.

It will claw into you, hold a vengeful grip on you, and drag you down to the earth. It will knock the wind out of you and begin scratching at your surface until it has scraped its way into your inner core.

It will pierce you to the deepest of your heart and soul till you bleed. It'll be painful. It'll hurt a lot. It will remind you of a pain you can't imagine your heart can bear and survive for much longer. It will exasperate you, and it might just trickle from the corner of your eyes.

It cannot, however, defeat you. That won't happen again. Never, ever again. As you walk through that moment, be defenseless and sad, but never be ashamed of your fragility. Standing up for and defending your weaknesses has a name, and it's called love. It is the only thing worth fighting for in the entire world.

It is the only thing worth battling for in the world. It is the one thing that we all seek and deserve in this entire universe. Slowly inhale until you can breathe normally again. Claw your way out slowly, remembering how far you've gone and how courageous you've been.

Love has challenged you to be braver than you ever imagined you could be. You've been through far more than your brave self could have imagined. You've created miracles out of situations where you should have fallen apart.

You have the moon and the stars to yourself, so look up as you climb out and never look down again. You've returned home from a war in which you fought bravely. Inhale, exhale, and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments.

Then take a moment to remember. Remember that, rather than replacing your gentle heart with a cold one, you've strengthened an already delicate one. Instead of giving up, you continued. You've raised your head and stared everyone else straight in the eyes, firmly and fearlessly. You've successfully hidden your emotions beneath your smiles while turning each obstacle into an adventure.

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Remember that you have always trusted your worth, even when you have doubted it. The razor-sharp thorns could have blinded you, but instead you saw only the beauty of the flowers. Instead of creeping around as a caterpillar, you transformed into a butterfly with gorgeous wings that allowed you to soar through the air.

Never scold your bruised heart and don't be so harsh on yourself. If you believe love has abandoned you, rejected you, rebelled against you, or forgotten you, it was never intended to be a love journey in the first place. If your heart was injured by another, it was never his to bruise in the first place.

Remember that there isn't much more you can give than pure and simple love and devotion if you ever feel like you've failed miserably at love or haven't given enough. If being loved was more difficult than loving, it was never your love to begin with. Just be patient. Wait and be gentle to yourself. There are thousands of butterflies just waiting to find a home inside of you, so be patient.

Wait for the trouncing of your heart each time you see his face. Wait for the quivering of your hands when the light on your phone lights up. Wait for the tremble in your voice when you hear his voice.

Wait for the warm feeling of his hand on your skin. When he's close, expect your entire being to be vulnerable. When he says your name, listen for the tremor in his voice. Wait for the hands to search through yours. Wait for the arms to wrap themselves around you perfectly. Keep your eyes open for the kiss that will launch you into the stars. Wait, because when he arrives, he'll feel right at home.

The emotions that can break your heart are sometimes the very one that heals it.

— Nicholas Sparks

Love will always find you, Always.


Lovely Tolentino (author) from Philippines on June 18, 2021:

Thank you Brenda. I appreciated that it came from you.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 17, 2021:

Awesome writing.

I love it.

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