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Why Voluptuous Women Are Sexy

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Curvy Couture of BBW in Lingerie Fashion


Cravings for More Big Beautiful Women

We live in an age where women receive a constant bombardment of endless belittling for being a plus size. Not only has everyday society been brutal towards larger people but, in the past decade, the medical health industry has joined the cause.

Many healthcare professionals are pushing slightly overweight women and men into costly, invasive surgeries. With ever-increasing numbers, medical illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia are no longer hush hushed, rather an acceptable fashion trend.

What is even more disturbing (about today’s society) is witnessing influential people in a young girl's life, acting as an enforcer to the skinny ideology. All too often women, under the tutelage of their own parents, are told to lose weight and even shown how. Some mothers even go as far as to make their daughter use crash diets.

Many of today’s role models push women into thinking that they have to be thin to be sexy. Not even the mightiest of women are excluded from this plaguing idea. One only has to look at Oprah Winfrey's own trials and tribulations (to stay skinny) to understand, how awful the mainstream media can be on plus size women.

The Red Hot Glamazons

What Equals Sexy

There has been of late, a growing lack of concern given toward women who are left facing many undesirable consequences, due to extreme weight loss. Women base so much of their self worth off the idiotic notion that they are ugly, not sexy, and unwanted all because of their weight. With so many women out there suffering from low self-esteem, why does society deem it necessary to place so much self worth on size?

In communities across the world, many women suffer from a wide range of stress related ailments, due to the added pressures placed upon them to be thin. Many women cave to the pressures to be thin, and soon find themselves suicidal, depressed, physically sick and/or in debt. This burden to be thin leaves countless people victimized by failure, as they crumbled under the added weight to fit within the bylaws of a materialistic community. These bylaws are nothing more than empty inclinations. These concerns can happen rapidly when trying to lose weight. Especially for those who may have started a radical diet regimen or extreme change. Too little fat can have some very serious consequences. Many women do not realize that their body needs to consumed more fat grams, than the average male body does. In particular, women need to consume more food, high in Omega 3 oil. It is a scientific fact that without certain fats in a woman's diet, she will be more susceptible to fatty tissue tumors and fibroid tumors. Large and often painful fibroid tumors often lead to hysterectomies, and the fatty tissue tumors create large protruding masses below the dermis skin layer. But those are not the only abnormalities that could occur.

  • Some additional abnormalities; hair loss, brittle finger and toe nails, irregular menstrual periods, thyroid problems, kidney infections, mineral imbalances, irregular bowel movements, decreasing immune systems, higher blood pressure, extreme cardiac stress, etc. None of which are my ideals of what equals sexy!

Take Action

  1. Women at any size should be told how beautiful their bodies really are. If a woman is overweight, start by suggesting a healthy diet of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lean meats. They need to know it is not necessary to starve themselves in order to lose weight. More importantly, why is it necessary for them to lose weight to appease your ideas of what looks good? Gentlemen, do not take it for granted that your woman is healthy. If she is "fat and lazy" help her change her habits, by implementing the first step, to stop being fat and lazy yourself.
  2. She needs to know there is never a time, where it becomes a necessity to purge. I personally believe that men need to take responsibility for their own behaviors such as; remaining silent or saying harsh words to their companion. What women really need to hear is for them to maintain a health conscientious mindset, eat a nutritional diet, and stay active or exercise.
  3. Men need to support the idea that not everyone can be thin. Mainstream media is another outlet where fat women are often berated mercilessly. Women would gain more self-esteem if the magazines, newspapers, and television reality shows- started focusing more on women's health and the importance of staying active and introducing moderate exercise techniques. Regardless of a person's weight that person should be advise to walk around the block or two, instead of going on crash diets. A daily activity like the one just suggested, will help keep them in shape. Women just need to stay active. They also require more exercise than men. But many woman cave in when the word exercise is mentioned. So instead, women just need to be reminded to stay positive and active.

Gorgeous Plus Size Swim Model

Male Participation Poll

XL Means Extra Lovin

  • It is a certain fact that on the average; 20 minutes of intercourse burns 250 calories.
  • Men should work harder at helping their partner maintain, a well balanced life.
  • Regardless of who she is, men need to be asking more women to go on walks, to the gym, on bike rides, or a nice swim in the summer. The only thing women and men need to worry about is staying active, while they consume a good healthy diet of nutritional foods.
  1. Their weight should not matter.
  2. The size of their clothes should not matter. In my mind XL means = Extra Lovin' (if you get my meaning).
  3. Guys- as men, we need to go back to asking a woman out, based off of want is desired from a woman, when she becomes a part of our inner existence.
  4. Mismatched relationships connected only by materialistic beauty, only lead to more unhappiness in an already f'uped world.

Love Her Plump Body

Big boned women have a certain softness to their bodies. Its hard not to notice that voluptuous body lines, are what creates the awesome curves, all plus size women have. When lying together with such a woman, one cannot help but to press harder and deeper, in order to feel more of what she possibly has to offer me.

When it comes to a woman’s appearance, a fuller, healthier woman has a stronger, undeniable beauty. Healthy, robust, women have better skin and a glow about them. Their skin also feels more conditioned, plusher, and softer to the touch. It seems that healthy woman have a passionate field of enduring combinations, which make their beauty erotic and exceptional.

  • Whereas unhealthy or real skinny women lack the vivaciousness, a curvaceous healthy woman offers. Super skinny women are drawn in, sallow colored, and bony to press up against. Skinny women also lack the added cushion on their backside, breasts, and thighs that makes intimate connections more erotic and sensual. When they get older, they have to get botox injections to make them less wrinkled. Botox injections. Where as a plump woman, just eats nice delicious slice of key lime pie, and she not only looks younger, she tastes good.

Without the soft padding of a BBW, making love feels slightly colder and not as warm, and is nothing like the comforts of pressing up against a fuller woman's lavish curves. Moreover, plus size woman are more pleasant to hold, caress, and love. Counting vertebrae and ribs ladies, just is not my style.

Hot Sizzling Plus Size Pop Art by J Rose

This is my favorite size.  Yummy

This is my favorite size. Yummy

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The Artistic Body

  • Famous artists like Courbet, purposely chose heavy set women to paint. Their softer fleshy rolls and fuller hips, danced off canvases, sexually enticing all who were engulfed by their beauty. As these paintings wetted the appetite of men viewers, many lucky women reap the rewards that such ravish desired brought forth.
  • There are many unknown and known artist's that paint or have painted fully figured, completely nude, women. Artist such as Jury Frantsuzov, Elena Lee, Edouard Manet, and Courbet.
  • For Pop Culture art of fat women, turn to fattie artist J Rose.


Marsprofane8 from Abuja on August 14, 2012:

I think all women are beautiful regardless of their size. If we start putting emphasis on voluptuous women, the fast food joints are going to be flooded with a lot of girls which would lead to a lot of gastrointestinal problems. The message we should be sending to women and girls is that they should accept their bodies whatever sizes they are, plus we should educate parents and teachers to spread the message. Society sucks, a lot. Excellent hub!

Ryan1982 on August 22, 2011:

I absolutely love curvy, voluptuous women. I can't wait for the day when it becomes a mainstream look. The models labeled "plus size" are the sexiest women in the world to me. Seriously. I am almost selfishly glad that alot of guys are only into skinny girls...more voluptuous beauties for me. Celebrate your curves ladies because this guy loves it.

Tercep on May 19, 2011:

If Hollywood was trying to set a fashion with sticks, its over. Curved are here to stay. I love them and think that a woman without it is not arrive to her maturity...

Even the paintings from Greeks and others well known painters were showing women with CURVES... hello....

funmontrealgirl from Montreal on March 22, 2011:

Lovely, lovely hub.

RKHenry (author) from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA on August 19, 2010:

Help, check out my hub Fattie Females. I would write a book report on JRose. But the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries saw a surge in paintings of voluptuous women. If you go through my hubs featuring different painters, some of the painters I have listed, painted the "real" woman. Sorry so late, just got off work. Good Luck!

Help! on August 19, 2010:

Hi, I'm doing a school project and cannot find any site that tells me when artists used to paint voluptuous women. If you know, could you give me a time period or something, like during the Renaissance or the Victorian Times for example. Please reply ASAP! It's due tomorrow!

RKHenry (author) from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA on July 15, 2010:

You got that right Jay. Glad you stopped by.

Jay on July 15, 2010:

ahhh!until now,i thought as if i'm the only guy who desires Voluptous Fems!Healthy upright females are really beautiful!

MzGiggles2Live from Nebraska on May 22, 2010:

Kudos to you RK!!! I am new here just joined today and was surfing around the various hub neighborhoods and found this article. I wish more men who are truly into us plus gals had the courage to not only write of their affection but display it as well. Unfortunately, so many let society dictate their lives and their deep down preference remains a dirty secret of sorts. Thank you for this detailed and very enlightening article. The art work was an excellent touch too.

Tom Cornett from Ohio on May 19, 2010:

As Freddie Mercury sang in his song,"Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go round!" :) Cool hub. :)

RKHenry (author) from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA on April 04, 2010:

That I do. Women with fuller figures, know how to rock my world.


buddamomma47 from Vancouver,Washington on February 26, 2010:

Thank RK,

I am more the size of the first pic,but I have to say,I find it distasteful,I just don't think ladies that big look good in that sort of thing,call me old fashioned ,I think more clothes just leave's more to the imagination.

I gained my weight the right way,Mother hood,My first child I gained 75 pds,and even tho I tried to loose it, only 35 came off,my second child was suppose to be a triplet,and I got huge,my third child I gained nothing,I just got wider.

I am one of those gal's that just cant seam to loose,so I assume this is the way I am suppose to be.

But it was sad the day in a local grocie store when a young man kept snorting like a pig at me.I told him he would look like this to if he had been pregnant with triplets,he just kept doing it,I have to say I wanted to beat him senseless, after that I have felt bad about my size and wish I could take a magic pill to loose the weight ,ok maybe a 150 pds.

As for the world' view on fat,I say BA-HUM-BUG!

It is not right that large people get such a bad rap.

There is such a thing as fit fat,the old time Doctor's that where taught before 40 yrs ago ,know what I am talking about.

I say if men really do like the larger ladies,then it is time they make it known,why don't you guy's organize a protest at some fashion industry.

If you all did not know (Mr Spock)Lenard Neamoe takes nude photo's of large people.

Thank to all you men who LOVE us LARGER Ladies.

nomoretrucks from scotland on February 23, 2010:

Wow with capital W, Women who fit their clothes and are not slaves to western modern media magazines with their narrow focus.These women ooze confidence and sexiness greater than any of the constant dieters with restricted conevrsations and appetites.

Curvy women are a joy to take a second glance at.Your hubs are deep and wide in content. A great read, keep on hubbing!

knell63 from Umbria, Italy on December 16, 2009:

If you are a fan of women, you have to love the curve, otherwise they look like 14 year old school boys. Great hub sign me up for the fan club.

bearclawmedia from Mining Planet Earth on December 02, 2009:

Well done mate! Informative and helpful and well researched.

Jefferson Darcy on October 08, 2009:

Nothing is more fun than going out with voluptuous women. You can take them out, actually not have any guilt about eating a real meal (ie steaks not rice cakes) and being bugged with questions like "do I look fat?". Plus when it comes to sex voluptuous women know how to make a guy feel like a man.

kartika damon from Fairfield, Iowa on September 03, 2009:

Adorable - you are very funny and make some excellent points!

hienergybrain on August 26, 2009:

BRILLIANT!! I have long told people that men don't want sticks but the only evidance i had was that men like me and im not terribly skinny so thank you so much, im going to have some of my friends read this hub because it really is true men LOVE softness in a woman

Nicole from Michigan (the Mitten), United States on August 17, 2009:

I LOVE this hub, it's good to hear from a man how sexy curves look.

Personally, I do not have much of a problem with myself. I am 5'4" and 180 pounds. I have had curves since I was 12 and believe me, it is harder growing up with them than without them. When I say curves, I mean a behind, and a front end. I'm only 19 and there are so many girls younger and older that have such a problem with their bodies that they turn to unhealthy habbits that turn to desease like bulimia and anorexia. I can't count how many girls in high school had these habbits, and why did they have them? Because people are cruel and refuse to accept that someone can be beautiful and not rail thin. I admit, it is becoming to be more accepted to be curvey and sexy, but not enough and not as much as the complete opposite.

I think that the media can do whatever they want because ultimatly, it's the people that control the media. If the people don't like what the media is writing about then why do we always pick up that magazine and buy it? They just keep writing about the same stuff because the people keep buying their merchindise.

It's hard to be comfortable with your body when you can't find clothes that fit you well because they are made for less curvey women. Pants that are to tight on the theighs, or that you can get on, but good luck moving in them. When you go to a clothes store again, look around at all the models on the pictures above the racks. What do they look like? Chances are, they have a "perfect" body and they're wearing the pants you want. Why do clothing companies only have bigger models in the plus size section? Aren't there girls that are bigger that aren't plus sized? When are we going to really stop putting this pressure on ourselves?

katielizzy on August 17, 2009:

Fantastic article, really enjoyed reading it. I'm a curvy girl and let's just say it has never done me any harm. This is something i am really passionate about and it seems you are too. Fab!

Amanda on August 09, 2009:

Great article! However, I would like to correct a misconception. You say that "it is not necessary to starve themselves in order to lose weight". Unfortunately, for many women it IS the only way if they want to be THIN. I lost 25 lbs through healthy diet and exercise and kept it off for 3 years, but my body simply refuses to lose more. I'm not overweight anymore. But at a size 12 and 140 lbs, today's society still considers me "fat" or at the very least "chubby". I don't think I am - but I know the majority of people do. While everyone emphasizes health as the main reason to lose weight, the reality is that LOOKS is what matters, and why most people want to lose weight. Because society teaches us that as soon as you have even a little bit of flab on your body, you're automatically "unhealthy" and "overweight". As soon as someone sees a Buddha belly or thick thighs or the slightest bit of cellulite, you're immediately told to "put down the Big Mac", even though in reality you haven't touched one in years. What women need to realize above all is that not everyone is created equal, and not everyone CAN be thin. As long as a woman is healthy, she should feel happy about her body and stop trying to achieve the unachievable.

RKHenry (author) from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA on August 01, 2009:

billray, I'm sure many women will greatly appreciate your comment.

billyray on August 01, 2009:

This is what VOLUPTUOUS means when I look at the ladys in this . I am going to find more of these photos . I think that all ladys should look like . Ture women know this the way GOD made them look!!!!!!!!!

Riss on July 15, 2009:

It's so sad that the only people writing this stuff are black men mostly. My bf of 3 years is black and he feels the same way you do. I know some white guys do too...but most of them just need to grow up and stop following the media....I would be considered thick by some deluded people's standards (mainly Hollywood) and I'm only a size 6/7..if some women are a bit bigger than me, that's fine...but it's getting ridiculous that 6 is the new size 10 and 2 is the new size 6....sheesh!

Quizzle on July 07, 2009:

I think that the support of men will help a lot. Many commercials use a "blackmail" technique, telling you you will never get married, have a relationship, etc. unless you are thin enough to disappear behind the average light pole. When men make their true preferances known, many women listen.

Arby Bourne from USA on June 24, 2009:

It's a really interesting dynamic to examine, how the ideal of beautiful changes for society at large (no pun intended) through time. I think anyone who buys into all the crap will never feel satisfied with their physical self. We're always being told that we're not quite good enough, but that we could be if we'd just buy something (a surgery, a diet pill, a cosmetic item).

The women you selected are stunning. I am so glad that different men (and women) like different types of women! If everyone felt like you I'd be out of luck!! lol I wish people would be less judgemental all around. I've certainly faced lots of rudeness and such on account of my being skinny.

Sexy ladies come in lots of shapes & sizes, much like many things in life. I don't think a tulip is better than a rose or a lily - though I may have a preference for one over the other. I think more men feel like you than not, many won't admit it though because their buddies hold them to such a narrow standard of what's "hot."

Susan Reid from Where Left is Right, CA on June 22, 2009:

These women are flat-out gorgeous. I had hoped that artists like Queen Latifah, Beyonce and Cameron Manheim would enlighten the public to the inherent beauty of larger women. Beyonce has gotten smaller, succombing to the pressures of a thin-obsessed public. Queen Latifah I also think was representing one of those diet chains for awhile.

Keep wondering when Rubenesque is going to come back into fashion!

Triplet Mom from West Coast on June 22, 2009:

Wonderful hub RK. I appreciate seeing women with real bodies.

RKHenry (author) from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA on June 22, 2009:

Thanks Randy. Twinkies are by far my favorite.

Randy Behavior from Near the Ocean on June 18, 2009:

Great hub RK, I'm off to eat a twinkie.

RKHenry (author) from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA on June 17, 2009:

Ralwus- you crack me up! Hey all thanks for stopping by. You know usauthor, the art pictures selected are just that "art". I don't know if I'm out of line showing one or two classical masterpieces of art of a nude body. To me they represent something more than just nipples. They represent classic features, rare beauty and wonderful reflective light from the color wheel. Other than that- I don't really see the nipples, I just see the masterpiece as it is intended. Thanks all for reading this hub. Hopefully women everywhere will get the message to eat more Twinkies once in awhile. Cheers! RK

usauthor from USA on June 16, 2009:

Big Beautiful Women... love the pics. btw, just wondering if it is ok to show nipples on hubpages?

ralwus on June 16, 2009:

Yeah Chris, they can eat crackers or me anytime in my bed.

Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on June 16, 2009:

The clothing designers keep saying they are going to "de-emphasize" the ultra-thin look by choosing healthier (my word) women to model their clothes, instead of the underfed "waif" look they use now, but they never do.  I don't understand how women can be sold this line of c*** when most men prefer a woman at least a little more shapely.  Women are supposed to be shapely, not thin as rails.

I have to agree with ralwus, to first picture is a too far to the other side for my tastes, but to each his own.  The rest of the ladies are quite alluring.

mayhmong from North Carolina on June 16, 2009:

LOL at ralwus. Didn't see that coming til I scroll down the page too. They are still beautiful and I don't think most of them looks like they should be considered in the plus size.

Richard Bivins from Charleston, SC on June 16, 2009:

I received my degree in history but will always be a student of history. If you look back in time and observe what was historically sexy, you can see certain trends in society. A voluptuous woman was always sexy and desired by men because their bodies were percieved as capable of handling the difficulties of child birth.

The recent trend, last 40 years or so, is the Barbie doll look and I think there are two correlations. 1) women entering the workforce and working alongside of men. 2) The rise of the porn industry over the same period of time.

There are more women in the pool of selection and with the rise of sexual liberation there is less of a demand for men finding wives for children and more demand for men finding women to lust over.

Men are not all to blame though. Women propagate the lustful desires of men by following and subjugating the trends of society instead of being comfortable with who they are.

men are dorks from Namibia on June 16, 2009:

The conception is thin is sexy... and as I watched these pics i tend to disagree. sexy-ness is in the eye of the beholder, right. They are pretty and atractive women.

There is nothing wrong with a voluptuous girl, men in general is fat too...

ralwus on June 15, 2009:

Ahhh real womens at last. Well, 'cept for the first one, that's too much woman for me.

shamelabboush on June 15, 2009:

Who said that to be thin is to be sexy? So absurd!!! I always liked chubby women no matter what. At least you can grab some flesh not bones! Amazing Hub dear.

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