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Revenge (Domestic Violence)

Her eyes were black and blue,

Her lip was swollen and busted,

this wasn't from a stranger,

but someone she loved and trusted.

The neighbors act like they don't see,

its none of their concern.

The bruises show the map of the pain that shes born.

Her screams have been heard,

time and time again,

but she has no,one,

not even her best friend.

The cops would come and leave,

nothing they could do,

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she wouldnt press any charges,

their work here was through.

On it went for years and years

and still nothing changed,

everyone heard her pleas ,

but no one stopped the pain.

one she reached the end

of her proverbial rope,

as the blows rained down on her,

a voice inside her spoke.

Oh no you dont,

not again, I have had enough,

She emptied the gun into his back

as he crawled across the floor.

© 2022 christalluna1124

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