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Valentine's day week ideas: Year 2015.


Valentine's day ideas

This year valentine day is on saturday, the 14 Feb. 2015. According to Mr. Romantic St. Valentine and all romantic valentines who love each other, valentines week is celebrated from 7 Feb, i.e. saturday again.

So, two happy weekends in one valentine week. Isn't it just wow ? It is wow !!

All of you will be very eager to know about dates, schedule & list of valentine's week. So, not overwhelming your eager, we are going to announce dates , list & schedule of valentine's week 2015.

Take a long breathe, hold your nerves, hold your heart. schedule for the year is as follows:

This valentine's week includes rose day, chocolate day, hugs day, teddy day, promise day, propose day, and finally the valentine's day.

Valentine's week day name list

7 February, saturday 2015: rose day

8 February, sunday 2015: propose day

9 February, monday 2015: chocolate day

10 February, tuesday 2015: teddy day

11 February, wednesday 2015: promise day

12 February, thursday 2015: hugs day

13 February, friday 2015: kiss day

14 February, saturday 2015: valentine's day

Do you love someone, if yes don't forget to read this

Do you really love someone, If yes don't forget to read this page. As you know valentine's day is coming very soon. So, to avoid any misdeed, to avoid to forget any of the days of the valentine's week just bookmark this page.

To, show you love to your loved once share this page to Facebook, Twitter, and even Google plus. Who knows to which social networking site is your love stuck up.

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Hey guys/ girls don't only wish them but also make sure to buy special gifts for your romantic partner. As, chocolates, teddies, red roses along with some other awesome gifts.

Rose day

Valentine's week is starting on 7 Feb. saturday. The first days of this heavenly valentine's week is said as rose day.

Before buying a rose for a beautiful partner I just wanna warn you that on this day a rose is not a rose until it is red rose..

So, we may also call the day as red rose day.

Always book a rose a day earlier or you might fell short of roses cause now a days there is a lot of demand of red roses on the rose day. Most of the times they fell short of supply according to demand in the market. So, be extra cautious.

Bundle your confidence with roses

Always Bundle your Confidence with Roses. Take a Bouquet of as much Roses as much the confidence is with you for your Romantic valentine's partner. If 100 % confident buy roses equal to her age.

Propose Day

Giving and accepting roses is not enough in the path of love.

You still need to propose to your partner. She/He will still be waiting in midst of road for your propose. So, you definitely and finally need to propose them with full of confidence.

Normally , we advice people to go informally while talking to your partner, but this time you just need to give a formal proposal to her.


Top romantic ways to propose your partner

There is only one thumb rule while proposing that don't overdo your proposal. Be simple, special and sweet. Be yourself and be creative. Listen to your heart.

  • The most old historical and ancient way to propose is to bend on your knees and ask her "Would you like to be my valentine ?"
  • Take her to a long drive, play some romantic music of her choice. Sing a romantic song and ask them to join the saga of your Life.
  • Go for an elegant candlelight dinner, with wine glasses on the board. If you are not alchoholic than you may take mojito or some other mocktails. Pour a diamond/gold ring into her glass. Offer drink to her, when ring comes on the way, just Propose her to marry you.
  • A girl always dream of a boy , who proposes her in front of thousands of people. So, take her to a party, could be of college friends or colleagues or a family party if you dare. In the midst of the party, play a proposal music, just bend on your knees. Say, I love you. I bet, none of the girl can refuse this kind of proposals.
  • Take your would be to a place, where you met for the very first time with each other. Reaching there itself create some music saga in the mind of both of you. You will find it easier to Propose to your loving partner.
  • A romantic movie can also help you out of the problem. Watch the movie with your partner, at the time of interval with the pop corns, pop up a question "do you love me ?" It will be great to see her face reactions.
  • In the most of the cities radio FM is also available. You may simply call the radio jockey to call her and announce that you love her a lot, and play a song as well for the couple will really be very well enjoying as well.

Chocolate Day

On the day of chocolate day one need to buy a chocolate of the choice of the girl , he has proposed. Boys should buy best available chocolate according to their pocket. Or even above the pocket. Coz a good chocolate can cost approx. 200 -250 Rs. only at most.

But this can impress the girl a lot. It is just to indicate the girl that i care for your taste and happiness a lot. If she gets a chocolate she loves or the chocolate she dreams, she will feel very happy.

Two Hearts (love symbol)

Two Hearts (love symbol)

Hugs day, kiss day & valentine's day

After creating an atmosphere of your choice, Now, you are all set to hug her, kiss her and take her to your life.

Please note, this is the art which can neither be learnt nor taught.

All depends on atmosphere, your relation and heat between you two.

Hurry up,

Don't waste your time, Go and plan for your Valentine's Day.

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