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Valentine's Day messages for friends: Quotes, SMS, wishes and poems for guys and girls

Valentine's Day quote for friends

Valentine's Day quote for friends

Valentine's Day messages for friends can be tricky because saying I Love You to a friend may feel awkward. From sweet poems that celebrate the bond of a special relationship to Valentine's Day quotes for friends forever, this post allows you to express your feelings for your friends on a day that is traditionally celebrated by lovers. Post your wishes on Facebook, pass handwritten notes in class, tag your buddies in a tweet on Twitter, send out SMSes or simply write on a Valentine's Day card.

Valentine's Day messages for friends: Quotes, SMS and wishes for cards

1) The beauty of love and friendship is that neither replace either. Cheers to that on this Valentine's Day.

2) The best part of sending Valentine's Day messages to friends is that there is no fear of having your heart broken. Have a good one.

3) I don't love you because you are my friend. You are my friend because I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.

4) Life without friends would be like Twitter without 140 characters. So dull, so pointless. Happy Valentine's Day.

5) The comfort of a bff is like a warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning. Happy Valentine's Day.

6) You realize the importance of friends only when your lovers dump you. Happy Valentine's Day.

7) Relationships breakup but friendships are forever. Happy Valentine's Day.

8) Valentine's Day is all about celebrating relationships, and friendship is undoubtedly one of the purest ones.

9) Friends never say I Love You to each other because loving each other is a given in friendship. Happy Valentine's Day.

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10) If the love of a partner heals a broken heart, the love of a friend heals a broken soul. Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day.

11) Friends make you laugh while lovers expect you to make them laugh. Happy Valentine's Day.

12) The heart beats for the company of a true lover but it weeps for the company of a true friend. Thanks for making my heart stop weeping. Happy Valentine's Day.

13) When you think about someone and you can't sleep at night, that someone is your lover. When you think of someone and get a sound sleep, that someone is your friend. Wishing you a warm Valentine's Day.

14) On Valentine's Day, most lovers will demand a shoulder to rest on while most friends will be offering theirs. You have always been there for me. Thank you my dear friend.

15) A warm hug and a few laughs with friends are any day better than expensive dates and fake smiles. Wish you an awesome Valentine's Day.

16) Our friendship goes beyond red roses, chocolates, flowers and dates. It is based on smiles and memories. Happy Valentine's Day.

17) Friends are the people who you can love without giving them gifts or taking them out on expensive dates. Here's to celebrating Valentine's Day with awesome friends.

18) The meaning of I love You is always free of malice when it is said to a friend. So here it is – I love you and Happy Valentine's Day.

19) Valentine's Day is perfect for friends to express how much they love each other without feeling weird about it. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.

20) You can fall in love unknowingly but you need to walk into a friendship consciously. I'm glad I did with you my dear friend. Cheers to that on this Valentine's Day.

21) I don't mean to be a show off but with people like you in my life, I really do have the best friends in the world. Happy Valentine's Day mate.

22) Valentine's Day is Friendship Day part two - one more reason to celebrate and have fun with friends like you. Happy Valentine's Day.

23) Let's replace roses with DVDs, chocolates with pizza and wine with some chilled beer. Who said friends can't have fun on Valentine's Day?

24) Love can be fleeting and fragile but friendship is always forgiving and fabulous. Raising a toast to our friendship on this Valentine's Day.

25) Love is like the perfect friend – patient, reliable, awesome and supportive. And you are the perfect friend. Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day gifts for friends

Valentine's Day poems for friends: Short limericks for wishes, messages and cards

1) Movies, parties and hilarious dinners

We are the best of friends and always the winners

Hanging out together, laughing endlessly, cracking silly jokes

Late for classes, early for movies, always exchanging notes

We do all things together – study and play

Here's a moment to celebrate our relationship today

Buddy to you I wish, a very Happy Valentine's Day

2) Lovers speak their heart out

While friends listen to yours

Lovers throw anger bouts

While friends control yours

Love is all about giving and taking

While friendship is all about sharing

Happy Valentine's Day dear friend

3) You are my Valentine because you are so special

My guiding light, my darling angel

You are my Valentine because you make life worthwhile

For you I would do anything, jump off a cliff or run many a mile

Cheers to my best friend, my true Valentine

Yesterday, today and tomorrow – may you forever be mine

4) Thanks to you my friend, I say

For making my world so pure and right

Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day

And hugging you with all my might

5) A sweet friend deserves a sweet love note

A Valentine's Day hug and love quote

A lovely friend deserves a yellow rose

With a picture together in a cool pose

A cute friend deserves a warm hug

A peck on the cheek and a friendly tug

Happy Valentine's Day to you

6) Valentine's Day

Has painted the town red today

But all I want to say

To a friend from who I never want to stay away

Let us keep our fights at bay

Through thick and thin let us stay

Best friends for now and forever

Happy Valentine's Day to my friend so dear

7) A special day for a special friend

Demands awesome gifts and wishes to send

A day when we both can tell each other

That we are companions in joy and in pain brothers

My dear friend, wish you a beautiful Valentine's

May our friendship never see cracks or broken lines

Saying I Love You to a friend doesn't need to be awkward.

Saying I Love You to a friend doesn't need to be awkward.

8) I love you today tomorrow, forever

Clutching you by your arm, leaving you never

In my heart I say a little prayer

May you always be by my side in the future

Lets celebrate this Valentine's Day as friends

And go hand in hand, to discover life's new bends

9) Love does not require a gift

All the soul needs is a friendly uplift

Valentine's Day is for two friends fond

And lovers who unite in a unified bond

With my signature bear hug I want to say

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day

10) Let me sing you a love song

That speaks volumes of our friendship so strong

Let me write you a lovely note

Of being the best person ever, you get my vote

With my eyes, let me take your picture

That I can store in my heart forever

On this Valentine's Day let me tell you

What a great friend you have been, I love you

11) Valentine's Day is when friends give

A promise to each other to forever live

By one another's side, always holding hands

Remembering good old days of writing names on sands

I pledge my love to you dear friend, come what may

Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day

12) For all the graciousness, joy and care

Let me say, thank you for being there

For all the love, pampering and sticking by my side

Stick by forever, the pleasure of friendship I won't be denied

The perfect time to thank you is none other than today

Dear friend, Happy Valentine's Day

13) In front of the deep love in your eyes

Even a red rose seems like a smear

Summer's clear blue skies

Are dull against your cheer

Nothing compares to how I feel

When I think of you, I may even let out a yay

With your friendship, my life you heal

To my bff, happy Valentine's Day

14) When lovers hug, life seems warm and snug

When friends hug, life's worries are shrug

Friendly hugs, time and again

Is all you need, to live life without a complain

Valentine's Day is all about love

The bond of our friendship, is of all above

15) Besides being a perk, making a friendship work

Is a responsibility that you can't shirk

Valentine's Day celebrates relationships

From love affairs to friendships

Cheers to ours, such a lovely one

Caring, loving and a lot of fun


Erin from Dallas, TX on February 13, 2013:

I liked your hub a lot. It was very good, and the poems were great. I am new to this and would love to hear your thoughts on my hubs as well. Thank you!

crystal on January 29, 2013:

they are all great.i don't even know which one to chose for my friend

jenbeach21 from Orlando, FL on January 21, 2013:

Great quotes and poems for Valentine's Day. I love that you thought of friends too!

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