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Manifest Love in Life

Alnajda is a very passionate person towards growth, personal development and all different teachings of manifesting.

You can Manifest whatever you want in life, including Love

All of us can attract absolutely whatever we desire in life, including universal or romantic love as well. But first of all, we have to know also that we are the operant power, source of love within.
Being conscious and aware of ourselves on attracting love will result in a pure manifestation of Love itself in the physical realm.

Be open

One of the most important things when it comes to manifest anything is to stay open and to receive.
To open ourselves towards the gifts of the Universe we want to experience in life, to prepare ourselves mentally, spiritually about having what we desire.
Along with the state of openness comes along also the state of aware consciousness, we really need to be conscious in order to attract what we want.
Being conscious means to be fully aware of the beliefs and thoughts that circulate inside your head.

Be aware of the Beliefs

There are too many beliefs that live and have lived inside our heads for so long, which is perfectly fine as long as the human being is designed that way.

What's not perfect is the quality that embraces those beliefs.

Our lives are built through beliefs, everything is built through beliefs, different doctrines, dictatorships, religions, nations, and so on.

All of those above are a product of beliefs.

So we have built beliefs about ourselves as well during all the lifetime.

There are helpful and harmful beliefs when it comes to ourselves, the helpful beliefs are the beliefs we might have earned during working on projects we had to complete all alone and they resulted successfully, or due to the compliments, others have said to us eventually during our lifetime. Or we may have earned these positive beliefs also while battling some challenges in life we thought we could never make it through and it goes on like that.

While the harmful beliefs are beliefs that have harmed us in life such as You are too fat, you can never do anything, everything you do is worthless, you can not sing very well, you can not dance very well. You need to work or study harder you can never make me proud.

(parents statements)

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You can never find love, you are too ugly to find love and on and on and on.

So the beliefs we have earned through life are from outer sources which are neither right nor wrong because life itself has worked like that until now.

All of the harmful beliefs may be the cause of why many of us struggle to experience and manifest love in our lives.

But once we get in contact with the beliefs we are having, we can take action for further actions and progress.

Be aware of the harmful Beliefs

beliefs that might have hurt your feelings and your self-esteem.
Let yourself bring all of them, what you can remember to get out of you, to get out of your head, out of your energetic field and finally out of your life forever.
Order them strictly to get out of you and never come back.
There are many techniques to do that, but let's mention here the easiest and the most effective one such as writing them down.
So write all of them down, list all of them
Do not let anybody else see what you are doing, this is for yourself only and has to be between you and you only as well.

Replacing the harmful Beliefs

As you wrote all of the beliefs you remembered during your reflective time alone, now it is the moment to see what you can change to all of them.

For example, if one of your beliefs that is hindering you from experiencing love in your life would be: l am too ugly, it is recommended to be changed in, l am beautiful.
Maybe you will not believe it as well in the first place which is still totally fine, no need to judge the mind why it doesn't believe something instantly, that is how the mind works at last.

You can very well replace it with l am a good person and l have beautiful eyes, you can list at least a feature or a trait you feel confident about yourself.

Strengthening helpful Beliefs

Once you replaced the old harmful beliefs about yourself it is now the moment to strengthen the most helpful ones you possess.
Write them down as well, the beliefs you feel confident about, start feeling them, experiencing them, repeating them as much as possible during your reflective time with you and you.
Promise yourself that you are going to change that, that you are going to be open to experience love, joy, adventures, and that you will be able to reduce your harmful beliefs until you get completely rid of them.
One way of strengthening a helpful belief is by writing it multiple times, then you can continue with the next helpful one, and so on.

Vibrate Love

We get what we give.
Give out love to the Universe, to get it back right at you.
Start loving yourself more.
Start paying attention to your needs and desires more.
Buy urself gifts, write to your self cute notes, take yourself out to eat, start watching more romantic movies, listen to romantic, optimistic, joyful songs.
A way of vibrating love is also to start loving the people that surround you more, the beloved ones, elders, children, animals, plants, the Universe, and the process of life itself.
Be full of love, radiation, and kindness, make yourself a Goddess or God of love.

Affirmations for Attracting Love

I am worthy to be loved
I am open for love to come my way
I am very loved
I am very desired
I am in a happy loving relationship
I am blessed and full of love
only Love lies in front of me
Love is easy for me
Love also wants to find me
I am deserving to love
I am deserving to be loved
I love, Love and Love loves me back

Manifest Love with the Power of the words

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