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Top 10 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Worlds Biggest Coffee Cup

Worlds Biggest Coffee Cup

1. The World's Biggest Coffee Cup

This was the "guest book" at my wedding. I had always wanted a giant coffee cup to put in the middle of the kitchen table to keep decorative fruits or flower arrangements in. My husband and I used the giant cup as something our friends and family could sign. We bought a paint pen to use on it though a sharpie marker may also work. The paint pen we figured wouldn't smear or wipe off. Later we used a paint sealant spray to insure the signatures stayed on permanently. Now our giant coffee cup sits on our kitchen table as a nice decoration and the guest book signatures make it even more special.

2. Jenga

Using the popular board game Jenga as a guest book has become increasingly popular over the years. The idea is that each of your guests leaves a message on one wooden playing piece. They then place the piece on the stack, helping to build the Jenga tower. There are different types of Jenga sets you can buy, some painted and some unfinished wood. It makes a cute keepsake you can bring out and play with from time to time and remember the fun of your wedding day.

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3. Vinyl Records

Do you and your fiancé have a favorite musician? If you a a music fan then having a vinyl record could be a good idea for your guest book. There are a variety of sharpies and paint pens that can write on vinyl. You can find vinyl albums at antique stores and on eBay for very cheap so using a record as a guest book is an inexpensive but neat addition to your wedding. Later on you can frame it and hang it on your wall as a cool part of your decor.


4. Furniture

It's great when a guest book can find life after the wedding. By having people sign a piece of furniture you are creating a useful memento that makes a nice addition to your living room. In the picture to the right you can see a nice white wooden chair being used as the guest book. With a protective clear covering put over the signatures, the chair can be put in a living room and sat on without fear of the names and comments wiping off. You could use other pieces of furniture like coffee tables, bookcases, desktops, etc. Let your imagination run wild. Just make sure to pick a piece of furniture made of a material you can put a protective clear paint over. Below I've placed an amazon listing for Krylon Acrylic Spray Paint. This can be used for most things as a protective clear covering to protect signatures.


5. Post Cards

Post Cards come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Instead of having people sign a book you could have post cards related to the theme of your wedding. If you will have a lot of guests from all over the country you could have post cards from different states and the guests could sign a postcard based on where they live. You could get post cards made out of wood which would also be a unique and cool thing for guests to sign. They also make post cards out of seed paper that you could send to guests as thank you cards which they could plant in their gardens to grow flowers. Post cards could also be taken home by guests and filled out later to be mailed to the happy couple. Once signed, each card would be the perfect size to fit in a photo album to display all the nice messages people left you on your wedding day.


6. For the Sports Fans

Do you and your fiancé have a sport that you love? Having guests sign something sports related like a ball or piece of equipment would be the perfect guest book alternative and would give you a great keepsake for after the wedding. My husband is a huge Carolina Panthers fan and something like a jersey or a poster with their team logo would be something he'd love as a guest book. If you surf you could have people sign a surfboard. If you love basketball they could sign a ball or the backboard to a goal. Anything with a blank surface would be great as a guest book.

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7. A Picture Frame

After our wedding my husband and I chose our best picture and had it enlarged and printed off as a 16X20 print. We had it framed and now it hangs on the wall of our living room. You could buy a picture frame and have your guests sign it at your wedding reception. When you get your wedding photos back you can get a print of your favorite shot and use it in the signed frame. I love having one large framed picture of my husband and I standing under our arch right in front of the lake we were married at. It's a beautiful addition to our home and I wish I had thought to get the frame signed at the wedding because it would have made the picture even more unique.

Note: The below picture has the white mat signed by guests but with white markers and other craft tools you could easily have guests sign on the wood part of the frame.

Getting A Frame Signed

8. Wedding Puzzle Pieces

Wedding puzzles as guest books have been growing in popularity. Guests each sign one piece of the puzzle. After the wedding you and your fiancé can fit the puzzle together to see all the parts together. A puzzle could be glued together and framed to display on the wall or the pieces can be kept in a puzzle box and taken out years later to remember the good times. They make blank puzzles out of wood and cardboard ready for you and your guests to decorate it in any way you want.


9. Musical Instruments

Do you or your fiancé play the guitar? Having guests sign a musical instrument would be an inventive choice for those wanting a unique keepsake. A guitar would be an instrument with lots of flat space to sign and is often a popular choice for wedding guest books. If you want to be original you could get guests to sign a trumpet or saxophone. Old instruments could be found for cheap on craigslist and ebay. A clear coat of protective spray will keep the signatures from smearing and preserve them.


10. Wine Bottles

WIne is something that gets better with age. Having guests sign a bottle of your favorite wine is a novel idea to enjoy your guest book years down the line. After the wedding you can put the wine in a safe place and on your 60th anniversary you can open it and celebrate the length of your marriage with a toast. On your anniversary you can read the names on your wine bottle to reminisce on who was at your wedding and everything that went on.



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