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Twin Flames: A Love Like No Other

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.


Twin flames have become an important part of our vocabulary these days. It seems like we can't go a day without hearing that word being used on television or on the internet. Everybody thinks they have met their twin flame even though that usually couldn't be further from the truth. Sadly, most people will never meet their twin flame in this lifetime. They may have a strong connection with someone that lasts years and be very much in love, yet still not know the true meaning of a twin flame.


There's many signs and lists that have been made for you to check whether you've met your twin flame or not. The truth is, you only need one, and if that fits everything else kind of falls into place as well. As you know, every person is a
form of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. When you meet your twin flame, the only true way to know is by recognizing their energy which will be very similar to yours because you both vibrate at that same type of frequency. This is the one and true sign of a twin flame. You can't fake it and you can't deny it when you feel it. When you meet your twin flame and feel their energy you won't even have to think about it, you'll just know you're on the same level and it will feel comfortable, much like finally coming home.


It's been said that you can have many twin flames, and while that may be true for some people, most of us are lucky if we meet just one in this lifetime. Sometimes, people will meet different twin flames during various parts of their lives and that is part of their journey. Most of us will only meet one twin flame, but we will never forget them for as long as we live.


Your twin flame is your mirror and a reflection of everything that you are. It's like when you look in an actual mirror and your reflection stares back at you. You can't hide or run away from it, it will always be there whether you want to see it or not. There's no lying or being shady with your twin flame; they see right through you. Trying to lie to your twin flame is like trying to lie to yourself, deep down you already know the truth so might as well spill it. Your twin flame understands you completely, sometimes without words ever being spoken. Many times after meeting, twin flames can feel and understand each other through telepathy if they are at a distance from each other. It's such a deep and intense connection that in some cases it can scare one of the people in it.

This is where we run into the runner/chaser dynamic. Most twin flame connections go through this and it is one of the more painful parts of the whole experience. This is where the feelings between the twin flames are so intense that it becomes too much for one of the partners and instead of facing it with their twin, they choose to run away and hide from it. Deep inside they know that they can never really hide from this connection, but it's a self-soothing mechanism that makes them feel like they have some control or say in the matter. In reality, you really don't have a choice once you meet your twin flame. Once you have met them, you will live your whole life reliving that meeting in your mind, waiting until you can be together again because anything less is just torture.


Shortly before or just after you've met your twin flame, you might start seeing synchronicies like 11:11 on the clock and this will keep happening. You'll keep getting little signs and symbols that something big is about to happen or has just happened. Sometimes the meeting of a twin flames will cause you to have strange or unusual dreams. The meeting of twin flames is a very big deal, and it will change your life completely. It will be a whirlwind and a rollarcoaster all in
one and you'll wonder if your head will ever stop spinning, but you wouldn't change the experience for the world. You'll start to separate your life into two categories; before and after you met your twin flame. They will make you see and experience the world in such a way that you never thought possible.

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When twin flames meet, there is a shift in the world that happens. Sometimes it is even a dramatic change in weather, an abnormally large different colored moon, or even shooting stars. This is due to the twin flames having the same or very similar energy frequency so much so that when they meet, they literally cause a change in the atmosphere. Twin flames have an instant connection when meeting for the first time because even though it may be the first time in this life, they have certainly already met many times in previous lifetimes. That's why twin flames feel so familiar to each other, they recognize the same energy they share and even though they can't remember past lives together, they can subconsciously feel them.


Conversation usually flows easily and freely with twin flames and there is no awkward "getting to know" you stage. Twin flames feel comfortable with each other right away and there is always prolonged eye contact from both sides. Attraction between twin flames is natural and instant, but it goes beyond just physical appearance, right down to the soul. Age doesn't matter when it comes to twin flames and they can have quite a bit of an age difference. This type of connection goes beyond what it considered normal by human standards. This is a once in a lifetime type of experience that has no limits.


The saddest and most painful part of the twin flame journey is that meeting your twin flame is no guarantee that you will end up together. Sometimes that's all it is, just one meeting that completely shakes up your whole world and then it's done and you never see your twin flame again, but the changes that have resulted from meeting them will be forever evident. Years can go by and you will never forget meeting your twin flame and everything they have taught you. One of the most important things that comes from the whole twin flame experience is learning unconditional love. That's the type of love you have for your twin flame and they have for you whether you can admit it or not. Deep down you know that no matter what either one of you does, you will always love each other because there is simply no other way you can feel for this person who was made just for you. Every other type of love will pale in comparison and you will wonder if you ever truly loved anyone before your twin flame.


The twin flame experience is not something we can force or predict, it's just one of those things that happens when it's supposed to happen, and the only choice we really have is just to go with it and make the most of the experience. I've learned that you should just accept the experience for what it is and take the lessons that it teaches you throughout the rest of your life. Most people want the twin flame experience because it's the most beautiful and fulfilling type of love, but they don't understand that at the same time it's also the most painful and it cuts the deepest.

If you have met your twin flame and are currently with them, congratulations, it means you both are on the same journey together and are ready for each other. If you are in separation from your twin flame after having met them, be patient, you both might just have to learn more lessons on your own before you can come back together. And for those of you who have yet to meet your twin flame, all I can say is be ready for your world to change 180 degrees and become something you never thought it could be. The twin flame experience is one that you truly have to participate in yourself to fully comprehend. My final words: be careful what you wish for.

Twin Flames by In This Moment

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