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Twin Flame Lovers Quotes, Coming in Union

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.

  • Whatever you do, when it comes to me, you need to understand who I am in your life.
  • My soul chose yours and a Soul doesn't just forget that.
  • Maybe we are not lucky enough for forever, but we're lucky enough for now.
  • There is a moment in the night when it transforms in an abyss where every one of us hears the ‘goodnight’ in the voice of the person that holds inside the heart.
  • When I am with him even my demons dress up for dinner and behave.
  • You are always a millimeter away from my heart.
  • I am afraid I will always miss you, that you’ll always be there, behind every glance, behind every kiss, like an old presence.
  • Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
  • Some kisses leave love in your lips.
  • Love yourself, love your life, then love whoever you want.
  • Women should be loved to insanity, or it is not insanity.
  • I wish you that what you are looking for, it is worth more than what you are giving up.
  • Love, and your kisses hidden between your eyes.
  • I wish for you to have me when the winter arrives.
  • And if she thinks of you in the middle of the night, she has not lost her shoe, she has found her heart.
  • She was all crazy. But I have loved her to insanity.
  • "If you love them, set them free" - the truth is, you are not meant to have something you did not fight for.
  • I did not want to fall in love, not at all. But at some point, you smiled, and I blew it.
  • To be enough for somebody in a world of greed is everything.
  • She looked my demons in the eyes and smiled. She fell for the very thing I thought she'd fear.
  • The hardest word to say is not sorry or I love you. The hardest word to say is simply: Stay.
  • When you look into my eyes, there is not a part of me, you could not bring back to life.
  • We swore emptiness lived between the stars, we swore we spun at the center of it all. We swore it wrong to start over, we swore it sin, to begin again. All we are, all we have, from all the ways we were wrong, all the beautiful mistakes we've ever made.
  • I've always felt stripped down to my soul with you, unashamed of my nakedness.
  • If you have not hated at least once the person you are in love with, do you really love them?
  • A woman can never love a man she is not in awe of.
  • Can you wait by my side until the day I die, to tell you that I have loved you my whole life?
  • Souls tend to go back to who feels like home.
  • We loved with a love that was more than love.
  • We return to each-other in waves, this is how water loves.
  • She just wants to feel rough hands and a tender heart.
  • Do you know what love is? When you stop looking for more. Not because it does not exist, but because you don’t need it.
  • The real love, you either marry her, or you love her for the rest of your life.
  • The biggest success you can probably achieve in life, is if when someone thinks of you, smiles.
  • Life sometimes does this: it places you in front of a glance and you don’t forget it ever again, even if you will look elsewhere.
  • If he loves you, don’t ask for more. If for now or forever. If he loves you and smiles, don’t ask for more. Because there is no more.
  • You are two pages of the same paper, if you burn, he burns.
  • I looked at her like you look at things that you already know you are going to miss. Too beautiful to stay, to be true. Too beautiful to become a habit.
  • Maybe that's what we look for in the people we love, the spark of unhappiness we think we know how to extinguish.
  • Our souls are connected, our hearts too, long before there was a me and you.
  • If it makes you smile, it is worth it.
  • Those damn eyes fucked me every time; I made love to you only by looking at you.
  • If you only knew how many time I have said “no” to other eyes, thinking of yours.
  • I only gave you a finger, and you took my whole heart.
  • You are the lover that looked at me like maybe I was magic.
  • I knew I was in trouble when he laughed and my heart danced on its sound.
  • Your heart rests at my heart more than mine does.
  • I loved you as certain dark things are loved secretly, between the shadow and the soul.
  • We assume others show love the same way we do , and if they don't we worry it's not there.
  • Look for the dirty kisses and the insane loves, for the real emotions are crazy.
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Ashley Kellim on August 07, 2020:

Love this.

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