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Twenty Five Rules Seductress Follow When Going on a First Date

I am a love coach, and an expert at developing the law of attraction in any relationship.

You can get him deeply.


The first date is the deepest.

(1) Study your date beforehand. Even if it's a blind date, get little facts from the one hooking you guys up, about who you are going to meet. Knowing a little about him, makes him less a stranger. So the stranger phobia is gone. You are ready to play and win.

(2) Appear innocent. Don't pay too much attention to your makeup or dress. Keep it simple but attractive. Your hair should be properly tied to the back, or poured down to the back. Don't let any strand of hair drop to your face. He needs to see your face properly for examination. Don't give him a hard time doing that, so he doesn't spend so much time on it, and you don't get to move to the next rule.

(3) Be friendly. Smile at those you two come in contact with. Like the waiter/waitress. And others who glance at your table innocently. He will like the fact that you are friendly and not a snob. That will make him relaxed and see you as comfortable to be with.

(4) Avoid short, very tight and reveling dresses. Putting on a reveling dress on a date with someone who is just getting to know you; makes you look like a hustler. But doing otherwise will make you appear responsible and serious. He will see a lady he can wife, and not a girlfriend he can just sex. Make sure your accessories are scanty. And hold a purse not a bag. Holding a big bag on a date could send many negative signals. But a purse says only two things. Classy and not expecting anything.

(5) Leave a trace. What trace? that you can be bad sometimes. Yes, even very responsible men like a trace of badness in their woman. They want to know she can be theirs alone, but also happy to know that she can make it Worthwhile.

(6) Do not eat much. Please make sure you go for that date with a full stomach. Do not appear hungry or dehydrated. Do not scare him off with a huge appetite; it isn't sexy. Focus on him and playing your cards well, not on your stomach. Be attentive to every word he says, and know when to apply the next rule.

(7) Take alcohol. Believe me, taking alcohol is one way you show that little trace of badness in you. Leave soft drinks out on the first date. He likes to know that his woman is simple but tough. But please, make sure you drink a brand you can conveniently take without getting tipsy. And know your limit. Getting drunk isn't sexy.

Keep him coming back


The rules continues

(8) Fake a cold. Faking a cold is one very simply trick to knowing how much he can care. Men like smart but vulnerable women. Faking a cold will make you see the depth of his care. He will begin to ask if you would like to go somewhere else, or if he could give you his jacket. Or better still, he would attempt to call the waiter to see if they can reduce the air condition, or show you guys another venue within the premises that isn't disturbing to his woman. At that point, just enjoy the drama. Give him the chance of proving to everyone that you are not just a date. He never saw that coming, but he is doing it, and you are capturing his attraction.

(9) Don't flirt. If you do, he will sense what you are up to. Just lead him on. Welcome him, and let him feel relaxed.

(10) Be relaxed. Laugh, smile, gist, and act all girly and friendly. Don't be a lecturer and don't be bossy. Avoid controversial topics that would make you appear like a woman right activist; that would scare him. Remember your goal is to win his heart and emotions. So just focus.

(11) Skin contact. Mistakingly touch his hand and quickly let go. That's the method of attraction. You have just given him a sign that you are attracted to him, in a shy way. He will sense it and smile.

(12) Do a slight mood swing. Act a little sad all of a sudden, and take off that look when he immediately notices. If he is beginning to like you; he will want to inquire what's wrong. Make him ask up to three times before you tell.

(13) Make him a supper hero. Every man wants to be a super hero, even to women they do not have feelings for; because it's exciting. But what they have refused to know is that; most times they get trapped playing superman. Money spent seems wasted if he doesn't get something in return. Kind deeds might seem in vain if he doesn't get his in return. That's the nature of humans; always expecting. Allow him to help you to the extent he feels he should own you. So tell him that little problem, that just gave you that mood swing .

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Do's, don'ts and results.

Be prepared to apply every rule accordingly

It's a date, its a mission

It is not yet a romantic relationship

You will conquer

Be in control but make him feel he is in control

Do not let down your guards by dreaming about him or needing him

He will always need you

Stare into his eyes and make him feel you have fallen for him

Do not spend the night with him. He needs to need you.

You will seduce him forever

Following the rules?

(14) Play independent. Even if you aren't, or so damn broke; reject his offer. If he is falling for you, he will either beg to assist, or look for areas he could help you, without you feeling helped. And that's a win for you.

(15) Act like you really care. Ask about his childhood and school. Take him back to when he was vulnerable, and listen attentively as he relates. You need to know where he needs caressing emotionally.

(16) Remember your aim. Your aim is to seduce him and not scare him away. So when he asks you of your background stories, please leave out the sad ones and say very little about you. Do the ''I" don't really have much to say thing, or there is really nothing to say thing. Do not forget you already told him one problem of yours that he is already trying to solve. Let him focus on that.

(17) Phone on silent mood. Please don't chat while with him. Put your phone on silent mood so you can focus. Remember this is a mission. Seductresses are very attentive females. So attentive like hawks. Ignoring calls and mails on your first date with him for just few hours is worth the trouble. And besides, you don't really want him to know what's up in your private life. Let him wonder! Even if you stay home all day, must he know that now? He might not even believe you. Men love finding out things themselves, because they trust themselves better than women.

(18) When he attends to his call. Do not do the same. Do not see it as a time to check your phone. Instead act bored. Of course he knows it's rude to attend to calls while his date sits bored. He is testing to see if you miss being somewhere else, or you just want to be there with him. Make him feel special, by just sitting and waiting for his call to end.

(19) Allow him be a man. Do not attempt to pay for the bill. Such acts are only attractive to broke men. Remember, a seductress is only after the rich and powerful. And that is who you are dealing with. So allow him be a man, by him taking care of his responsibilities. That will make him do more. Rich men love to spend their money on a woman who love it!

Be a seductress with class


It all starts from the first date.

(20) Allow him set the time to leave. Do not say you are tired and need to go home. That isn't attractive at all! You have just ruined his ego by saying that. Let him end that day's date himself. He would use such words as; it's getting late let me take you home. He feels you have enjoyed yourself to stupor, and he is happy to have spoiled you silly.

(21) Do not spend the night with him. Great seductresses pretend to be the most naive looking. Appear like you don't know what you've been up to, and you have no idea that your have led him on; and he is now into you.

(22) Play your way. Stare into his eyes for long; before you both depart. Make him remember that childhood sweetheart he seduced and made fun off. Let him feel on top of the game. Let him feel he has overpowered you, and you are now so shy. He will just give you a peck and say goodnight; driving off like one hero who played his cards well.

(23) Do not pick his first call. He will call that night to tuck you in. Ignore his first ring. That will make him anxious to hear your voice. And when he finally does, his heart will melt.

(24) Do not dream of him. Make sure you are not carried away by his charms. Focus on your goal or else you would become the victim. In this game, there will either be a winner, or two losers. For you to stay the winner, you must kill your emotions. Do not dream or fantasize about him.

(25) Allow him bask in his emotions. He feels he's been playing his cards well. Keep him in that feeling for a long time before reality sets. And by the times it does, he is head over heals for you, and you have him wrapped round your finger forever. You have conquered! You have won the man of your dreams, and you have seduced him for eternity. He is the emotional baby with longings and thoughts of only you.

It all starts from the first date. The first date, truly matters most.

© 2019 Jade George Anibor

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