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Trust Exercises for Couples


I have previously written the article "Trust Exercises for Couples" where I explained the importance of trust and communication in a relationship. I also gave several examples of exercises for couples that need to improve in that area. This article, as said in part one, will discuss the importance of intimacy and commitment that is needed to build a solid relationship. In order to see any progress between you and your partner you both will need to have an open mind and the will to freely express yourself to one another.

Intimacy Exercise

Knowing what your partner is thinking is not really a gift that most of us inherit, but knowing what they like and dislike will get you more places than you know. This exercise is very simple and it is based on the saying "Ask and you shall receive." Most couples think the other person is automatically supposed to know what your likes and dislikes are, but that is not always true; you either have to let your partner know or tell them the truth when they ask you. This exercise is called "Make a list." In this simple exercise you and your partner will each write a list of intimate gestures that you like or would like to experience such as full body massages, cuddling, intimate walks, etc. Afterward exchange lists; the lists do not need to be read out loud, unless you both prefer to do so. The two of you can make it a daily or weekly routine to perform one or two of the intimate gestures that was on your partners list. This exercise is most effective when both partners take it serious and participate on a daily or weekly basis

Commitment Exercise

Being committed to someone is a very big responsibility; not only does that include being faithful, but also making your partner an obligation to you. A relationship that lacks commitment is not strong and is often a reason why most couples breakup. It is always important to remember why you committed yourself to your partner otherwise you may no longer feel the need to commit or your partner may feel overlooked. Often as time goes by we stop trying to prove ourselves to one another and just end up going with the flow this is why it is important to remember how you met and when you realized that you wanted to make a commitment to your partner. This exercise is called "How we met." You each will need to write a short detailed story about how you first met your partner and when you realized that he/she was a perfect match for you. Afterward, share the story with another couple that you both know to make it more fun.

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