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The Scorn of Jodi Arias

Travis Alexander

Travis Alexander

Narrative of a Crime: Love and Hate of a Fem Fatal

A young woman at the age of 26, Jodi Arias, met a successful man in Las Vegas, Nevada, Travis Alexander, in September of 2006. Travis was three years older and although they both were single, Jodi was in a relationship for four years.

Travis enjoyed dating and being flirtatious in a lighthearted manner, but at that time he was nearing the age of thirty and began to view dating more seriously. He was dating with the hope of finding a compatible woman to share his life and start a family.

A co-worker gave Jodi promotional materials about a company that sold legal insurance named Prepaid Legal. It was a company magazine and a CD. She viewed the materials a month or two later and decided she was interested. She went online and signed up as a member associate with a regional manager. Jodi attended her first meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the latter part of September, 2006.

After the meeting, Travis Alexander introduced himself to Jodi and they walked about and struck up a good rapport. Travis was a director executive in the company and also a motivational speaker who was very adept at helping new associates get started in the business. After several hours and an exchange of phone numbers, they went their separate ways..

A Rough Childhood

Travis and his brothers and sisters experienced difficult times during the early years of growing up. Their basic needs were not attended to well because their parents had drug addictions. After his paternal grandparents eventually caught on to how bleak their home lives were, they had Travis and his siblings move in to live with them.

Their lives took a drastic turn for the better. They attended Mormon services along with their grandparents and became members of the church. A church located in Mesa, Arizona appealed to Travis and at about the age of 25, he moved to Mesa, bought a home and was elected into the priesthood of the Mormon church.


Travis worked from home and when he wasn't traveling for business, he enjoyed having people over for events and socializing. Jodi visited him in his hometown and became a member of his church shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. She decided to be baptized into the Mormon faith by Travis and he helped teach her about the beliefs and precepts.

He had a book about 1,000 places to visit before you die which he planned to experience as part of his goals in life. She also enjoyed traveling and was an aspiring photographer. Jodi took photos of various sights they visited including Mormon temples and Prepaid Legal events.

A Breakup

Jodi and her boyfriend were together for four years and shared a home and expenses in Yreka, California. Each paid $1,000 for the mortgage every month and half the utility costs. She claims to have broken up with her boyfriend, Darryl, shortly after returning from the PPL event. She said she wanted children and that after four years, he wasn't ready to remarry nor have another child.

Although they continued to share living expenses, the newly converted Jodi claims she began sleeping in another bedroom of their home with intentions of saving herself for marriage. Mormons from her new church stopped by for bible studies and to review the precepts with her.

In the Spring of that year, Jodi undewent surgery for breasts enhancement.

Jodi's House Lapsed into Foreclosure

Darryl was much older than she and he also had a son who was five at the time. He and the mother of his son shared joint custody. When she relocated to a distant town, he too would soon have to move in order to continue to see his son on a regular basis.

Darryl was moved by mid-December and made his half of the payments for only several more months, while Jodi had begun to come up short on her half. Expenses for his new home plus half of the mortgage on the house in Yreka was not within his budget. Jodi may have wanted to sell the house, but the real estate market was hitting an all time low, and renting to room mates didn't work out.

Preoccupied with new interests, her jobs fell by the wayside. Jodi got in a bind and needed to move. The Ventanna Inn hired her back as a server for the Spring and Summer of 2007. Fortunately, the resort offers cabins for the employees to live in. To her dismay, she wasn't able to keep up with the mortgage payments and the house fell into foreclosure in May 2007.

How Jodi Met Darryl

The Ventanna Inn is where she and Darryl met in 2002 shortly after an ex-boyfriend broke up with her. She said she wanted to move out of the town they lived in for a change of scenery and fewer reminders of the relationship. She got hired on as a server at the resort by Darryl who was the hiring manager that interviewed her. The cabins were full, but they allowed employees to put up tents on the campgrounds.